abbr. for 非洲, Africa

to not be; not; wrong; incorrect; non-; un-; in-; to reproach or blame; (colloquial) to insist on; simply must

strokes 8
strokes after radical 0
阿非利加 阿非利加 a1 fei1 li4 jia1

阿非利加洲 阿非利加洲 a1 fei1 li4 jia1 zhou1
Africa; abbr. to 非洲

安非他明 安非他明 an1 fei1 ta1 ming2

安非他命 安非他命 an1 fei1 ta1 ming4
amphetamine (medical) (loanword)

搬弄是非 搬弄是非 ban1 nong4 shi4 fei1
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people; to tell tales; to make mischief

北非 北非 bei3 fei1
North Africa

冰冻三尺,非一日之寒 冰凍三尺,非一日之寒 bing1 dong4 san1 chi3 - fei1 yi1 ri4 zhi1 han2
three feet of ice does not form in a single day (idiom); Rome wasn't built in a day

并非 並非 bing4 fei1
really isn't

不到长城非好汉 不到長城非好漢 bu4 dao4 chang2 cheng2 fei1 hao3 han4
lit. until you reach the Great Wall, you're not a proper person; fig. to get over difficulties before reaching the goal

布氏非鲫 布氏非鯽 bu4 shi4 fei1 ji4
zebra tilapia; Tilapia buttikoferi (zoology)

除非 除非 chu2 fei1
only if (..., or otherwise, ...); only when; only in the case that; unless

答非所问 答非所問 da2 fei1 suo3 wen4
to answer beside the point; irrelevant answer

单非 單非 dan1 fei1
a couple in which one of the spouses is not a Hong Kong citizen

颠倒是非 顛倒是非 dian1 dao3 shi4 fei1
to invert right and wrong

东非 東非 dong1 fei1
East Africa

东非大地堑 東非大地塹 dong1 fei1 da4 di4 qian4
Great East African rift valley

东非大裂谷 東非大裂谷 dong1 fei1 da4 lie4 gu3
Great East African rift valley

东非共同体 東非共同體 dong1 fei1 gong4 tong2 ti3
East African Community

非阿贝尔 非阿貝爾 fei1 a1 bei4 er3
(math.) non-abelian

非暴力 非暴力 fei1 bao4 li4

非必需 非必需 fei1 bi4 xu1

非必要 非必要 fei1 bi4 yao4
inessential; unnecessary

非标准 非標準 fei1 biao1 zhun3
nonstandard; unconventional

非层岩 非層巖 fei1 ceng2 yan2
unstratified rock

非层状 非層狀 fei1 ceng2 zhuang4

非常 非常 fei1 chang2
very; very much; unusual; extraordinary

非常多 非常多 fei1 chang2 duo1
much; very many

非常感谢 非常感謝 fei1 chang2 gan3 xie4
extremely grateful; very thankful

非常手段 非常手段 fei1 chang2 shou3 duan4
an emergency measure

非诚勿扰 非誠勿擾 fei1 cheng2 wu4 rao3
serious inquiries only

非处方药 非處方藥 fei1 chu3 fang1 yao4
over-the-counter drug

非词重复测验 非詞重復測驗 fei1 ci2 chong2 fu4 ce4 yan4
nonword repetition test

非此即彼 非此即彼 fei1 ci3 ji2 bi3
either this or that; one or the other

非但 非但 fei1 dan4
not only

非党 非黨 fei1 dang3

非党人士 非黨人士 fei1 dang3 ren2 shi4
non-party member

非导体 非導體 fei1 dao3 ti3
nonconductor (of electricity, heat etc)

非得 非得 fei1 dei3
(followed by a verb phrase, then – optionally – 不可, or 不行 etc) must

非递推 非遞推 fei1 di4 tui1

非典 非典 fei1 dian3
atypical pneumonia; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; SARS

非典型肺炎 非典型肺炎 fei1 dian3 xing2 fei4 yan2
atypical pneumonia; Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome; SARS

非动物性 非動物性 fei1 dong4 wu4 xing4

非动物性名词 非動物性名詞 fei1 dong4 wu4 xing4 ming2 ci2
inanimate noun

非都会郡 非都會郡 fei1 du1 hui4 jun4
non-metropolitan county (England)

非独 非獨 fei1 du2
not only; not merely

非独立 非獨立 fei1 du2 li4

非对称 非對稱 fei1 dui4 chen4

非对称式数据用户线 非對稱式數據用戶線 fei1 dui4 chen4 shi4 shu4 ju4 yong4 hu4 xian4
Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line; ADSL

非法 非法 fei1 fa3

非法定 非法定 fei1 fa3 ding4
non-statutory; non-governmental

非凡 非凡 fei1 fan2
out of the ordinary; unusually (good, talented etc)

非份 非份 fei1 fen4
improper; presumptuous; assuming; overstepping one's bounds; also written 非分

非分 非分 fei1 fen4
improper; presumptuous; assuming; overstepping one's bounds; also written 非份

非分之念 非分之念 fei1 fen4 zhi1 nian4
improper idea

非峰值 非峰值 fei1 feng1 zhi2

非富即贵 非富即貴 fei1 fu4 ji2 gui4
wealthy and respectable people

非负数 非負數 fei1 fu4 shu4
a nonnegative number (i.e. positive or zero)

非富则贵 非富則貴 fei1 fu4 ze2 gui4
see 非富即貴|非富即贵

非杠杆化 非槓桿化 fei1 gang4 gan3 hua4
deleveraging (i.e. paying off part of a leverage loan)

非高峰 非高峰 fei1 gao1 feng1

非公式 非公式 fei1 gong1 shi4
unofficial; informal

非官方 非官方 fei1 guan1 fang1

非规整 非規整 fei1 gui1 zheng3
irregular; disordered

非国大 非國大 fei1 guo2 da4
African National Congress, ANC; abbr. for 非洲人國民大會|非洲人国民大会

非核 非核 fei1 he2

非核地带 非核地帶 fei1 he2 di4 dai4
nuclear-free zone

非核国家 非核國家 fei1 he2 guo2 jia1
non-nuclear country

非核化 非核化 fei1 he2 hua4

非核武器国家 非核武器國家 fei1 he2 wu3 qi4 guo2 jia1
non-nuclear weapon states (NNWS)

非婚生 非婚生 fei1 hun1 sheng1
born out of wedlock; illegitimate

非婚生子女 非婚生子女 fei1 hun1 sheng1 zi3 nv3
an illegitimate child

非羁押性 非羈押性 fei1 ji1 ya1 xing4
noncustodial (sentence)

非金属 非金屬 fei1 jin1 shu3
nonmetal (chemistry)

非军事区 非軍事區 fei1 jun1 shi4 qu1
Demilitarized Zone DMZ

非均质 非均質 fei1 jun1 zhi4

非空 非空 fei1 kong1
nonempty (set)

非拉丁字符 非拉丁字符 fei1 la1 ding1 zi4 fu2
non-latin letters

非礼 非禮 fei1 li3
rudeness; insolence; impropriety; harassment; molestation; indecent assault

非利士 非利士 fei1 li4 shi4
Philistine (Palestinian people, reputedly uncircumcised, c. 1,000 BC)

非利士族 非利士族 fei1 li4 shi4 zu2
Philistine (Palestinian people, reputedly uncircumcised, c. 1,000 BC)

非零 非零 fei1 ling2

非驴非马 非驢非馬 fei1 lv2 fei1 ma3
neither fish nor fowl; resembling nothing on earth

非盟 非盟 fei1 meng2
African Union (AU), abbr. for 非洲聯盟|非洲联盟

非命 非命 fei1 ming4
violent death; killed in a disaster

非模态 非模態 fei1 mo2 tai4
modeless (computing)

非难 非難 fei1 nan4
reproof; blame

非你莫属 非你莫屬 fei1 ni3 mo4 shu3
it's yours exclusively (idiom); you are the one; only you deserve it; only you can do it

非欧几何 非歐幾何 fei1 ou1 ji3 he2
non-Euclidean geometry

非欧几何学 非歐幾何學 fei1 ou1 ji3 he2 xue2
non-Euclidean geometry

非平衡 非平衡 fei1 ping2 heng2
non-equilibrium; disequilibrium; unbalance

非平衡态 非平衡態 fei1 ping2 heng2 tai4
unbalance; disequilibrium

非亲非故 非親非故 fei1 qin1 fei1 gu4
lit. neither a relative nor a friend (idiom); fig. unrelated to one another in any way

非人 非人 fei1 ren2
not the right person (literary); inhuman

非人化 非人化 fei1 ren2 hua4

非数字 非數字 fei1 shu4 zi4

非斯 非斯 fei1 si1
Fes (third largest city of Morocco)

非死不可 非死不可 fei1 si3 bu4 ke3
Facebook (Internet slang, pun reading "you must die")

非特 非特 fei1 te4
not only

非条件反射 非條件反射 fei1 tiao2 jian4 fan3 she4
unconditioned reflex (physiology)

非同步 非同步 fei1 tong2 bu4

非同步传输模式 非同步傳輸模式 fei1 tong2 bu4 chuan2 shu1 mo2 shi4
asynchronous transfer mode; ATM

非同小可 非同小可 fei1 tong2 xiao3 ke3
extremely important; no small matter

非微扰 非微擾 fei1 wei1 rao3
non-perturbative (physics)

非物质文化遗产 非物質文化遺產 fei1 wu4 zhi4 wen2 hua4 yi2 chan3
(UNESCO) Intangible Cultural Heritage

非吸烟 非吸煙 fei1 xi1 yan1

非线性 非線性 fei1 xian4 xing4
nonlinear (math.)

非线性光学 非線性光學 fei1 xian4 xing4 guang1 xue2
nonlinear optics (physics)

非相对论性 非相對論性 fei1 xiang1 dui4 lun4 xing4
non-relativistic (physics)

非小说 非小說 fei1 xiao3 shuo1

非写实 非寫實 fei1 xie3 shi2

非要 非要 fei1 yao4
to want absolutely; to insist on (doing something)

非遗传多型性 非遺傳多型性 fei1 yi2 chuan2 duo1 xing2 xing4

非议 非議 fei1 yi4
to criticize

非裔 非裔 fei1 yi4
of African descent

非异人任 非異人任 fei1 yi4 ren2 ren4
to bear one's own responsibilities and not pass them to others (idiom)

非音 非音 fei1 yin1
(ling) unstressed (syllable)

非营利 非營利 fei1 ying2 li4
non-profit; not for profit

非盈利 非盈利 fei1 ying2 li4

非盈利的组织 非盈利的組織 fei1 ying2 li4 de5 zu3 zhi1
non-profit organization

非营利组织 非營利組織 fei1 ying2 li4 zu3 zhi1
nonprofit organization

非赢利组织 非贏利組織 fei1 ying2 li4 zu3 zhi1
not-for-profit organization

非盈利组织 非盈利組織 fei1 ying2 li4 zu3 zhi1
non-profit organization

非预谋 非預謀 fei1 yu4 mou2

非正常 非正常 fei1 zheng4 chang2
abnormal; irregular

非政府 非政府 fei1 zheng4 fu3

非政府组织 非政府組織 fei1 zheng4 fu3 zu3 zhi1
non-governmental organization (NGO)

非正式 非正式 fei1 zheng4 shi4
unofficial; informal

非正数 非正數 fei1 zheng4 shu4
a nonpositive number (i.e. negative or zero)

非直接 非直接 fei1 zhi2 jie1

非致命 非致命 fei1 zhi4 ming4
not fatal; not life-threatening (medical condition)

非洲 非洲 fei1 zhou1
Africa; abbr. for 阿非利加洲

非洲大裂谷 非洲大裂谷 fei1 zhou1 da4 lie4 gu3
Great East African rift valley

非洲单源说 非洲單源說 fei1 zhou1 dan1 yuan2 shuo1
single origin out of Africa (current mainstream theory of human evolution)

非洲界 非洲界 fei1 zhou1 jie4
Afrotropical realm

非洲开发银行 非洲開發銀行 fei1 zhou1 kai1 fa1 yin2 hang2
African Development Bank

非洲联盟 非洲聯盟 fei1 zhou1 lian2 meng2
African Union

非洲人 非洲人 fei1 zhou1 ren2
African (person)

非洲人国民大会 非洲人國民大會 fei1 zhou1 ren2 guo2 min2 da4 hui4
African National Congress, ANC

非洲统一组织 非洲統一組織 fei1 zhou1 tong3 yi1 zu3 zhi1
Organization of African Unity

非洲之角 非洲之角 fei1 zhou1 zhi1 jiao3
Horn of Africa

非洲锥虫病 非洲錐蟲病 fei1 zhou1 zhui1 chong2 bing4
sleeping sickness; African trypanosomiasis

非自然 非自然 fei1 zi4 ran2
unnatural; occult

非宗教 非宗教 fei1 zong1 jiao4
secular (society); non-religious (party)

官非 官非 guan1 fei1
lawsuit (from Cantonese)

韩非 韓非 han2 fei1
Han Fei, also known as Han Feizi 韓非子|韩非子 (c. 280-233 BC), Legalist philosopher of the Warring States Period (475-220 BC)

韩非子 韓非子 han2 fei1 zi3
Han Feizi, book of Legalist Philosophy authored by Han Fei 韓非|韩非 during the Warring States Period (475-220 BC)

胡作非为 胡作非為 hu2 zuo4 fei1 wei2
to run amok (idiom); to commit outrages

混淆是非 混淆是非 hun4 xiao2 shi4 fei1
to confuse right and wrong (idiom)

积非成是 積非成是 ji1 fei1 cheng2 shi4
a wrong repeated becomes right (idiom); a lie or an error passed on for a long time may be taken for the truth

甲基安非他命 甲基安非他命 jia3 ji1 an1 fei1 ta1 ming4

今非昔比 今非昔比 jin1 fei1 xi1 bi3
things are very different now (idiom); times have changed

金钱非万能 金錢非萬能 jin1 qian2 fei1 wan4 neng2
money is not omnipotent; money isn't everything; money can't buy you love

绝非 絕非 jue2 fei1
absolutely not

口是心非 口是心非 kou3 shi4 xin1 fei1
lit. mouth says yes, heart no (idiom); duplicity; empty words

来而不往非礼也 來而不往非禮也 lai2 er2 bu4 wang3 fei1 li3 ye3
not to reciprocate is against etiquette (classical); to respond in kind

李格非 李格非 li3 ge2 fei1
Li Gefei (active c. 1090), Northern Song writer and father of southern Song female poet Li Qingzhao 李清照

撩是生非 撩是生非 liao2 shi4 sheng1 fei1
to stir up trouble; to provoke angry exchange

伦敦大学亚非学院 倫敦大學亞非學院 lun2 dun1 da4 xue2 ya4 fei1 xue2 yuan4
London University School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

面目全非 面目全非 mian4 mu4 quan2 fei1
nothing remains the same (idiom); change beyond recognition

明辨是非 明辨是非 ming2 bian4 shi4 fei1
to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)

莫非 莫非 mo4 fei1
can it be possible that; could it be

南非 南非 nan2 fei1
South Africa

南非茶 南非茶 nan2 fei1 cha2
rooibos tea

南非语 南非語 nan2 fei1 yu3
Afrikaans (language)

齐大非偶 齊大非偶 qi2 da4 fei1 ou3
too rich to be a good match (in marriage) (idiom)

齐大非耦 齊大非耦 qi2 da4 fei1 ou3
variant of 齊大非偶|齐大非偶

岂非 豈非 qi3 fei1
wouldn't it be ... ?

惹是非 惹是非 re3 shi4 fei1
to stir up trouble

惹事生非 惹事生非 re3 shi4 sheng1 fei1
variant of 惹是生非

惹是生非 惹是生非 re3 shi4 sheng1 fei1
to stir up trouble

人非生而知之者,孰能无惑 人非生而知之者,孰能無惑 ren2 fei1 sheng1 er2 zhi1 zhi1 zhe3 - shu2 neng2 wu2 huo4
Knowledge is not innate to man, how can we overcome doubt?; We are not born with knowledge, how does one achieve maturity? (i.e. without guidance from a teacher - Tang dynasty essayist Han Yu 韓愈|韩愈)

若非 若非 ruo4 fei1
were it not for; if not for

若要人不知,除非己莫为 若要人不知,除非己莫為 ruo4 yao4 ren2 bu4 zhi1 - chu2 fei1 ji3 mo4 wei2
If you don't want anyone to know, don't do it (idiom). fig. If you do something bad, people will inevitably hear about it.

撒哈拉以南非洲 撒哈拉以南非洲 sa1 ha1 la1 yi3 nan2 fei1 zhou1
Sub-Saharan Africa

萨非王朝 薩非王朝 sa4 fei1 wang2 chao2
Persian Safavid Dynasty 1501-1722

塞翁失马安知非福 塞翁失馬安知非福 sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3 an1 zhi1 fei1 fu2
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good; also written 塞翁失馬焉知非福|塞翁失马焉知非福

塞翁失马焉知非福 塞翁失馬焉知非福 sai4 weng1 shi1 ma3 yan1 zhi1 fei1 fu2
the old man lost his mare, but it all turned out for the best (idiom); fig. a blessing in disguise; it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good

扫黄打非 掃黃打非 sao3 huang2 da3 fei1
to eradicate pornography and illegal publications

圣大非 聖大非 sheng4 da4 fei1
Santa Fe

圣索非亚 聖索非亞 sheng4 suo3 fei1 ya4
Hagia Sophia (Greek: Holy wisdom)

圣索非亚大教堂 聖索非亞大教堂 sheng4 suo3 fei1 ya4 da4 jiao4 tang2
Hagia Sophia (the main cathedral of Constantinople, subsequently the major mosque of Istanbul)

是非 是非 shi4 fei1
right and wrong; quarrel

是非不分 是非不分 shi4 fei1 bu4 fen1
unable to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)

是非分明 是非分明 shi4 fei1 fen1 ming2
to distinguish right from wrong (idiom)

是非莫辨 是非莫辨 shi4 fei1 mo4 bian4
unable to distinguish right and wrong (idiom)

是非曲直 是非曲直 shi4 fei1 qu1 zhi2
lit. right and wrong, crooked and straight (idiom); fig. merits and demerits; pros and cons

是非自有公论 是非自有公論 shi4 fei1 zi4 you3 gong1 lun4
to determine right and wrong based on public opinion (idiom); Public opinion will judge what's right and wrong.

双非 雙非 shuang1 fei1
a couple where both spouses are not Hong Kong citizens

死于非命 死於非命 si3 yu2 fei1 ming4
violent death (idiom); to die in a disaster; an unnatural death

似懂非懂 似懂非懂 si4 dong3 fei1 dong3
to not really understand; to half-understand

似是而非 似是而非 si4 shi4 er2 fei1
apparently right but actually wrong; specious (idiom)

似笑非笑 似笑非笑 si4 xiao4 fei1 xiao4
like a smile yet not a smile (idiom)

苏非主义 蘇非主義 su1 fei1 zhu3 yi4
Sufism (Islamic mystic tradition)

索非亚 索非亞 suo3 fei1 ya4
Sofia, capital of Bulgaria

啼笑皆非 啼笑皆非 ti2 xiao4 jie1 fei1
lit. not to know whether to laugh or cry (idiom); between laughter and tears

挑拨是非 挑撥是非 tiao3 bo1 shi4 fei1
to incite a quarrel (idiom); to sow discord between people; to tell tales; to make mischief

痛改前非 痛改前非 tong4 gai3 qian2 fei1
completely correcting one's former misdeeds (idiom); to repent past mistakes and turn over a new leaf; a reformed character

为非作歹 為非作歹 wei2 fei1 zuo4 dai3
to break the law and commit crimes (idiom); malefactor; evildoer; to perpetrate outrages

未可厚非 未可厚非 wei4 ke3 hou4 fei1
not to be censured too strictly (idiom); not altogether inexcusable; understandable

文过饰非 文過飾非 wen2 guo4 shi4 fei1
to cover up one's faults (idiom); to whitewash

无非 無非 wu2 fei1
only; nothing else

无可非议 無可非議 wu2 ke3 fei1 yi4
irreproachable (idiom); nothing blameworthy about it at all

无可厚非 無可厚非 wu2 ke3 hou4 fei1
see 未可厚非

无事生非 無事生非 wu2 shi4 sheng1 fei1
to make trouble out of nothing

无事献殷勤,非奸即盗 無事獻殷勤,非姦即盜 wu2 shi4 xian4 yin1 qin2 - fei1 jian1 ji2 dao4
one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions (idiom)

物是人非 物是人非 wu4 shi4 ren2 fei1
things have remained the same, but people have changed

西地那非 西地那非 xi1 di4 na4 fei1
sildenafil (virility drug) (loanword)

西非 西非 xi1 fei1
West Africa

想入非非 想入非非 xiang3 ru4 fei1 fei1
to indulge in fantasy (idiom); to let one's imagination run wild

寻事生非 尋事生非 xun2 shi4 sheng1 fei1
to look for trouble

亚非拉 亞非拉 ya4 fei1 la1
Asia, Africa and Latin America

远非如此 遠非如此 yuan3 fei1 ru2 ci3
far from it being so (idiom)

中非 中非 zhong1 fei1
China-Africa (relations); Central Africa; Central African Republic

中非共和国 中非共和國 zhong1 fei1 gong4 he2 guo2
Central African Republic