to lean against or on; to stand by the side of; to come near to; to depend on; to trust; to fuck (vulgar); traditional military costume drama where the performers wear armor (old)

strokes 15
strokes after radical 7
背靠背 背靠背 bei4 kao4 bei4
back to back

不可靠 不可靠 bu4 ke3 kao4

挂靠 掛靠 gua4 kao4
to be affiliated with; to operate under the wing of; affiliation

紧靠 緊靠 jin3 kao4
to be right next to; to lean closely against

靠岸 靠岸 kao4 an4
(of a boat) to reach the shore; to pull toward shore; close to shore; landfall

靠杯 靠盃 kao4 bei1
see 靠北

靠北 靠北 kao4 bei3
(lit.) to cry over one's dad's death (from Taiwanese 哭爸, POJ pr. ); (slang) (Tw) to rattle on; to carp; stop whining!; shut the hell up!; fuck!; damn!

靠背椅 靠背椅 kao4 bei4 yi3
high-back chair

靠边 靠邊 kao4 bian1
to keep to the side; to pull over; move aside!

靠不住 靠不住 kao4 bu5 zhu4

靠窗 靠窗 kao4 chuang1
by the window (referring to seats on a plane etc)

靠窗座位 靠窗座位 kao4 chuang1 zuo4 wei4
window seat

靠得住 靠得住 kao4 de5 zhu4
reliable; trustworthy

靠近 靠近 kao4 jin4
near; to approach

靠拢 靠攏 kao4 long3
to draw close to

靠谱 靠譜 kao4 pu3
reliable; reasonable; probable

靠山 靠山 kao4 shan1
patron; supporter; close to a mountain

靠山吃山,靠水吃水 靠山吃山,靠水吃水 kao4 shan1 chi1 shan1 - kao4 shui3 chi1 shui3
lit. the mountain dweller lives off the mountain, the shore dweller lives off the sea (idiom); fig. to make the best use of local resources; to exploit one's position to advance oneself; to find one's niche; to live off the land

靠腰 靠腰 kao4 yao1
(lit.) to cry from hunger (from Taiwanese 哭枵, POJ pr. ); (slang) (Tw) to whine; shut the hell up!; fuck!; damn!

靠夭 靠夭 kao4 yao1
variant of 靠腰

靠走道 靠走道 kao4 zou3 dao4
on the aisle (referring to seats on a plane etc)

靠走廊 靠走廊 kao4 zou3 lang2
next to the aisle; aisle (seat on aircraft)

可靠 可靠 ke3 kao4

可靠性 可靠性 ke3 kao4 xing4

牢靠 牢靠 lao2 kao4
firm and solid; robust; reliable

牢靠妥当 牢靠妥當 lao2 kao4 tuo3 dang4
reliable; solid and dependable

六亲无靠 六親無靠 liu4 qin1 wu2 kao4
orphaned of all one's immediate relatives (idiom); no one to rely on; left to one's own devices

凭靠 憑靠 ping2 kao4
to use; to rely on; by means of

停靠 停靠 ting2 kao4
to call at; to stop at; berth

停靠港 停靠港 ting2 kao4 gang3
port of call

停靠站 停靠站 ting2 kao4 zhan4
bus or tram stop; intermediate stop (on route of ship, plane etc); port of call; stopover

投靠 投靠 tou2 kao4
to rely on help from sb

哇靠 哇靠 wa1 kao4
(lit.) I cry!; Oh, bosh!; Shoot!; (Taiwanese 我哭, POJ pr. )

我靠 我靠 wo3 kao4
bosh!; crap!; see also 哇靠

无依无靠 無依無靠 wu2 yi1 wu2 kao4
no one to rely on (idiom); on one's own; orphaned; left to one's own devices

无倚无靠 無倚無靠 wu2 yi3 wu2 kao4
variant of 無依無靠|无依无靠

斜靠 斜靠 xie2 kao4
to recline

信靠 信靠 xin4 kao4

依靠 依靠 yi1 kao4
to rely on sth (for support etc); to depend on

倚靠 倚靠 yi3 kao4
to lean on; to rest against; to rely on; support; backing; back of a chair

在家靠父母,出门靠朋友 在家靠父母,出門靠朋友 zai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 - chu1 men2 kao4 peng2 you5
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)

在家靠父母,出外靠朋友 在家靠父母,出外靠朋友 zai4 jia1 kao4 fu4 mu3 - chu1 wai4 kao4 peng2 you5
one depends on one's parents when at home, and on one's friends when away from home (idiom)