to waste (money)

extravagant; go with fashion; not

strokes 19
strokes after radical 11
侈靡 侈靡 chi3 mi2
wasteful; extravagant

风靡 風靡 feng1 mi3
fashionable; popular

风靡一时 風靡一時 feng1 mi3 yi1 shi2
fashionable for a while (idiom); all the rage

华靡 華靡 hua2 mi2
luxurious; opulent

夸多斗靡 誇多鬥靡 kua1 duo1 dou4 mi3
to compete to produce extravagant literary works (idiom)

靡费 靡費 mi2 fei4
to waste; to squander

靡烂 靡爛 mi2 lan4
rotting; decaying

靡不有初,鲜克有终 靡不有初,鮮克有終 mi3 bu4 you3 chu1 - xian3 ke4 you3 zhong1
almost everything has a start, but not many things have an end (idiom); don't start sth you can't handle

靡靡之音 靡靡之音 mi3 mi3 zhi1 yin1
decadent or obscene music

靡有孑遗 靡有孑遺 mi3 you3 jie2 yi2
all dead and no survivors

披靡 披靡 pi1 mi3
to be swept by the wind; to be blown about by the wind; to be routed (in battle etc)

绮靡 綺靡 qi3 mi3
beautiful and intricate; ornate; gorgeous

奢靡 奢靡 she1 mi2

所向披靡 所向披靡 suo3 xiang4 pi1 mi3
to sweep everything before one; to be invincible (idiom)

颓靡 頹靡 tui2 mi2

萎靡 萎靡 wei3 mi3
dispirited; depressed

委靡 委靡 wei3 mi3
dispirited; depressed

萎靡不振 萎靡不振 wei3 mi3 bu4 zhen4
dispirited and listless (idiom); downcast

委靡不振 委靡不振 wei3 mi3 bu4 zhen4
variant of 萎靡不振

淫靡 淫靡 yin2 mi3
profligate; extravagantly showy; (of music) lascivious; decadent