whip or lash; to flog; to whip; conductor's baton; segmented iron weapon (old); penis (of animal, served as food)

strokes 18
strokes after radical 9
霸王鞭 霸王鞭 ba4 wang2 bian1
a rattle stick used in folk dancing; rattle stick dance

鞭策 鞭策 bian1 ce4
to spur on; to urge on; to encourage sb (e.g. to make progress)

鞭长莫及 鞭長莫及 bian1 chang2 mo4 ji2
lit. the whip cannot reach (idiom); beyond one's influence; too far to be able to help

鞭笞 鞭笞 bian1 chi1
to flog; to lash; to whip; to urge or goad along

鞭虫 鞭蟲 bian1 chong2

鞭打 鞭打 bian1 da3
to whip; to lash; to flog; to thrash

鞭痕 鞭痕 bian1 hen2
welt; whip scar; lash mark

鞭节 鞭節 bian1 jie2

鞭毛 鞭毛 bian1 mao2

鞭毛纲 鞭毛綱 bian1 mao2 gang1

鞭炮 鞭炮 bian1 pao4
firecrackers; string of small firecrackers

鞭辟入里 鞭闢入裡 bian1 pi4 ru4 li3
penetrated; trenchant; incisive

鞭挞 鞭撻 bian1 ta4
to lash; to castigate

鞭子 鞭子 bian1 zi5

放鞭炮 放鞭炮 fang4 bian1 pao4
to set off firecrackers

钢鞭 鋼鞭 gang1 bian1
mace (weapon)

教鞭 教鞭 jiao4 bian1
teacher's pointer

掘墓鞭尸 掘墓鞭屍 jue2 mu4 bian1 shi1
to exhume a body for public flogging (idiom)

快马加鞭 快馬加鞭 kuai4 ma3 jia1 bian1
to spur the horse to full speed (idiom); to go as fast as possible

马鞭 馬鞭 ma3 bian1

牛鞭 牛鞭 niu2 bian1
pizzle; bull's penis (served as food)

皮鞭 皮鞭 pi2 bian1

燃放鞭炮 燃放鞭炮 ran2 fang4 bian1 pao4
to set off fire crackers

投鞭断流 投鞭斷流 tou2 bian1 duan4 liu2
arms enough to stem the stream (idiom); formidable army

先鞭 先鞭 xian1 bian1
to take precedence; to make an early start; to lead the way

扬鞭 揚鞭 yang2 bian1
to whip on; to raise a whip; by ext. to swagger