variant of 颯|飒

sound of wind; valiant; melancholy

strokes 9
strokes after radical 5
秋风飒飒 秋風颯颯 qiu1 feng1 sa4 sa4
the autumn wind is soughing (idiom)

飒然 颯然 sa4 ran2
soughing (of the wind)

飒飒 颯颯 sa4 sa4
soughing; whistling or rushing sound (of the wind in trees, the sea etc)

飒爽 颯爽 sa4 shuang3
heroic; valiant

英姿飒爽 英姿颯爽 ying1 zi1 sa4 shuang3
(of a person) valiant and formidable-looking; to carry oneself tall