variant of 飄|飘

to float

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
阿飘 阿飄 a1 piao1
(coll.) ghost (Tw)

发飘 發飄 fa1 piao1
to feel light, as if floating; to feel unstable

风雨飘摇 風雨飄搖 feng1 yu3 piao1 yao2
tossed about by the wind and rain (idiom); (of a situation) unstable

空中飘浮 空中飄浮 kong1 zhong1 piao1 fu2
to float in the air

鸾飘凤泊 鸞飄鳳泊 luan2 piao1 feng4 bo2
lit. firebird soars, phoenix alights (idiom); fig. exquisite bold calligraphy; fig. marriage breaks up; fig. scholar unsuccessful

飘泊 飄泊 piao1 bo2
variant of 漂泊

飘尘 飄塵 piao1 chen2
floating dust; atmospheric particles

飘带 飄帶 piao1 dai4
streamer; pennant

飘荡 飄盪 piao1 dang4
to drift; to wave; to float on the waves; to flutter in the wind

飘动 飄動 piao1 dong4
to float; to drift

飘风 飄風 piao1 feng1
whirlwind; stormy wind

飘浮 飄浮 piao1 fu2
to float; to hover; also written 漂浮

飘拂 飄拂 piao1 fu2
to drift lightly

飘海 飄海 piao1 hai3
to go abroad

飘忽 飄忽 piao1 hu1
swiftly moving; fleet; to sway

飘忽不定 飄忽不定 piao1 hu1 bu4 ding4
to drift without a resting place (idiom); roving; errant; vagrant; erratic

飘举 飄舉 piao1 ju3
to dance; to float in the wind

飘卷 飄卷 piao1 juan3
to flutter

飘零 飄零 piao1 ling2
to fall and wither (like autumn leaves); (fig.) drifting and homeless

飘流 飄流 piao1 liu2
variant of 漂流

飘落 飄落 piao1 luo4
to float down; to fall gently (snowflakes, leaves etc)

飘渺 飄渺 piao1 miao3
faintly discernable; as in a mist

飘缈 飄緲 piao1 miao3
variant of 飄渺|飘渺

飘蓬 飄蓬 piao1 peng2
to float in the wind; by ext., to lead a wandering life

飘飘 飄飄 piao1 piao1
to float about; to flutter (in the breeze); (dialect) gay guy; (Tw) ghost

飘飘然 飄飄然 piao1 piao1 ran2
elated; light and airy feeling (after a few drinks); smug and conceited; complacent

飘然 飄然 piao1 ran2
to float in the air; swiftly; nimbly; easy and relaxed

飘洒 飄灑 piao1 sa3
suave; graceful; fluent and elegant (calligraphy)

飘散 飄散 piao1 san4
to waft (through the air); to drift

飘舞 飄舞 piao1 wu3
to fly up; to dance in the air (of snowflakes, flower petals etc)

飘扬 飄揚 piao1 yang2
to wave; to flutter; to fly

飘洋 飄洋 piao1 yang2
see 漂洋

飘飖 飄颻 piao1 yao2
variant of 飄搖|飘摇

飘摇 飄搖 piao1 yao2
floating in the wind; swaying; tottering; unstable

飘移 飄移 piao1 yi2
to drift

飘逸 飄逸 piao1 yi4
graceful; elegant; to drift; to float

琴剑飘零 琴劍飄零 qin2 jian4 piao1 ling2
floating between zither and sword (idiom); fig. wandering aimlessly with no tenured position

轻飘飘 輕飄飄 qing1 piao1 piao1
light as a feather

邵飘萍 邵飄萍 shao4 piao1 ping2
Shao Piaoping (1884-1926), pioneer of journalism and founder of newspaper Beijing Press 京報|京报, executed in 1926 by warlord Zhang Zuolin 張作霖|张作霖

四海飘零 四海飄零 si4 hai3 piao1 ling2
drifting aimlessly all over the place (idiom)

虚飘飘 虛飄飄 xu1 piao1 piao1
light and airy; floating

椰林飘香 椰林飄香 ye1 lin2 piao1 xiang1
pina colada (cocktail)

迎风飘舞 迎風飄舞 ying2 feng1 piao1 wu3
to whirl about in the wind