whirlwind; violent wind

strokes 16
strokes after radical 12
飙车 飆車 biao1 che1
street racing (motorbikes or cars)

飙风 飆風 biao1 feng1

飙汗 飆汗 biao1 han4
sweating profusely

飙口水 飆口水 biao1 kou3 shui3
gossip; idle chat

飙升 飆升 biao1 sheng1
to rise rapidly; to soar

飙涨 飆漲 biao1 zhang3
soaring inflation; rocketing prices

发飙 發飆 fa1 biao1
to flip out; to act out violently

狂飙 狂飆 kuang2 biao1
hurricane; violent reform or revolution; violent movement or force

商飙徐起 商飆徐起 shang1 biao1 xu2 qi3
the autumn breeze comes gently (idiom)