to eat; food; animal feed; eclipse

to feed

strokes 9
strokes after radical 0
饱食终日 飽食終日 bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4
to spend the whole day eating (i.e. not doing any work)

饱食终日,无所用心 飽食終日,無所用心 bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4 - wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1
to eat three square meals a day and do no work (idiom); to be sated with food and remain idle

暴食 暴食 bao4 shi2
to eat too much; to binge

暴食症 暴食症 bao4 shi2 zheng4

暴饮暴食 暴飲暴食 bao4 yin3 bao4 shi2
to eat and drink unreasonably

扁食 扁食 bian3 shi2

捕食 捕食 bu3 shi2
to prey on; to catch and feed on; to hunt for food

不食人间烟火 不食人間煙火 bu4 shi2 ren2 jian1 yan1 huo3
lit. not eating the food of common mortals; fig. placing oneself above the common populace

采食 採食 cai3 shi2
to forage; to gather for eating; to pick and eat

蚕食 蠶食 can2 shi2
to nibble away at (as silkworm consume leaves); fig. to embezzle progressively

草食动物 草食動物 cao3 shi2 dong4 wu4
herbivore; herbivorous animal

吃白食 吃白食 chi1 bai2 shi2
to eat without paying; to freeload

吃食 吃食 chi1 shi2
to eat (of bird or animal); to feed

吃食 吃食 chi1 shi5
food; edibles

吹箫乞食 吹簫乞食 chui1 xiao1 qi3 shi2
to beg while playing the xiao 箫 (mouth organ); cf Wu Zixu 伍子胥, destitute refugee from Chu 楚, busked in Wu town c. 520 BC, then became a powerful politician

纯素食 純素食 chun2 su4 shi2
vegan; vegan food

纯素食者 純素食者 chun2 su4 shi2 zhe3
a vegan; person following a vegan diet

纯素食主义 純素食主義 chun2 su4 shi2 zhu3 yi4
veganism, a diet consisting solely of plant products; strict vegetarianism

辍食吐哺 輟食吐哺 chuo4 shi2 tu3 bu3
to stop eating and spit out

存食 存食 cun2 shi2
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)

打食 打食 da3 shi2
to go in search of food (of animals); to take medicine for indigestion or gastro-intestinal upsets

箪食壶浆 簞食壺漿 dan1 shi2 hu2 jiang1
to receive troops with food and drink (idiom); to give troops a hearty welcome; also pr.

鼎食 鼎食 ding3 shi2
extravagant food

定食 定食 ding4 shi2
set meal (esp. in a Japanese restaurant)

断食 斷食 duan4 shi2
to fast; hunger strike

发愤忘食 發憤忘食 fa1 fen4 wang4 shi2
so dedicated as to forget one's meals (idiom)

饭食 飯食 fan4 shi2

废寝食 廢寢食 fei4 qin3 shi2
to neglect sleep and food

废寝忘食 廢寢忘食 fei4 qin3 wang4 shi2
to neglect sleep and forget about food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

丰衣足食 豐衣足食 feng1 yi1 zu2 shi2
having ample food and clothing (idiom); well fed and clothed

服食 服食 fu2 shi2
to take (medication, vitamins etc)

副食 副食 fu4 shi2
non-staple food

副食品 副食品 fu4 shi2 pin3
non-staple foods

狗食袋 狗食袋 gou3 shi2 dai4
doggy bag; take-out container

国家食品药品监督管理局 國家食品藥品監督管理局 guo2 jia1 shi2 pin3 yao4 pin3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 ju2
State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA)

过胖暴食症 過胖暴食症 guo4 pang4 bao4 shi2 zheng4
binge eating disorder (BED)

寒食 寒食 han2 shi2
cold food (i.e. to abstain from cooked food for 3 days around the Qingming festival 清明節|清明节); the Qingming festival

何不食肉糜 何不食肉糜 he2 bu4 shi2 rou4 mi2
lit. "Why don't they eat meat?" (said by Emperor Hui of Jin 晉惠帝|晋惠帝 when told that his people didn't have enough rice to eat); fig. (of people from higher class etc) to be oblivious to other people's plight

和食 和食 he2 shi2
Japanese cuisine

褐喉食蜜鸟 褐喉食蜜鳥 he4 hou2 shi2 mi4 niao3
(bird species of China) brown-throated sunbird (Anthreptes malacensis)

黑心食品 黑心食品 hei1 xin1 shi2 pin3
contaminated food product unscrupulously marketed as wholesome

虎毒不食子 虎毒不食子 hu3 du2 bu4 shi2 zi3
a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs (idiom); even wild beasts look after their young

伙食 伙食 huo3 shi2
food; meals

伙食费 伙食費 huo3 shi2 fei4
food expenses; board expenses; meals (cost)

饥不择食 飢不擇食 ji1 bu4 ze2 shi2
when hungry, you can't pick what you eat (idiom); beggars can't be choosers; When matters are urgent, don't spend time choosing alternatives.

积食 積食 ji1 shi2
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)

即食 即食 ji2 shi2
instant (food)

煎炸食品 煎炸食品 jian1 zha2 shi2 pin3
fried food

拣饮择食 揀飲擇食 jian3 yin3 ze2 shi2
to choose one's food carefully; to be picky

健康食品 健康食品 jian4 kang1 shi2 pin3
health food

洁食 潔食 jie2 shi2

节食 節食 jie2 shi2
to save food; to go on a diet

节衣缩食 節衣縮食 jie2 yi1 suo1 shi2
to save on food and clothing (idiom); to live frugally

紧衣缩食 緊衣縮食 jin3 yi1 suo1 shi2
see 節衣縮食|节衣缩食

锦衣玉食 錦衣玉食 jin3 yi1 yu4 shi2
brocade garments, jade meals (idiom); a life of luxury; extravagance

禁食 禁食 jin4 shi2
to fast; to abstain from eating; to forbid the eating of (certain foods); a fast

进食 進食 jin4 shi2
to take a meal; to eat

精神性厌食症 精神性厭食症 jing1 shen2 xing4 yan4 shi2 zheng4
anorexia nervosa

酒食 酒食 jiu3 shi2
food and drink

绝食 絕食 jue2 shi2
to go on a hunger strike

绝食抗议 絕食抗議 jue2 shi2 kang4 yi4
hunger strike

可食 可食 ke3 shi2

狂饮暴食 狂飲暴食 kuang2 yin3 bao4 shi2
drunken gluttony (idiom); eating and drinking to excess

垃圾食品 垃圾食品 la1 ji1 shi2 pin3
junk food

粮食 糧食 liang2 shi5
foodstuff; cereals

粮食作物 糧食作物 liang2 shi5 zuo4 wu4
grain crops; cereals

零食 零食 ling2 shi2
between-meal nibbles; snacks

龙口夺食 龍口奪食 long2 kou3 duo2 shi2
to harvest hurriedly before rain comes

禄食 祿食 lu4 shi2
official pay

绿色食品 綠色食品 lv4 se4 shi2 pin3
clean, unadulterated food product; organic food

掠食 掠食 lve4 shi2
to prey on; predation; predatory

美食 美食 mei3 shi2
culinary delicacy; fine food; gourmet food

美食家 美食家 mei3 shi2 jia1

觅食 覓食 mi4 shi2
to forage; to hunt for food; to scavenge; fig. to make a living

觅食行为 覓食行為 mi4 shi2 xing2 wei2

面食 麵食 mian4 shi2
food made from wheat flour, such as noodles, dumplings, buns etc

灭此朝食 滅此朝食 mie4 ci3 zhao1 shi2
lit. not to have breakfast until the enemy is destroyed; anxious to do battle (idiom)

民以食为天 民以食為天 min2 yi3 shi2 wei2 tian1
Food is the God of the people. (idiom); People view food as the primary need.; Food first, ethical niceties second

谋食 謀食 mou2 shi2
to make a living; to strive to earn a living

偏食 偏食 pian1 shi2
partial to (some kinds of food, usu. unhealthy); having likes and dislikes; partial eclipse

乞食 乞食 qi3 shi2
to beg for food

寝食难安 寢食難安 qin3 shi2 nan2 an1
lit. cannot rest or eat in peace (idiom); fig. extremely worried and troubled

轻食 輕食 qing1 shi2
light meal; snack

全食 全食 quan2 shi2
total eclipse

缺衣少食 缺衣少食 que1 yi1 shao3 shi2
short of food and clothing; destitute

热食 熱食 re4 shi2
hot food

人为财死,鸟为食亡 人為財死,鳥為食亡 ren2 wei4 cai2 si3 - niao3 wei4 shi2 wang2
lit. human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food (idiom); fig. man will do anything in his means to become rich

日环食 日環食 ri4 huan2 shi2
an annular eclipse of the sun

日偏食 日偏食 ri4 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse of the sun

日全食 日全食 ri4 quan2 shi2
total eclipse of the sun

日食 日食 ri4 shi2
solar eclipse

日月食 日月食 ri4 yue4 shi2
eclipsis (of the moon or sun)

冗食 冗食 rong3 shi2
eating without working

肉食 肉食 rou4 shi2

肉食动物 肉食動物 rou4 shi2 dong4 wu4

弱肉强食 弱肉強食 ruo4 rou4 qiang2 shi2
lit. the weak are prey to the strong (idiom); fig. predatory behavior; the law of the jungle

三旬九食 三旬九食 san1 xun2 jiu3 shi2
lit. to have only nine meals in thirty days (idiom); fig. (of a family) on the brink of starvation; in dire straits

膳食 膳食 shan4 shi2

稍食 稍食 shao1 shi2
(old) monthly salary of an official

摄食 攝食 she4 shi2
to consume

施食 施食 shi1 shi2
to give food (as a charity); "feeding the hungry ghosts" (Buddhist ceremony)

食补 食補 shi2 bu3
tonic food (food considered to be particularly healthful); to eat such foods

食不果腹 食不果腹 shi2 bu4 guo3 fu4
lit. food not filling the stomach (idiom); fig. poverty-stricken

食不厌精,脍不厌细 食不厭精,膾不厭細 shi2 bu4 yan4 jing1 - kuai4 bu4 yan4 xi4
lit. to eat but finely ground grain and finely chopped meat (idiom, from Analects); fig. to be fastidious about one's food

食不知味 食不知味 shi2 bu4 zhi1 wei4
lit. to eat without tasting the food; worried or downhearted (idiom)

食槽 食槽 shi2 cao2

食草动物 食草動物 shi2 cao3 dong4 wu4

食虫目 食蟲目 shi2 chong2 mu4

食虫植物 食蟲植物 shi2 chong2 zhi2 wu4
insectivorous plant

食醋 食醋 shi2 cu4
table vinegar

食道 食道 shi2 dao4
esophagus; the proper way to eat; food transportation route

食道癌 食道癌 shi2 dao4 ai2
esophageal cancer

食法 食法 shi2 fa3
cooking method

食俸 食俸 shi2 feng4
salary of a public official; to be in government service

食腐动物 食腐動物 shi2 fu3 dong4 wu4

食古不化 食古不化 shi2 gu3 bu4 hua4
to swallow ancient learning without digesting it (idiom); to be pedantic without having a mastery of one's subject

食管 食管 shi2 guan3

食火鸡 食火雞 shi2 huo3 ji1
cassowary (genus Casuarius), large flightless bird native to northeastern Australia and New Guinea

食季 食季 shi2 ji4
eclipse season

食具 食具 shi2 ju4

食菌 食菌 shi2 jun4
edible mushroom

食客 食客 shi2 ke4
diner (in a restaurant etc); hanger-on; sponger

食粮 食糧 shi2 liang2
food cereals

食量 食量 shi2 liang4
quantity of food

食疗 食療 shi2 liao2
food therapy; treatment via food (TCM)

食料 食料 shi2 liao4

食禄 食祿 shi2 lu4
to draw government pay; to be in public service; salary of an official

食品 食品 shi2 pin3
foodstuff; food; provisions

食品加工机 食品加工機 shi2 pin3 jia1 gong1 ji1
food processor

食品摊 食品攤 shi2 pin3 tan1
street vendor's stall

食品药品监督管理局 食品藥品監督管理局 shi2 pin3 yao4 pin3 jian1 du1 guan3 li3 ju2
(China) Food and Drug Administration

食品药品监督局 食品藥品監督局 shi2 pin3 yao4 pin3 jian1 du1 ju2
state food and drug administration (SDA)

食谱 食譜 shi2 pu3
cookbook; recipe; diet

食顷 食頃 shi2 qing3
a short moment

食人 食人 shi2 ren2
man-eating (beast); to eat people; fig. to oppress the people

食人魔 食人魔 shi2 ren2 mo2

食人鲨 食人鯊 shi2 ren2 sha1
man-eating shark; same as 大白鯊|大白鲨, great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

食人俗 食人俗 shi2 ren2 su2

食肉 食肉 shi2 rou4

食肉动物 食肉動物 shi2 rou4 dong4 wu4

食肉类 食肉類 shi2 rou4 lei4
carnivorous species

食肉目 食肉目 shi2 rou4 mu4
Carnivora, order of carnivores within Mammalia

食肉寝皮 食肉寢皮 shi2 rou4 qin3 pi2
to eat sb's flesh and sleep on their hide (idiom); to swear revenge on sb; implacable hatred; to have sb's guts for garters

食色 食色 shi2 se4
food and sex; appetite and lust

食色性也 食色性也 shi2 se4 xing4 ye3
Appetite and lust are only natural (Mencius 6A:4).; By nature we desire food and sex.

食肆 食肆 shi2 si4
restaurant; eatery

食宿 食宿 shi2 su4
board and lodging; room and board

食堂 食堂 shi2 tang2
dining hall

食荼卧棘 食荼臥棘 shi2 tu2 wo4 ji2
to eat bitter fruit and lie on thorns (idiom); to share the hard life of the common people

食物 食物 shi2 wu4

食物房 食物房 shi2 wu4 fang2
larder; pantry

食物柜 食物櫃 shi2 wu4 gui4
larder; pantry

食物及药品管理局 食物及藥品管理局 shi2 wu4 ji2 yao4 pin3 guan3 li3 ju2
US Food and Drug Administration authority (FDA)

食物链 食物鏈 shi2 wu4 lian4
food chain

食物油 食物油 shi2 wu4 you2
cooking oil; food oil

食物中毒 食物中毒 shi2 wu4 zhong4 du2
food poisoning

食蟹獴 食蟹獴 shi2 xie4 meng3
see 蟹獴

食言 食言 shi2 yan2
lit. to eat one's words; to break a promise; to go back on one's word; to renege; unsworn testimony

食盐 食鹽 shi2 yan2
edible salt

食言而肥 食言而肥 shi2 yan2 er2 fei2
lit. to grow fat eating one's words (idiom); fig. not to live up to one's promises

食衣住行 食衣住行 shi2 yi1 zhu4 xing2
see 衣食住行

食蚁兽 食蟻獸 shi2 yi3 shou4
ant-eater (several different species)

食用 食用 shi2 yong4
food product; to use as food; edible

食油 食油 shi2 you2
cooking oil

石油换食品项目 石油換食品項目 shi2 you2 huan4 shi2 pin3 xiang4 mu4
Iraq Oil for Food Program

食欲 食慾 shi2 yu4

食玉炊桂 食玉炊桂 shi2 yu4 chui1 gui4
food is more precious than jade and firewood more expensive than cassia (idiom); the cost of living is very high

食之无味,弃之不甘 食之無味,棄之不甘 shi2 zhi1 wu2 wei4 - qi4 zhi1 bu4 gan1
see 食之無味,棄之可惜|食之无味,弃之可惜

食之无味,弃之可惜 食之無味,棄之可惜 shi2 zhi1 wu2 wei4 - qi4 zhi1 ke3 xi1
lit. to be hardly worth eating, but it would still be a pity to discard it (idiom); fig. some things have little to no value, yet one is still reluctant to part with them

食指 食指 shi2 zhi3
forefinger; mouths to feed

世界粮食署 世界糧食署 shi4 jie4 liang2 shi5 shu3
World food program (United Nations aid agency)

蔬食 蔬食 shu1 shi2
vegetarian meal; vegetarian diet

熟食 熟食 shu2 shi2
cooked food; prepared food; deli food

熟食店 熟食店 shu2 shi2 dian4
deli; delicatessen

率兽食人 率獸食人 shuai4 shou4 shi2 ren2
lit. to lead beasts to eat the people (idiom); fig. tyrannical government oppresses the people

爽心美食 爽心美食 shuang3 xin1 mei3 shi2
comfort food

素食 素食 su4 shi2
vegetables; vegetarian food

速食 速食 su4 shi2
fast food (Tw)

速食店 速食店 su4 shi2 dian4
fast food shop

速食面 速食麵 su4 shi2 mian4
instant noodles

素食者 素食者 su4 shi2 zhe3

素食主义 素食主義 su4 shi2 zhu3 yi4

缩衣节食 縮衣節食 suo1 yi1 jie2 shi2
to economize on clothes and food; to scrimp and save (idiom)

贪食 貪食 tan1 shi2
greedy; glutton

甜食 甜食 tian2 shi2
dessert; sweet

挑食 挑食 tiao1 shi2
to be picky about food

停食 停食 ting2 shi2
(of food) to retain in stomach due to indigestion (TCM)

同类相食 同類相食 tong2 lei4 xiang1 shi2

吞食 吞食 tun1 shi2
to devour

喂食 餵食 wei4 shi2
to feed

揾食 搵食 wen4 shi2
to earn one's living (Cantonese); Mandarin equivalent: 謀生|谋生

吸食 吸食 xi1 shi2
to suck; to take in

消食 消食 xiao1 shi2
to aid digestion

消食儿 消食兒 xiao1 shi2 er5
erhua variant of 消食

宵衣旰食 宵衣旰食 xiao1 yi1 gan4 shi2
to dress before light and not eat before dark (idiom); diligently attending to official matters

小食中心 小食中心 xiao3 shi2 zhong1 xin1
Food court

厌食 厭食 yan4 shi2

厌食症 厭食症 yan4 shi2 zheng4

砚田之食 硯田之食 yan4 tian2 zhi1 shi2
to make a living by writing (idiom)

药补不如食补 藥補不如食補 yao4 bu3 bu4 ru2 shi2 bu3
the benefits of medicine are not as great as those of good nutrition

药食同源 藥食同源 yao4 shi2 tong2 yuan2
lit. food and medicine come from the same source (idiom); fig. there is no clear-cut distinction between food and medicine

衣单食薄 衣單食薄 yi1 dan1 shi2 bo2
thin coat, meager food (idiom); life of wretched poverty; destitute

衣食 衣食 yi1 shi2
clothes and food

衣食父母 衣食父母 yi1 shi2 fu4 mu3
the people one depends upon for one's livelihood; one's bread and butter

衣食无忧 衣食無憂 yi1 shi2 wu2 you1
not having to worry about clothes and food (idiom); to be provided with the basic necessities

衣食无虞 衣食無虞 yi1 shi2 wu2 yu2
not having to worry about food and clothes (idiom); provided with the basic necessities

衣食住行 衣食住行 yi1 shi2 zhu4 xing2
clothing, food, housing and transport (idiom); people's basic needs

异食癖 異食癖 yi4 shi2 pi3
pica (medicine)

因噎废食 因噎廢食 yin1 ye1 fei4 shi2
lit. not eating for fear of choking (idiom); fig. to cut off one's nose to spite one's face; to avoid sth essential because of a slight risk

饮食 飲食 yin3 shi2
food and drink; diet

饮食疗养 飲食療養 yin3 shi2 liao2 yang3

月偏食 月偏食 yue4 pian1 shi2
partial eclipse of the moon

月全食 月全食 yue4 quan2 shi2
total lunar eclipse

月食 月食 yue4 shi2
lunar eclipse; eclipse of the moon

杂食 雜食 za2 shi2
omnivorous (zoolog.); snacks; a varied diet

杂食动物 雜食動物 za2 shi2 dong4 wu4

择食 擇食 ze2 shi2
to be picky (food)

钟鸣鼎食 鐘鳴鼎食 zhong1 ming2 ding3 shi2
extravagant lifestyle

主食 主食 zhu3 shi2
main food; staple (rice and noodles)

转基因食品 轉基因食品 zhuan3 ji1 yin1 shi2 pin3
genetically modified (GM) food

啄食 啄食 zhuo2 shi2
(of a bird) to peck at food

自食恶果 自食惡果 zi4 shi2 e4 guo3
lit. to eat one's own bitter fruit (idiom); fig. to suffer the consequences of one's own actions; to stew in one's own juice

自食苦果 自食苦果 zi4 shi2 ku3 guo3
see 自食惡果|自食恶果

自食其果 自食其果 zi4 shi2 qi2 guo3
to eat one's own fruit (idiom); fig. suffering the consequences of one's own action; to reap what one has sown

自食其力 自食其力 zi4 shi2 qi2 li4
lit. to eat off one's own strength (idiom); fig. to stand on one's own feet; to earn one's own living

自由素食主义 自由素食主義 zi4 you2 su4 shi2 zhu3 yi4