(literary) to offer food and drinks; to entertain

strokes 12
strokes after radical 3
尚飨 尚饗 shang4 xiang3
I beg you to partake of this sacrifice (used at the end of an elegiac address)

飨客 饗客 xiang3 ke4
to entertain a guest

飨宴 饗宴 xiang3 yan4
feast; banquet

飨以闭门羹 饗以閉門羹 xiang3 yi3 bi4 men2 geng1
to close the door in one's face (idiom)

飨饮 饗飲 xiang3 yin3
to enjoy offered food and drink

宴飨 宴饗 yan4 xiang3
to host a banquet; feast; banquet; ceremony of sacrifice

宴飨 讌饗 yan4 xiang3
variant of 宴饗|宴飨

以飨读者 以饗讀者 yi3 xiang3 du2 zhe3
for the benefit of the reader

赞飨 贊饗 zan4 xiang3
message dedicated to a deity