to eat till full; satisfied

strokes 13
strokes after radical 5
饱餐 飽餐 bao3 can1
to eat and eat; to stuff oneself

饱餐一顿 飽餐一頓 bao3 can1 yi1 dun4
to eat one's fill; to be full

饱餐战饭 飽餐戰飯 bao3 can1 zhan4 fan4
to fill one's belly before the battle (idiom)

饱尝 飽嘗 bao3 chang2
to enjoy fully; to experience to the full over a long period

饱读 飽讀 bao3 du2
to read intensively

饱嗝儿 飽嗝兒 bao3 ge2 er5
to belch (on a full stomach)

饱含 飽含 bao3 han2
to be full of (emotion); to brim with (love, tears etc)

饱汉不知饿汉饥 飽漢不知餓漢飢 bao3 han4 bu4 zhi1 e4 han4 ji1
The well-fed cannot know how the starving suffer (idiom).

饱和 飽和 bao3 he2

饱和脂肪 飽和脂肪 bao3 he2 zhi1 fang2
saturated fat

饱和脂肪酸 飽和脂肪酸 bao3 he2 zhi1 fang2 suan1
saturated fatty acid (SFA)

饱经沧桑 飽經滄桑 bao3 jing1 cang1 sang1
having lived through many changes

饱经风霜 飽經風霜 bao3 jing1 feng1 shuang1
weather-beaten; having experienced the hard ship of life

饱经忧患 飽經憂患 bao3 jing1 you1 huan4
having experienced much suffering

饱览 飽覽 bao3 lan3
to look intensively; to feast one's eyes on

饱满 飽滿 bao3 man3
full; plump

饱暖思淫欲,饥寒起盗心 飽暖思淫欲,飢寒起盜心 bao3 nuan3 si1 yin2 yu4 - ji1 han2 qi3 dao4 xin1
lechery springs from warmth and nourishment, kleptomania springs from hunger and cold (idiom)

饱人不知饿人饥 飽人不知餓人飢 bao3 ren2 bu4 zhi1 e4 ren2 ji1
The well-fed cannot know how the starving suffer (idiom).

饱食终日 飽食終日 bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4
to spend the whole day eating (i.e. not doing any work)

饱食终日,无所用心 飽食終日,無所用心 bao3 shi2 zhong1 ri4 - wu2 suo3 yong4 xin1
to eat three square meals a day and do no work (idiom); to be sated with food and remain idle

饱受 飽受 bao3 shou4
to endure; to suffer; to be subjected to

饱私囊 飽私囊 bao3 si1 nang2
to stuff one's pockets; to enrich oneself dishonestly

饱学 飽學 bao3 xue2
learned; erudite; scholarly

饱眼福 飽眼福 bao3 yan3 fu2
to feast one's eyes on (idiom)

饱以老拳 飽以老拳 bao3 yi3 lao3 quan2
to thump repeatedly with one's fist

饱绽 飽綻 bao3 zhan4
to swell to bursting (after having eaten too much)

饱足 飽足 bao3 zu2
to be full (after eating)

不饱和 不飽和 bu4 bao3 he2

不饱和脂肪酸 不飽和脂肪酸 bu4 bao3 he2 zhi1 fang2 suan1
unsaturated fatty acid

茶余饭饱 茶餘飯飽 cha2 yu2 fan4 bao3
see 茶餘飯後|茶余饭后

吃饱 吃飽 chi1 bao3
to eat one's fill

吃饱撑着 吃飽撐著 chi1 bao3 cheng1 zhe5
having nothing better to do

吃饱了饭撑的 吃飽了飯撐的 chi1 bao3 le5 fan4 cheng1 de5
having nothing better to do; see 吃飽撐著|吃饱撑着

吃到饱 吃到飽 chi1 dao4 bao3
all-you-can-eat (buffet) (Tw)

大饱口福 大飽口福 da4 bao3 kou3 fu2
to eat one's fill; to have a good meal

大饱眼福 大飽眼福 da4 bao3 yan3 fu2
to feast one's eyes

多元不饱和脂肪酸 多元不飽和脂肪酸 duo1 yuan2 bu4 bao3 he2 zhi1 fang2 suan1
polyunsaturated fatty acid

尽饱 盡飽 jin4 bao3
to be stuffed to the gills; to eat to satiety

精神饱满 精神飽滿 jing1 shen2 bao3 man3
full of vigor (idiom); lively; in high spirits

酒足饭饱 酒足飯飽 jiu3 zu2 fan4 bao3
to have eaten and drunk to one's heart's content

填饱 填飽 tian2 bao3
to feed to the full; to cram

温饱 溫飽 wen1 bao3
to have enough food and warm clothes; adequately provided

眼馋肚饱 眼饞肚飽 yan3 chan2 du4 bao3
to have eyes bigger than one's belly (idiom)

一饱眼福 一飽眼福 yi1 bao3 yan3 fu2
to feast one's eyes on (idiom)

中饱 中飽 zhong1 bao3
to embezzle; to misappropriate; to line one's pockets with public funds

中饱私囊 中飽私囊 zhong1 bao3 si1 nang2
to stuff one's pockets; to take bribes