meal; to eat; classifier for meals

strokes 16
strokes after radical 7
百乐餐 百樂餐 bai3 le4 can1
potluck meal

百胜餐饮 百勝餐飲 bai3 sheng4 can1 yin3
Tricon Global Restaurants (incl. Pizza Hut and KFC)

百胜餐饮集团 百勝餐飲集團 bai3 sheng4 can1 yin3 ji2 tuan2
Tricon Global Restaurants (incl. Pizza Hut and KFC)

饱餐 飽餐 bao3 can1
to eat and eat; to stuff oneself

饱餐一顿 飽餐一頓 bao3 can1 yi1 dun4
to eat one's fill; to be full

饱餐战饭 飽餐戰飯 bao3 can1 zhan4 fan4
to fill one's belly before the battle (idiom)

餐车 餐車 can1 che1
dining car; diner

餐刀 餐刀 can1 dao1
table knife; dinner knife

餐点 餐點 can1 dian3
food; dish; meal

餐馆 餐館 can1 guan3

餐会 餐會 can1 hui4
dinner party; luncheon

餐巾 餐巾 can1 jin1

餐巾纸 餐巾紙 can1 jin1 zhi3
paper napkin; serviette

餐具 餐具 can1 ju4
tableware; dinner service

餐末甜酒 餐末甜酒 can1 mo4 tian2 jiu3
dessert wine

餐牌 餐牌 can1 pai2

餐室 餐室 can1 shi4
dining room

餐厅 餐廳 can1 ting1
dining hall; dining room; restaurant

餐饮 餐飲 can1 yin3
food and beverage; catering; repast

餐饮店 餐飲店 can1 yin3 dian4
dining room; restaurant

餐桌 餐桌 can1 zhuo1
dining table; dinner table

餐桌盐 餐桌鹽 can1 zhuo1 yan2
table salt

餐桌转盘 餐桌轉盤 can1 zhuo1 zhuan4 pan2
revolving tray on a dining table; lazy Susan

吃霸王餐 吃霸王餐 chi1 ba4 wang2 can1
to dine and dash; to leave without paying

大餐 大餐 da4 can1
great meal; banquet

飞机餐 飛機餐 fei1 ji1 can1
airplane meal (GM)

废寝忘餐 廢寢忘餐 fei4 qin3 wang4 can1
to neglect sleep and food (idiom); to skip one's sleep and meals; to be completely wrapped up in one's work

分餐 分餐 fen1 can1
separate meals; to eat individual meals (rather than taking one's food from plates served to everyone at the table)

集餐 集餐 ji2 can1
to eat from a common pot; communal cafeteria

加餐 加餐 jia1 can1
to have an extra meal; snack

进餐 進餐 jin4 can1
to have a meal

就餐 就餐 jiu4 can1
to dine

聚餐 聚餐 ju4 can1
communal meal; formal dinner of club or group

快餐 快餐 kuai4 can1
fast food; snack; quick meal

快餐部 快餐部 kuai4 can1 bu4
snack bar; buffet

快餐店 快餐店 kuai4 can1 dian4
fast food shop

快餐交友 快餐交友 kuai4 can1 jiao1 you3
speed dating

冷餐 冷餐 leng3 can1
cold meal; cold food

牛排餐厅 牛排餐廳 niu2 pai2 can1 ting1
steakhouse; chophouse

盘餐 盤餐 pan2 can1
side dish

配餐 配餐 pei4 can1

拼餐 拼餐 pin1 can1
(of people with tight budget) to enjoy various dishes at the restaurant by ordering the food together and then sharing the costs

圣餐 聖餐 sheng4 can1
Holy communion (of the Christian mass); sacrament

圣餐台 聖餐檯 sheng4 can1 tai2
(Christian) altar

尸位素餐 尸位素餐 shi1 wei4 su4 can1
to hold a sinecure (idiom)

送餐 送餐 song4 can1
home delivery of meal

饕餮大餐 饕餮大餐 tao1 tie4 da4 can1
great meal fit for dragon's son (idiom); sumptuous banquet

套餐 套餐 tao4 can1
set meal; product or service package (e.g. for a cell phone subscription)

晚餐 晚餐 wan3 can1
evening meal; dinner

忘餐 忘餐 wang4 can1
to forget one's meals

忘餐废寝 忘餐廢寢 wang4 can1 fei4 qin3
see 廢寢忘餐|废寝忘餐

午餐 午餐 wu3 can1
lunch; luncheon

午餐会 午餐會 wu3 can1 hui4

西餐 西餐 xi1 can1
Western-style food

秀色可餐 秀色可餐 xiu4 se4 ke3 can1
a feast for the eyes (idiom); (of women) gorgeous; graceful; (of scenery) beautiful

野餐 野餐 ye3 can1
picnic; to have a picnic

野餐垫 野餐墊 ye3 can1 dian4
picnic blanket

一日三餐 一日三餐 yi1 ri4 san1 can1
to have three meals a day

用餐 用餐 yong4 can1
to eat a meal

用餐时间 用餐時間 yong4 can1 shi2 jian1
meal times

早餐 早餐 zao3 can1

正餐 正餐 zheng4 can1
(regular) meal; full meal; main course

中餐 中餐 zhong1 can1
Chinese meal; Chinese food

中餐馆 中餐館 zhong1 can1 guan3
Chinese restaurant

中国餐馆症候群 中國餐館症候群 zhong1 guo2 can1 guan3 zheng4 hou4 qun2
Chinese restaurant syndrome

自助餐 自助餐 zi4 zhu4 can1
buffet; self-service meal

最后的晚餐 最後的晚餐 zui4 hou4 de5 wan3 can1
the Last Supper (in the Christian Passion story)

最后晚餐 最後晚餐 zui4 hou4 wan3 can1
the Last Supper (in the biblical Passion story)

佐餐 佐餐 zuo3 can1
(of food) accompaniment