variant of 飢|饥

strokes 20
strokes after radical 12
积谷防饥 積穀防饑 ji1 gu3 fang2 ji1
storing grain against a famine; to lay sth by for a rainy day; also written 積穀防飢|积谷防饥

饥荒 饑荒 ji1 huang1
crop failure; famine; debt; difficulty

饥馑荐臻 饑饉薦臻 ji1 jin3 jian4 zhen1
famine repeats unceasingly (idiom, from Book of Songs)

啼饥号寒 啼饑號寒 ti2 ji1 hao2 han2
hunger cries and cold roars (idiom); wretched poverty