gluttonous; see 饕餮, zoomorphic mask motif

strokes 22
strokes after radical 13
老饕 老饕 lao3 tao1

饕客 饕客 tao1 ke4

饕餮 饕餮 tao1 tie4
ferocious mythological animal, the fifth son of the dragon king; zoomorphic mask motif, found on Shang and Zhou ritual bronzes; gluttonous; sumptuous (banquet)

饕餮大餐 饕餮大餐 tao1 tie4 da4 can1
great meal fit for dragon's son (idiom); sumptuous banquet

饕餮纹 饕餮紋 tao1 tie4 wen2
zoomorphic mask motif

饕餮之徒 饕餮之徒 tao1 tie4 zhi1 tu2
glutton; gourmand; by extension, person who is greedy for power, money, sex etc