decoration; ornament; to decorate; to adorn; to hide; to conceal (a fault); excuse (to hide a fault); to play a role (in opera); to impersonate

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
百合花饰 百合花飾 bai3 he2 hua1 shi4
fleur-de-lis (armorial symbol)

不加修饰 不加修飾 bu4 jia1 xiu1 shi4
undecorated; unvarnished; no frills

不加掩饰 不加掩飾 bu4 jia1 yan3 shi4

窗饰 窗飾 chuang1 shi4
window decoration

雕饰 雕飾 diao1 shi4
to carve; to decorate; carved; decorated

粉饰 粉飾 fen3 shi4
to paint; to whitewash; to decorate; plaster; fig. to gloss over; to cover up

粉饰太平 粉飾太平 fen3 shi4 tai4 ping2
to pretend that everything is going well

服饰 服飾 fu2 shi4
apparel; clothing and personal adornment

祓饰 祓飾 fu2 shi4
to refresh; to renew

后置修饰语 後置修飾語 hou4 zhi4 xiu1 shi4 yu3
postmodifier (grammar)

花饰 花飾 hua1 shi4
floral decoration; ornament; floral pattern

金饰 金飾 jin1 shi4
gold ornaments

蓝饰带花 藍飾帶花 lan2 shi4 dai4 hua1
blue lace flower (Trachymene caerulea)

亮饰 亮飾 liang4 shi4

内饰 內飾 nei4 shi4
interior decor

佩饰 佩飾 pei4 shi4
ornament; pendant

配饰 配飾 pei4 shi4
ornament (jewelry, accoutrements etc); decorations

前置修饰语 前置修飾語 qian2 zhi4 xiu1 shi4 yu3
premodifier (grammar)

润饰 潤飾 run4 shi4
to adorn; to embellish

饰边 飾邊 shi4 bian1
ornamental border

饰词 飾詞 shi4 ci2
excuse; pretext

饰带 飾帶 shi4 dai4
sash; streamer

饰钉 飾釘 shi4 ding1
stud (for decorating clothing, shoes, belts etc)

饰巾 飾巾 shi4 jin1
kerchief as head ornament

饰面 飾面 shi4 mian4
ornamental facing; veneer

饰品 飾品 shi4 pin3
ornament; item of jewelry; accessory

饰物 飾物 shi4 wu4
decorations; jewelry

饰胸鹬 飾胸鷸 shi4 xiong1 yu4
(bird species of China) buff-breasted sandpiper (Tryngites subruficollis)

饰演 飾演 shi4 yan3
to act; to play a part

首饰 首飾 shou3 shi4
jewelry; head ornament

穗饰 穗飾 sui4 shi4

头饰 頭飾 tou2 shi4
head ornament

涂饰 塗飾 tu2 shi4
to apply paint, veneer etc; to plaster over; decorative coating; finish; veneer

涂饰剂 塗飾劑 tu2 shi4 ji4
coating agent; finishing agent

伪饰 偽飾 wei3 shi4
faked decoration

文过饰非 文過飾非 wen2 guo4 shi4 fei1
to cover up one's faults (idiom); to whitewash

文饰 文飾 wen2 shi4
to polish a text; rhetoric; ornate language; to use florid language to conceal errors; to gloss over

纹饰 紋飾 wen2 shi4
decorative motif; figure

修饰 修飾 xiu1 shi4
to decorate; to adorn; to dress up; to polish (a written piece); to qualify or modify (grammar)

修饰话 修飾話 xiu1 shi4 hua4
modifier (grammar)

修饰语 修飾語 xiu1 shi4 yu3
(grammar) modifier; qualifier; adjunct

掩饰 掩飾 yan3 shi4
to cover up; to conceal; to mask; to gloss over

衣饰 衣飾 yi1 shi4
clothes and ornaments

隐饰 隱飾 yin3 shi4
a cover-up

缘饰 緣飾 yuan2 shi4

妆饰 妝飾 zhuang1 shi4
to dress up

装饰 裝飾 zhuang1 shi4
to decorate; decoration; decorative; ornamental

装饰品 裝飾品 zhuang1 shi4 pin3

装饰物 裝飾物 zhuang1 shi4 wu4
ornament; ornamentation

缀饰 綴飾 zhui4 shi4
to decorate; decoration

坠饰 墜飾 zhui4 shi4
pendant (jewelry)