to raise; to rear; to feed

old variant of 飼|饲

strokes 8
strokes after radical 5
鼻饲 鼻飼 bi2 si4
nasal feeding

鼻饲法 鼻飼法 bi2 si4 fa3
nasal feeding

动物性饲料 動物性飼料 dong4 wu4 xing4 si4 liao4
feed made of animal products

饲槽 飼槽 si4 cao2
feeding trough

饲草 飼草 si4 cao3
forage grass

饲料 飼料 si4 liao4
feed; fodder

饲养 飼養 si4 yang3
to raise; to rear

饲养场 飼養場 si4 yang3 chang3
farm; feed lot; dry lot

饲养业 飼養業 si4 yang3 ye4
stock farming; animal husbandry

饲养员 飼養員 si4 yang3 yuan2
zookeeper; stockman; breeder (of livestock, dogs or poultry etc)

饲养者 飼養者 si4 yang3 zhe3

饲育 飼育 si4 yu4
to rear (an animal)