pastry; food; to swallow; to lure; bait; lure

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
饼饵 餅餌 bing3 er3
cakes; pastry

饵敌 餌敵 er3 di2
to lure the enemy; to trap

饵雷 餌雷 er3 lei2
baited trap; booby-trap

饵线 餌線 er3 xian4
tippet (in fly-fishing)

饵诱 餌誘 er3 you4
to lure; to entice

饵子 餌子 er3 zi5
fish bait

饺饵 餃餌 jiao3 er3
dumpling; pot-sticker; same as 餃子|饺子

禄饵 祿餌 lu4 er3
official pay as bait (for talent)

诱饵 誘餌 you4 er3

鱼饵 魚餌 yu2 er3
fish bait