round flat cake; cookie; cake; pastry

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
薄饼 薄餅 bao2 bing3
thin flat cake; pancake; pizza

比萨饼 比薩餅 bi3 sa4 bing3
pizza (loanword)

冰皮月饼 冰皮月餅 bing1 pi2 yue4 bing3
snow skin mooncake (with a soft casing which is not baked, instead of the traditional baked pastry casing)

饼铛 餅鐺 bing3 cheng1
baking pan

饼饵 餅餌 bing3 er3
cakes; pastry

饼肥 餅肥 bing3 fei2
cake fertilizer

饼干 餅乾 bing3 gan1
biscuit; cracker; cookie

饼图 餅圖 bing3 tu2
pie chart

饼屋 餅屋 bing3 wu1

饼型图 餅型圖 bing3 xing2 tu2
pie chart; pie diagram

饼状图 餅狀圖 bing3 zhuang4 tu2
pie chart

饼子 餅子 bing3 zi5
maize or millet pancake

薄烤饼 薄烤餅 bo2 kao3 bing3

车轮饼 車輪餅 che1 lun2 bing3
imagawayaki (sweet snack made of batter cooked in the shape of a car wheel, stuffed with azuki bean paste or other fillings)

春饼 春餅 chun1 bing3
spring pancake

大饼 大餅 da4 bing3
large flat bread

粉饼 粉餅 fen3 bing3
compact (cosmetics)

糕饼 糕餅 gao1 bing3
cakes; pastries

耿饼 耿餅 geng3 bing3
dried persimmon (from Geng village, Heze 荷澤|荷泽, Shandong)

果馅饼 果餡餅 guo3 xian4 bing3

画饼充饥 畫餅充飢 hua4 bing3 chong1 ji1
lit. to allay one's hunger using a picture of a cake; to feed on illusions (idiom)

黄饼 黃餅 huang2 bing3

夹心饼干 夾心餅乾 jia1 xin1 bing3 gan1
sandwich cookie; (jocularly) sb who is caught between two opposing parties; sb who is between the hammer and the anvil

煎饼 煎餅 jian1 bing3

姜饼 薑餅 jiang1 bing3

卷饼 捲餅 juan3 bing3
rolled-up pastry; roll; turnover (patisserie)

烤饼 烤餅 kao3 bing3

可丽饼 可麗餅 ke3 li4 bing3
crêpe (loanword)

烙饼 烙餅 lao4 bing3
pancake; flat bread; griddle cake

酪饼 酪餅 lao4 bing3

滤饼 濾餅 lv4 bing3
filtrate; solid residue produced by a filter; mud from filtering can sugar

面饼 麵餅 mian4 bing3

皮萨饼 皮薩餅 pi2 sa4 bing3
pizza (loanword)

皮塔饼 皮塔餅 pi2 ta3 bing3
pita bread (Middle eastern flat bread) (loanword)

苹果馅饼 蘋果餡餅 ping2 guo3 xian4 bing3
apple pie

签语饼 簽語餅 qian1 yu3 bing3
fortune cookie

热香饼 熱香餅 re4 xiang1 bing3

肉饼 肉餅 rou4 bing3
meat patty

润饼 潤餅 run4 bing3
soft mixed vegetable and meat roll-up

烧饼 燒餅 shao1 bing5
baked sesame seed-coated cake

柿饼 柿餅 shi4 bing3
dried persimmon

薯饼 薯餅 shu3 bing3
hash browns; croquette

松饼 鬆餅 song1 bing3
muffin; pancake

苏打饼干 蘇打餅乾 su1 da2 bing3 gan1
soda biscuit; cracker

汤饼筵 湯餅筵 tang1 bing3 yan2
dinner party given on the third day after the birth of a baby (traditional)

天上不会掉馅饼 天上不會掉餡餅 tian1 shang4 bu4 hui4 diao4 xian4 bing3
there is no such thing as a free lunch (idiom)

铁饼 鐵餅 tie3 bing3
throwing the discus (athletics event)

威化饼干 威化餅乾 wei1 hua4 bing3 gan1
wafer; wafer cookie

喜饼 喜餅 xi3 bing3
double happiness cakes, pastries offered by a man to his fiancée's family at the time of their engagement

馅饼 餡餅 xian4 bing3
meat pie; pie; pasty

馅儿饼 餡兒餅 xian4 er5 bing3
erhua variant of 餡餅|馅饼

血饼 血餅 xue4 bing3
blood clot; coagulated blood

油饼 油餅 you2 bing3
deep-fried doughcake; oilcake (animal fodder)

油炸圈饼 油炸圈餅 you2 zha2 quan1 bing3

鱼饼 魚餅 yu2 bing3

玉米饼 玉米餅 yu4 mi3 bing3
corn cake; Mexican tortilla

圆面饼 圓麵餅 yuan2 mian4 bing3
round flat bread; pita bread

月饼 月餅 yue4 bing3
mooncake (esp. for the Mid-Autumn Festival)

炸油饼 炸油餅 zha2 you2 bing3
deep-fried cake

芝麻饼 芝麻餅 zhi1 ma5 bing3
sesame biscuit