gluttonous; greedy; to have a craving

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
馋鬼 饞鬼 chan2 gui3
glutton; greedy; piggish

馋痨 饞癆 chan2 lao2

馋人 饞人 chan2 ren2
to make one's mouth water; appetizing; greedy person; glutton

馋涎欲垂 饞涎欲垂 chan2 xian2 yu4 chui2
see 饞涎欲滴|馋涎欲滴

馋涎欲滴 饞涎欲滴 chan2 xian2 yu4 di1
lit. to drool with desire (idiom); fig. to hunger for; greedy

馋言 饞言 chan2 yan2

馋嘴 饞嘴 chan2 zui3
gluttonous; glutton

馋嘴蛙 饞嘴蛙 chan2 zui3 wa1
sautéed bullfrog with chili sauce

解馋 解饞 jie3 chan2
to eat to one's heart's content

贪馋 貪饞 tan1 chan2
gluttonous; greedy; insatiable; avid

眼馋 眼饞 yan3 chan2
to covet; to envy

眼馋肚饱 眼饞肚飽 yan3 chan2 du4 bao3
to have eyes bigger than one's belly (idiom)

嘴馋 嘴饞 zui3 chan2
gluttonous; ravenous