head; chief; first (occasion, thing etc); classifier for poems, songs etc

strokes 9
strokes after radical 0
案首 案首 an4 shou3
candidate who ranked 1st in imperial examination on prefecture or county level (in Ming and Qing dynasties)

昂首 昂首 ang2 shou3
head high; in high spirits; to raise one's head (e.g. of neighing horse)

昂首阔步 昂首闊步 ang2 shou3 kuo4 bu4
striding forward with head high (idiom); to walk with spirited and vigorous step; to strut

昂首挺胸 昂首挺胸 ang2 shou3 ting3 xiong1
head high, chest out (idiom); to keep up one's spirits; in fine mettle (of animal)

澳大利亚首都特区 澳大利亞首都特區 ao4 da4 li4 ya4 shou3 du1 te4 qu1
Australian Capital Territory

白首齐眉 白首齊眉 bai2 shou3 qi2 mei2
(of a couple) to grow old together in mutual respect (idiom)

榜首 榜首 bang3 shou3
top of the list

匕首 匕首 bi3 shou3

部首 部首 bu4 shou3
the key or radical by which a character is arranged in a traditional Chinese dictionary

部首编排法 部首編排法 bu4 shou3 bian1 pai2 fa3
dictionary arrangement of Chinese characters under radicals

不首先使用 不首先使用 bu4 shou3 xian1 shi3 yong4
no first use (policy for nuclear weapons); NFU

螭首 螭首 chi1 shou3
hornless dragon head (used as ornamentation, esp. gargoyles)

船首 船首 chuan2 shou3
ship's bow

低首下心 低首下心 di1 shou3 xia4 xin1
to be fawningly submissive (idiom)

顿首 頓首 dun4 shou3

匪首 匪首 fei3 shou3

俯首 俯首 fu3 shou3
to bend one's head

俯首称臣 俯首稱臣 fu3 shou3 cheng1 chen2
to bow before (idiom); to capitulate

俯首帖耳 俯首帖耳 fu3 shou3 tie1 er3
bowed head and ears glued (idiom); docile and obedient; at sb's beck and call

国家元首 國家元首 guo2 jia1 yuan2 shou3
head of state

国立首尔大学 國立首爾大學 guo2 li4 shou3 er3 da4 xue2
Seoul National University SNU

颔首 頷首 han4 shou3
to nod one's head

颔首微笑 頷首微笑 han4 shou3 wei1 xiao4
to nod and smile

颔首之交 頷首之交 han4 shou3 zhi1 jiao1
nodding acquaintance

皓首 皓首 hao4 shou3
white head of hair; fig. old person

皓首苍颜 皓首蒼顏 hao4 shou3 cang1 yan2
white hair and gray sunken cheeks (idiom); decrepit old age

何首乌 何首烏 he2 shou3 wu1
Chinese knotweed (Polygonum multiflorum); fleeceflower root

缳首 繯首 huan2 shou3
death by hanging

回首 回首 hui2 shou3
to turn around; to look back; to recollect

回页首 回頁首 hui2 ye4 shou3
hyperlink to top of webpage

会首 會首 hui4 shou3
head of a society; sponsor of an organization

祸首 禍首 huo4 shou3
chief offender; main culprit

祸首罪魁 禍首罪魁 huo4 shou3 zui4 kui2
main offender, criminal ringleader (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster

吉首 吉首 ji2 shou3
Jishou county level city and capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州, Henan

疾首 疾首 ji2 shou3
extremely angry; infuriated; enraged; headache caused by anger

吉首市 吉首市 ji2 shou3 shi4
Jishou county level city and capital of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao autonomous prefecture 湘西土家族苗族自治州, Henan

舰首 艦首 jian4 shou3
bow of a warship

界首 界首 jie4 shou3
Jieshou county level city in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui

界首市 界首市 jie4 shou3 shi4
Jieshou county level city in Fuyang 阜陽|阜阳, Anhui

居首 居首 ju1 shou3
leading; in first place; top of the list

句首 句首 ju4 shou3
start of phrase or sentence

聚首 聚首 ju4 shou3
to gather; to meet

刊首语 刊首語 kan1 shou3 yu3
foreword; preface

叩首 叩首 kou4 shou3
to kowtow; also written 磕頭|磕头

魁首 魁首 kui2 shou3
chief; first; brightest and best

马首是瞻 馬首是瞻 ma3 shou3 shi4 zhan1
to follow blindly (idiom); to take as one's only guide

埋首 埋首 mai2 shou3
to immerse oneself in (one's work, studies etc)

门首 門首 men2 shou3
doorway; gate; entrance

面首 面首 mian4 shou3
handsome male companion; gigolo

蓬首垢面 蓬首垢面 peng2 shou3 gou4 mian4
lit. with disheveled hair and a dirty face; of unkempt appearance (idiom)

铺首 鋪首 pu1 shou3
holder for door knocker

前首相 前首相 qian2 shou3 xiang4
former prime minister

翘居群首 翹居群首 qiao2 ju1 qun2 shou3
head and shoulders above the crowd (idiom); preeminent; outstanding

翘首 翹首 qiao2 shou3
to raise one's head and look around (esp. at the state of the nation)

翘首以待 翹首以待 qiao2 shou3 yi3 dai4
to hold one's breath (in anticipation) (idiom); to anxiously await

搔首弄姿 搔首弄姿 sao1 shou3 nong4 zi1
to stroke one's hair coquettishly (idiom)

上首 上首 shang4 shou3
seat of honor; first place

尸首 屍首 shi1 shou5
corpse; carcass; dead body

石首 石首 shi2 shou3
Shishou county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei

石首市 石首市 shi2 shou3 shi4
Shishou county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei

首办 首辦 shou3 ban4
first organized; to run sth for the first time

首层 首層 shou3 ceng2
first floor; ground floor

首倡 首倡 shou3 chang4
to initiate

首创 首創 shou3 chuang4
to create; original creation; to be the first to do sth

首创者 首創者 shou3 chuang4 zhe3
creator; originator; first proponent

首次 首次 shou3 ci4
first; first time; for the first time

首次公开招股 首次公開招股 shou3 ci4 gong1 kai1 zhao1 gu3
initial public offering (IPO)

首次注视时间 首次注視時間 shou3 ci4 zhu4 shi4 shi2 jian1
first fixation duration

首当其冲 首當其衝 shou3 dang1 qi2 chong1
to bear the brunt

首都 首都 shou3 du1
capital (city)

首都国际机场 首都國際機場 shou3 du1 guo2 ji4 ji1 chang3
Beijing Capital International Airport

首都机场 首都機場 shou3 du1 ji1 chang3
Beijing airport (PEK); also translated as Capital airport

首都经济贸易大学 首都經濟貿易大學 shou3 du1 jing1 ji4 mao4 yi4 da4 xue2
Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing)

首都经贸大学 首都經貿大學 shou3 du1 jing1 mao4 da4 xue2
Capital University of Business and Economics, Beijing

首都剧场 首都劇場 shou3 du1 ju4 chang3
the Capital Theater (in Beijing)

首都领地 首都領地 shou3 du1 ling3 di4
capital territory; Australian Capital Territory (ACT) around Canberra 堪培拉

首度 首度 shou3 du4
first time

首尔 首爾 shou3 er3
Seoul, capital of South Korea (Chinese spelling adopted in 2005)

首尔国立大学 首爾國立大學 shou3 er3 guo2 li4 da4 xue2
Seoul National University (SNU or Seoul National), Korea

首尔市 首爾市 shou3 er3 shi4
Seoul Metropolitan City, capital of South Korea (Chinese spelling adopted in 2005)

首尔特别市 首爾特別市 shou3 er3 te4 bie2 shi4
Seoul Metropolitan City, capital of South Korea (Chinese spelling adopted in 2005)

首发 首發 shou3 fa1
first issue; first public showing

首府 首府 shou3 fu3
capital city of an autonomous region

首付 首付 shou3 fu4
down payment

首富 首富 shou3 fu4
richest individual; top millionaire

首付款 首付款 shou3 fu4 kuan3
down payment

首级 首級 shou3 ji2
severed head

首季 首季 shou3 ji4
first season; first quarter

首家 首家 shou3 jia1
first (hotel of its type, store of its type etc)

首届 首屆 shou3 jie4
first session (of a conference etc)

首肯 首肯 shou3 ken3
to give a nod of approval

首款 首款 shou3 kuan3
to confess one's crime; first model, version, kind etc (of gadgets, software, cars etc)

首例 首例 shou3 li4
first case; first instance

首领 首領 shou3 ling3
head; boss; chief

首轮 首輪 shou3 lun2
first round (of a competition etc)

首脑 首腦 shou3 nao3
head (of state); summit (meeting); leader

首脑会谈 首腦會談 shou3 nao3 hui4 tan2
summit talks; discussion between heads of state

首脑会晤 首腦會晤 shou3 nao3 hui4 wu4
leadership meeting

首脑会议 首腦會議 shou3 nao3 hui4 yi4
leadership conference; summit meeting

首屈一指 首屈一指 shou3 qu1 yi1 zhi3
to count as number one (idiom); second to none; outstanding

首任 首任 shou3 ren4
first person to be appointed to a post

首日封 首日封 shou3 ri4 feng1
first day cover (philately)

首善之区 首善之區 shou3 shan4 zhi1 qu1
the finest place in the nation (often used in reference to the capital city); also written 首善之地

首饰 首飾 shou3 shi4
jewelry; head ornament

首推 首推 shou3 tui1
to regard as the foremost; to name as a prime example

首尾 首尾 shou3 wei3
head and tail

首尾相接 首尾相接 shou3 wei3 xiang1 jie1
to join head to tail; bumper-to-bumper (of traffic jam)

首尾音 首尾音 shou3 wei3 yin1
onset and rime

首位 首位 shou3 wei4
first place

首席 首席 shou3 xi2
chief (representative, correspondent etc)

首席财务官 首席財務官 shou3 xi2 cai2 wu4 guan1
chief financial officer (CFO)

首席大法官 首席大法官 shou3 xi2 da4 fa3 guan1
Chief Justice (of US Supreme Court)

首席代表 首席代表 shou3 xi2 dai4 biao3
chief representative

首席法官 首席法官 shou3 xi2 fa3 guan1
Chief Justice

首席技术官 首席技術官 shou3 xi2 ji4 shu4 guan1
chief technology officer (CTO)

首席信息官 首席信息官 shou3 xi2 xin4 xi1 guan1
chief information officer (CIO)

首席营销官 首席營銷官 shou3 xi2 ying2 xiao1 guan1
chief marketing officer (CMO)

首席运营官 首席運營官 shou3 xi2 yun4 ying2 guan1
chief operating officer (COO)

首席执行官 首席執行官 shou3 xi2 zhi2 xing2 guan1
chief executive officer (CEO)

首先 首先 shou3 xian1
first (of all); in the first place

首县 首縣 shou3 xian4
principal county magistrate in imperial China

首相 首相 shou3 xiang4
prime minister (of Japan or UK etc)

首选 首選 shou3 xuan3
first choice; premium; to come first in the imperial examinations

首演 首演 shou3 yan3
maiden stage role; first performance; first public showing

首要 首要 shou3 yao4
the most important; of chief importance

首页 首頁 shou3 ye4
home page (of a website); title page; front page; first page; fig. beginning; cover letter

首邑 首邑 shou3 yi4
local capital; regional capital

首音 首音 shou3 yin1
onset (linguistics)

首映 首映 shou3 ying4
premiere (of a play or film); opening night; first-run; to premiere (a film)

首映式 首映式 shou3 ying4 shi4
premiere of a movie

首长 首長 shou3 zhang3
senior official

首重 首重 shou3 zhong4
to emphasize; to give the most weight to; to rank first

首字母 首字母 shou3 zi4 mu3
initial letters

首字母拚音词 首字母拚音詞 shou3 zi4 mu3 pin1 yin1 ci2

首字母缩写 首字母縮寫 shou3 zi4 mu3 suo1 xie3

岁首 歲首 sui4 shou3
start of the year

唐诗三百首 唐詩三百首 tang2 shi1 san1 bai3 shou3
Three hundred Tang dynasty poems, a stable anthology collected around 1763 by Sun Zhu 孫誅

特首 特首 te4 shou3
chief executive of Special Administrative Region (Hong Kong or Macao); abbr. for 特別行政區首席執行官|特别行政区首席执行官

痛心疾首 痛心疾首 tong4 xin1 ji2 shou3
bitter and hateful (idiom); to grieve and lament (over sth)

为首 為首 wei2 shou3
head; be headed by

畏首畏尾 畏首畏尾 wei4 shou3 wei4 wei3
afraid of the head, terrified of the tail (idiom); ever fearful and nervous; afraid of the slightest thing

岘首山 峴首山 xian4 shou3 shan1
Mt Xianshou in Hubei

枭首 梟首 xiao1 shou3
to behead

枭首示众 梟首示眾 xiao1 shou3 shi4 zhong4
to behead sb and display the head in public

旬首 旬首 xun2 shou3
start of a ten day period

页首 頁首 ye4 shou3
the head of a page; page heading

右首 右首 you4 shou3
right-hand side

元首 元首 yuan2 shou3
head of state

陨首 隕首 yun3 shou3
to offer one's life in sacrifice

斩首 斬首 zhan3 shou3
to behead

帧首定界符 幀首定界符 zhen1 shou3 ding4 jie4 fu2
start frame delimiter (SFD)

政府首脑 政府首腦 zheng4 fu3 shou3 nao3
head of state; government leader

字首 字首 zi4 shou3

自首 自首 zi4 shou3
to give oneself up; to surrender (to the authorities)

罪魁祸首 罪魁禍首 zui4 kui2 huo4 shou3
criminal ringleader, main offender (idiom); main culprit; fig. main cause of a disaster

左首 左首 zuo3 shou3
left-hand side