variegated; heterogeneous; to refute; to contradict; to ship by barge; a barge; a lighter (ship)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 4
斑驳 斑駁 ban1 bo2
mottled; motley

班驳 班駁 ban1 bo2
variant of 斑駁|斑驳

辩驳 辯駁 bian4 bo2
to dispute; to refute

驳岸 駁岸 bo2 an4
a low stone wall built along the water's edge to protect an embankment; revetment

驳斥 駁斥 bo2 chi4
to refute; to debunk; to deny; to denounce

驳船 駁船 bo2 chuan2
barge; lighter

驳词 駁詞 bo2 ci2
to refute

驳辞 駁辭 bo2 ci2
refutation; incoherent speech

驳倒 駁倒 bo2 dao3
to refute; to demolish (an argument, theory etc)

驳复 駁復 bo2 fu4
to refute

驳回 駁回 bo2 hui2
to reject; to turn down; to overrule

驳壳枪 駁殼槍 bo2 ke2 qiang1
Mauser pistol

驳落 駁落 bo2 luo4
to peel off; mottled; to fail an exam; to be demoted

驳面子 駁面子 bo2 mian4 zi5
to contradict sb to his face; insensitive to other's feelings

驳议 駁議 bo2 yi4
to correct (in writing) sb's errors or misconceptions

驳运 駁運 bo2 yun4
transport by lighter; lighter

驳杂 駁雜 bo2 za2

驳正 駁正 bo2 zheng4
to refute and correct

驳子 駁子 bo2 zi5
to tow (a barge)

驳嘴 駁嘴 bo2 zui3
(dialect) to argue; to quarrel

反驳 反駁 fan3 bo2
to retort; to refute

核驳 核駁 he2 bo2
to reject (a patent application etc)

回驳 回駁 hui2 bo2
to refute

接驳 接駁 jie1 bo2
to access; to transfer passengers between two railway lines

接驳车 接駁車 jie1 bo2 che1
shuttle bus ferrying passengers between train stations on two different rail lines

盘驳 盤駁 pan2 bo2
to cross-examine; to interrogate and refute

批驳 批駁 pi1 bo2
to criticize; to refute

拖驳 拖駁 tuo1 bo2
barge; lighter (pulled by a tugboat)

芜驳 蕪駁 wu2 bo2
disorderly; mixed-up; confused