surname Jia

to harness; to draw (a cart etc); to drive; to pilot; to sail; to ride; your good self; prefixed word denoting respect (polite 敬辞)

strokes 15
strokes after radical 5
保驾 保駕 bao3 jia4
escort the Emperor (also used jocularly)

并驾齐驱 並駕齊驅 bing4 jia4 qi2 qu1
to run neck and neck; to keep pace with; to keep abreast of; on a par with one another

大驾 大駕 da4 jia4
imperial chariot; (fig.) emperor; (polite) you

大驾光临 大駕光臨 da4 jia4 guang1 lin2
we are honored by your presence

当驾 當駕 dang1 jia4
imperial driver

副驾驶 副駕駛 fu4 jia4 shi3
copilot; front passenger seat

副驾驶员 副駕駛員 fu4 jia4 shi3 yuan2
co-pilot; second driver

副驾驶座 副駕駛座 fu4 jia4 shi3 zuo4
front passenger seat

候驾 候駕 hou4 jia4
to await (your) gracious presence

驾崩 駕崩 jia4 beng1
death of king or emperor; demise

驾车 駕車 jia4 che1
to drive a vehicle

驾帆船 駕帆船 jia4 fan1 chuan2

驾鹤成仙 駕鶴成仙 jia4 he4 cheng2 xian1
to fly on a crane and become immortal

驾鹤西归 駕鶴西歸 jia4 he4 xi1 gui1
see 駕鶴西去|驾鹤西去

驾鹤西去 駕鶴西去 jia4 he4 xi1 qu4
lit. to fly on a crane to the Western Paradise; fig. to pass away (idiom)

驾鹤西游 駕鶴西遊 jia4 he4 xi1 you2
see 駕鶴西去|驾鹤西去

驾临 駕臨 jia4 lin2
to grace sb with one's presence; your arrival (honorific); your esteemed presence

驾龄 駕齡 jia4 ling2
length of experience as a driver

驾轻就熟 駕輕就熟 jia4 qing1 jiu4 shu2
lit. an easy drive on a familiar path (idiom); fig. experience makes progress easy; a task that is so familiar one can do it with one's hand tied behind one's back

驾驶 駕駛 jia4 shi3
to pilot (ship, airplane etc); to drive

驾驶舱 駕駛艙 jia4 shi3 cang1
cockpit; control cabin

驾驶人 駕駛人 jia4 shi3 ren2
(car, van) driver

驾驶席 駕駛席 jia4 shi3 xi2
driver's seat; pilot's seat

驾驶员 駕駛員 jia4 shi3 yuan2
pilot; driver

驾驶证 駕駛證 jia4 shi3 zheng4
driving license

驾驶执照 駕駛執照 jia4 shi3 zhi2 zhao4
driver's license

驾艇 駕艇 jia4 ting3
to sail; to cruise; to pilot a ship

驾校 駕校 jia4 xiao4
driving school; abbr. for 駕駛學校|驾驶学校

驾驭 駕馭 jia4 yu4
to urge on (of horse); to drive; to steer; to handle; to manage; to master; to dominate

驾御 駕御 jia4 yu4
variant of 駕馭|驾驭

驾辕 駕轅 jia4 yuan2
to pull a carriage (of draft animal)

驾云 駕雲 jia4 yun2
to ride the clouds; fig. self-satisfied; arrogant

驾照 駕照 jia4 zhao4
driver's license

见驾 見駕 jian4 jia4
to have an audience (with the emperor)

酒后驾车 酒後駕車 jiu3 hou4 jia4 che1
driving under the influence

酒后驾驶 酒後駕駛 jiu3 hou4 jia4 shi3
driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)

酒驾 酒駕 jiu3 jia4
DWI; driving while intoxicated

车驾 車駕 ju1 jia4

劳驾 勞駕 lao2 jia4
excuse me

凌驾 凌駕 ling2 jia4
to be above; to place above

銮驾 鑾駕 luan2 jia4
imperial chariot

劝驾 勸駕 quan4 jia4
to urge sb to accept a post; to urge sb to agree to do sth

三驾马车 三駕馬車 san1 jia4 ma3 che1

无人驾驶 無人駕駛 wu2 ren2 jia4 shi3
unmanned; unpiloted

晏驾 晏駕 yan4 jia4
to die (exclusively of the Emperor)

饮酒驾车 飲酒駕車 yin3 jiu3 jia4 che1
drink and drive (moderately high blood alcohol concentration)

御驾亲征 御駕親征 yu4 jia4 qin1 zheng1
the emperor leads his troops into battle (idiom); to take part personally in an expedition

征驾 征駕 zheng1 jia4
horses and wagons for an expedition; vehicles and horses used in battle

自驾汽车出租 自駕汽車出租 zi4 jia4 qi4 che1 chu1 zu1
self-drive car rental

自驾租赁 自駕租賃 zi4 jia4 zu1 lin4
self-drive hire (of a car etc)

醉酒驾车 醉酒駕車 zui4 jiu3 jia4 che1
drunk driving (very high blood alcohol concentration)

尊驾 尊駕 zun1 jia4
lit. your honored carriage; your highness; honored Sir (also sarcastic); you