to astonish; to startle; to hack (computing, loanword)

strokes 16
strokes after radical 6
防骇 防駭 fang2 hai4

骇客 駭客 hai4 ke4
hacker (computing) (loanword)

骇浪 駭浪 hai4 lang4
swelling or stormy seas

骇怕 駭怕 hai4 pa4
to be afraid; to be frightened

骇然 駭然 hai4 ran2
overwhelmed with shock, horror or amazement; dumbstruck; aghast

骇人 駭人 hai4 ren2
terrifying; shocking; dreadful

骇人听闻 駭人聽聞 hai4 ren2 ting1 wen2
shocking; horrifying; atrocious; terrible

惊骇 驚駭 jing1 hai4
to be shocked; to be appalled; to be terrified

惊世骇俗 驚世駭俗 jing1 shi4 hai4 su2
universally shocking; to offend the whole of society

惊涛骇浪 驚濤駭浪 jing1 tao1 hai4 lang4
perilous situation

威骇 威駭 wei1 hai4
to intimidate

震骇 震駭 zhen4 hai4
to astonish; to horrify