variant of 御; to drive; to manage; to control

strokes 5
strokes after radical 2
长辔远驭 長轡遠馭 chang2 pei4 yuan3 yu4
to control from a distance (idiom)

驾驭 駕馭 jia4 yu4
to urge on (of horse); to drive; to steer; to handle; to manage; to master; to dominate

统驭 統馭 tong3 yu4
to control

以一驭万 以一馭萬 yi3 yi1 yu4 wan4
to control a key point is to be master of the situation (idiom)

驭气 馭氣 yu4 qi4
to fly magically through the air

驭手 馭手 yu4 shou3
person in charge of pack animals; chariot driver

驭兽术 馭獸術 yu4 shou4 shu4
animal training; taming wild beast (e.g. lion-taming)