to scold; to abuse; to curse

variant of 罵|骂

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
挨打受骂 挨打受罵 ai2 da3 shou4 ma4
to suffer beatings and receive abuse (idiom)

挨骂 挨罵 ai2 ma4
to receive a scolding

笞骂 笞罵 chi1 ma4
to whip and revile

耻骂 恥罵 chi3 ma4
to abuse; to mock

斥骂 斥罵 chi4 ma4
to scold

叱骂 叱罵 chi4 ma4
to curse; to berate angrily

臭骂 臭罵 chou4 ma4
tongue-lashing; to chew out

打骂 打罵 da3 ma4
to beat and scold

打情骂俏 打情罵俏 da3 qing2 ma4 qiao4
to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with her; to flirt with a member of the opposite sex; to banter flirtatiously

大骂 大罵 da4 ma4
to rain curses (on sb); to let sb have it; to bawl sb out

对骂 對罵 dui4 ma4
to hurl abuse; to trade insults; slanging match

对着和尚骂贼秃 對著和尚罵賊禿 dui4 zhe5 he2 shang5 ma4 zei2 tu1
lit. to curse a baldhead to a monk's face (idiom); fig. to scold sb indirectly; to criticize obliquely

恶骂 惡罵 e4 ma4
to curse fiercely

诟骂 詬罵 gou4 ma4
to revile; to abuse verbally

国骂 國罵 guo2 ma4
insult commonly used nationwide

滥骂 濫罵 lan4 ma4
scurrilous; to scold indiscriminately

詈骂 詈罵 li4 ma4
(literary) to scold; to abuse

骂不绝口 罵不絕口 ma4 bu4 jue2 kou3
to scold without end (idiom); incessant abuse

骂到臭头 罵到臭頭 ma4 dao4 chou4 tou2
to chew sb out (Tw)

骂街 罵街 ma4 jie1
to shout abuses in the street

骂骂咧咧 罵罵咧咧 ma4 ma5 lie1 lie1
to swear while talking; to be foul-mouthed

骂名 罵名 ma4 ming2
infamy; blackened name

骂娘 罵娘 ma4 niang2
to curse (at sb); to call sb names

骂人 罵人 ma4 ren2
to swear or curse (at people); to scold or yell at someone

漫骂 漫罵 man4 ma4
see 謾罵|谩骂

谩骂 謾罵 man4 ma4
to hurl abuse; to deride; to call sb names

怒骂 怒罵 nu4 ma4
to curse in rage

泼妇骂街 潑婦罵街 po1 fu4 ma4 jie1
shouting abuse in the street like a fishwife

破口大骂 破口大罵 po4 kou3 da4 ma4
to abuse roundly

辱骂 辱罵 ru3 ma4
to insult; to revile; abuse; vituperation

痛骂 痛罵 tong4 ma4
to bawl out; to reprimand severely

唾骂 唾罵 tuo4 ma4
to spit on and curse; to revile

侮骂 侮罵 wu3 ma4
to scold; abuse

嬉笑怒骂 嬉笑怒罵 xi1 xiao4 nu4 ma4
lit. laughs, jeers, anger and invective (idiom); fig. all kinds of emotions; to mock and scold; (of writing) freely roving; following the author's fancy

责骂 責罵 ze2 ma4
to scold

指鸡骂狗 指雞罵狗 zhi3 ji1 ma4 gou3
lit. to point at the chicken while scolding the dog (idiom); fig. to make indirect criticisms

指桑骂槐 指桑罵槐 zhi3 sang1 ma4 huai2
lit. to point at the mulberry tree and curse the locust tree; fig. to scold sb indirectly; to make oblique accusations (idiom)

咒骂 咒罵 zhou4 ma4
to damn; to curse; to revile