to cheat; to swindle; to deceive; to get on (a horse etc) by swinging one leg over

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
拐骗 拐騙 guai3 pian4
swindle; abduct

哄骗 哄騙 hong3 pian4
to deceive; to cheat

江湖骗子 江湖騙子 jiang1 hu2 pian4 zi5
swindler; itinerant con-man

坑蒙拐骗 坑蒙拐騙 keng1 meng1 guai3 pian4
to swindle; to cheat

坑骗 坑騙 keng1 pian4
to cheat; to swindle

诓骗 誆騙 kuang1 pian4
to defraud; to swindle

连哄带骗 連哄帶騙 lian2 hong1 dai4 pian4
to cajole; to sweet talk sb into doing sth

瞒骗 瞞騙 man2 pian4
to deceive; to conceal

蒙骗 矇騙 meng1 pian4
to hoodwink; to deceive; to dupe sb

蒙骗 蒙騙 meng1 pian4
variant of 矇騙|蒙骗

庞氏骗局 龐氏騙局 pang2 shi4 pian4 ju2
Ponzi scheme

骗案 騙案 pian4 an4
scam; fraud

骗供 騙供 pian4 gong4
to cheat sb into confessing; to induce a confession

骗局 騙局 pian4 ju2
a swindle; a trap; a racket; a scam

骗取 騙取 pian4 qu3
to gain by cheating

骗人 騙人 pian4 ren2
to cheat sb; a scam

骗色 騙色 pian4 se4
to trick sb into having sex

骗术 騙術 pian4 shu4
trick; deceit

骗徒 騙徒 pian4 tu2
cheat; swindler

骗子 騙子 pian4 zi5
swindler; a cheat

欺骗 欺騙 qi1 pian4
to deceive; to cheat

受骗 受騙 shou4 pian4
to be cheated; to be taken in; to be hoodwinked

行骗 行騙 xing2 pian4
to cheat; to deceive

诱骗 誘騙 you4 pian4
to entice; to lure; to scam; to hoodwink; to decoy

诈骗 詐騙 zha4 pian4
to defraud; to swindle; to blackmail

诈骗罪 詐騙罪 zha4 pian4 zui4

照骗 照騙 zhao4 pian4
(Internet slang) flattering photo (pun on 照片); photoshopped picture

撞骗 撞騙 zhuang4 pian4
to swindle