dirty; filthy

strokes 21
strokes after radical 13
肮脏 骯髒 ang1 zang1
dirty; filthy

满口脏话 滿口髒話 man3 kou3 zang1 hua4
to pour out obscenities; filthy mouthed

弄脏 弄髒 nong4 zang1
to make dirty; to defile; to smear

泼脏水 潑髒水 po1 zang1 shui3
(lit.) to splash dirty water; (fig.) to throw mud at; to smear (sb)

小脏鬼 小髒鬼 xiao3 zang1 gui3
dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)

脏病 髒病 zang1 bing4
dirty illness; venereal disease; the pox

脏弹 髒彈 zang1 dan4
dirty bomb

脏话 髒話 zang1 hua4
profanity; obscene language; speaking rudely

脏乱 髒亂 zang1 luan4
dirty and disordered; in a mess

脏煤 髒煤 zang1 mei2
dirty coal; muck (from a colliery)

脏水 髒水 zang1 shui3
dirty water; sewage

脏土 髒土 zang1 tu3
dirty soil; muck; trash

脏污 髒污 zang1 wu1
to dirty; to sully; to stain

脏兮兮 髒兮兮 zang1 xi1 xi1
dirty; filthy

脏脏 髒髒 zang1 zang1

脏字 髒字 zang1 zi4