hair; Taiwan pr.

strokes 15
strokes after radical 5
白发 白髮 bai2 fa4
white or gray hair

白发苍苍 白髮蒼蒼 bai2 fa4 cang1 cang1
old and gray-haired

白发人送黑发人 白髮人送黑髮人 bai2 fa4 ren2 song4 hei1 fa4 ren2
to see one's child die before oneself

鬓发 鬢髮 bin4 fa4
hair on the temples

长发 長髮 chang2 fa4
long hair

发包 髮包 fa4 bao1
bun hair extension

发辫 髮辮 fa4 bian4

发菜 髮菜 fa4 cai4
long thread moss (Nostoc flagelliforme), an edible algae; also called faat choy or hair moss

发钗 髮釵 fa4 chai1
hair clip

发带 髮帶 fa4 dai4

发箍 髮箍 fa4 gu1

发冠卷尾 髮冠卷尾 fa4 guan1 juan3 wei3
(bird species of China) hair-crested drongo (Dicrurus hottentottus)

发髻 髮髻 fa4 ji4
hair worn in a bun or coil

发夹 髮夾 fa4 jia1
hair clip

发胶 髮膠 fa4 jiao1
hair gel

发脚 髮腳 fa4 jiao3
a length of hair

发卷 髮捲 fa4 juan3
hair roller; curl (of hair)

发蜡 髮蠟 fa4 la4

发廊 髮廊 fa4 lang2
hair salon; hairdresser's shop

发绺 髮綹 fa4 liu3
tresses; dreadlocks

发妻 髮妻 fa4 qi1
first wife

发卡 髮卡 fa4 qia3
hair grip; hair clip

发式 髮式 fa4 shi4
hairstyle; coiffure; hairdo

发丝 髮絲 fa4 si1
hair (on the head)

发网 髮網 fa4 wang3

发屋 髮屋 fa4 wu1
barber's shop

发小 髮小 fa4 xiao3
(dialect) close childhood friend whom one grew up with; a couple who grew up as childhood friends

发小儿 髮小兒 fa4 xiao3 er5
erhua variant of 髮小|发小

发型 髮型 fa4 xing2
hairstyle; coiffure; hairdo

发型设计师 髮型設計師 fa4 xing2 she4 ji4 shi1

发型师 髮型師 fa4 xing2 shi1
hair stylist

发旋 髮旋 fa4 xuan2
hair whorl

发指眦裂 髮指眥裂 fa4 zhi3 zi4 lie4
hair standing up and eyes wide in anger (idiom); enraged; in a towering rage

毫发 毫髮 hao2 fa4
a hair; the slightest

毫发不爽 毫髮不爽 hao2 fa4 bu4 shuang3
not to deviate one hair's breadth (idiom); to be extremely accurate

黑发 黑髮 hei1 fa4
black hair

后发座 后髮座 hou4 fa4 zuo4
Coma Berenices (constellation)

护发乳 護髮乳 hu4 fa4 ru3
hair conditioner

护发素 護髮素 hu4 fa4 su4
hair conditioner

华发 華髮 hua2 fa4
(literary) gray hair

假发 假髮 jia3 fa4

间不容发 間不容髮 jian1 bu4 rong2 fa4
(to escape danger etc) by a hair's breadth (idiom); in a critical state; on the brink of crisis; very close (to happening); Taiwan pr.

剪头发 剪頭髮 jian3 tou2 fa5
(to get a) haircut

接发 接髮 jie1 fa4
hair extensions

结发 結髮 jie2 fa4
(in former times) to bind one's hair on coming of age

金发 金髮 jin1 fa4
blond; blonde; fair-haired

金发碧眼 金髮碧眼 jin1 fa4 bi4 yan3
fair-haired and blue-eyed; blonde; of Western appearance

卷发 捲髮 juan3 fa4
to curl hair

卷发器 捲髮器 juan3 fa4 qi4
hair curler

理发 理髮 li3 fa4
a barber; hairdressing

理发店 理髮店 li3 fa4 dian4
barber's shop; hairdresser's

理发师 理髮師 li3 fa4 shi1

理发厅 理髮廳 li3 fa4 ting1
(Taiwan) barber's shop; hairdresser's

理发员 理髮員 li3 fa4 yuan2

理发院 理髮院 li3 fa4 yuan4
barber's shop; hair parlor

令人发指 令人髮指 ling4 ren2 fa4 zhi3
to make one's hair stand up in anger (idiom); to raise people's hackles

毛发 毛髮 mao2 fa4

美发 美髮 mei3 fa4
hairdressing; beautiful hair

美发师 美髮師 mei3 fa4 shi1
hairdresser; beautician

怒发冲冠 怒髮衝冠 nu4 fa4 chong1 guan1
lit. hair stands up in anger and tips off one's hat (idiom); fig. seething in anger; raise one's hackles

蓬头散发 蓬頭散髮 peng2 tou2 san4 fa4

披头散发 披頭散髮 pi1 tou2 san4 fa4
with dishevelled hair (idiom); with one's hair down

千钧一发 千鈞一髮 qian1 jun1 yi1 fa4
a thousand pounds hangs by a thread (idiom); imminent peril; a matter of life or death

牵一发而动全身 牽一髮而動全身 qian1 yi1 fa4 er2 dong4 quan2 shen1
lit. pull one hair and the whole body moves; fig. a slight change will affect everything else; the butterfly effect

染发 染髮 ran3 fa4
to dye one's hair; rinse; tint

染发剂 染髮劑 ran3 fa4 ji4
hair dye; rinse; tint

润发露 潤髮露 run4 fa4 lu4
hair conditioner

润发液 潤髮液 run4 fa4 ye4
hair conditioner

生发剂 生髮劑 sheng1 fa4 ji4
hair restorer; hair regrowth tonic

束发 束髮 shu4 fa4
to bind one's hair; headband

烫发 燙髮 tang4 fa4
perm (hairstyle)

烫头发 燙頭髮 tang4 tou2 fa5
perm; to perm hair

剃发令 剃髮令 ti4 fa4 ling4
the Qing order to all men to shave their heads but keep a queue, first ordered in 1646

剃发留辫 剃髮留辮 ti4 fa4 liu2 bian4
to shave the head but keep the queue

头发 頭髮 tou2 fa5
hair (on the head)

头发胡子一把抓 頭髮鬍子一把抓 tou2 fa5 hu2 zi5 yi1 ba3 zhua1
lit. hair and beard all in one stroke; fig. to handle different things by the same method; one method to solve all problems; one size fits all

脱发 脫髮 tuo1 fa4
baldness; to lose hair or feathers; to molt; depilation

洗发粉 洗髮粉 xi3 fa4 fen3
shampoo powder

洗发剂 洗髮劑 xi3 fa4 ji4

洗发精 洗髮精 xi3 fa4 jing1

洗发露 洗髮露 xi3 fa4 lu4

洗发乳 洗髮乳 xi3 fa4 ru3

洗发水 洗髮水 xi3 fa4 shui3
shampoo (liquid)

洗发水儿 洗髮水兒 xi3 fa4 shui3 er5

洗发皂 洗髮皂 xi3 fa4 zao4

秀发 秀髮 xiu4 fa4
beautiful hair

秀发垂肩 秀髮垂肩 xiu4 fa4 chui2 jian1
beautiful shoulder length hair (idiom)

须发 鬚髮 xu1 fa4
hair and beard

削发 削髮 xue1 fa4
to shave one's head; fig. to become a monk or nun; to take the tonsure

银发 銀髮 yin2 fa4
silver hair; gray hair

鬒发 鬒髮 zhen3 fa4
luxuriant black hair

直发 直髮 zhi2 fa4
straight hair

直发板 直髮板 zhi2 fa4 ban3
see 直髮器|直发器

直发器 直髮器 zhi2 fa4 qi4
hair straightener

祝发 祝髮 zhu4 fa4
to cut one's hair (as part of a minority ritual or in order to become a monk)

擢发难数 擢髮難數 zhuo2 fa4 nan2 shu3
lit. as difficult to count as hair pulled from sb's head (idiom); fig. innumerable (crimes)