loose; to loosen; to relax

strokes 18
strokes after radical 8
丙酸氟替卡松 丙酸氟替卡鬆 bing3 suan1 fu2 ti4 ka3 song1
fluticasone propionate

放松 放鬆 fang4 song1
to loosen; to relax

骨质疏松 骨質疏鬆 gu3 zhi4 shu1 song1

骨质疏松症 骨質疏鬆症 gu3 zhi4 shu1 song1 zheng4

黑嘴松鸡 黑嘴鬆雞 hei1 zui3 song1 ji1
(bird species of China) black-billed capercaillie (Tetrao urogalloides)

肌肉松弛剂 肌肉鬆弛劑 ji1 rou4 song1 chi2 ji4
muscle relaxant (medicine)

宽松 寬鬆 kuan1 song1
to relax (policy); relaxed

量化宽松 量化寬鬆 liang4 hua4 kuan1 song1
quantitative easing (finance)

蓬松 蓬鬆 peng2 song1

轻松 輕鬆 qing1 song1
light; gentle; relaxed; effortless; uncomplicated; to relax; to take things less seriously

肉松 肉鬆 rou4 song1
meat floss; shredded dried pork

石松 石鬆 shi2 song1
Lycopodiopsida (club mosses)

手松 手鬆 shou3 song1
liberal with one's money; free-spending

疏松 疏鬆 shu1 song1
to loosen

松绑 鬆綁 song1 bang3
to untie; (fig.) to ease restrictions

松饼 鬆餅 song1 bing3
muffin; pancake

松弛 鬆弛 song1 chi2
to relax; relaxed; limp; lax

松弛法 鬆弛法 song1 chi2 fa3
relaxation (alternative medicine)

松动 鬆動 song1 dong4
loose; slack; (fig.) to soften (policies, tone of voice); to give some slack; (of a place) not crowded

松泛 鬆泛 song1 fan4

松糕 鬆糕 song1 gao1
sponge cake

松糕鞋 鬆糕鞋 song1 gao1 xie2
platform shoes

松缓 鬆緩 song1 huan3
to loosen

松紧带 鬆緊帶 song1 jin3 dai4

松开 鬆開 song1 kai1
to release; to let go; to loosen; to untie; to come loose

松口 鬆口 song1 kou3
to let go of sth held in one's mouth; (fig.) to relent; to yield

松垮 鬆垮 song1 kua3
undisciplined; loose; slack

松快 鬆快 song1 kuai5
less crowded; relieved; relaxed; to relax

松气 鬆氣 song1 qi4
to relax one's efforts

松软 鬆軟 song1 ruan3
flexible; not rigid; spongy; soft or runny (not set hard); loose (soil)

松散 鬆散 song1 san5
to relax; loose; not consolidated; not rigorous

松散物料 鬆散物料 song1 san5 wu4 liao4
diffuse medium (liquid or gas)

松狮犬 鬆獅犬 song1 shi1 quan3
Chow Chow (dog breed)

松手 鬆手 song1 shou3
to relinquish one's grip; to let go

松土 鬆土 song1 tu3
to plow (loosen the soil)

松脱 鬆脫 song1 tuo1
loose; flaking

松懈 鬆懈 song1 xie4
to relax; to relax efforts; to slack off; to take it easy; complacent; undisciplined

松一口气 鬆一口氣 song1 yi1 kou3 qi4
to heave a sigh of relief

松滋 鬆滋 song1 zi1
Songzi county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei

松滋市 鬆滋市 song1 zi1 shi4
Songzi county level city in Jingzhou 荊州|荆州, Hubei

松嘴 鬆嘴 song1 zui3
see 鬆口|松口

酥松 酥鬆 su1 song1
loose (soil, or limbs of a relaxed person etc); flaky (pastry etc)

酥松油脂 酥鬆油脂 su1 song1 you2 zhi1
shortening (fat used in cooking cakes)

稀松 稀鬆 xi1 song1
poor; sloppy; unconcerned; heedless; lax; unimportant; trivial; loose; porous

稀松骨质 稀鬆骨質 xi1 song1 gu3 zhi4
cancellous bone; trabecular bone; spongy bone

小松糕 小鬆糕 xiao3 song1 gao1

惺松 惺鬆 xing1 song1
variant of 惺忪

鱼松 魚鬆 yu2 song1
fish floss; crisp and flaky shredded dried fish

嘴松 嘴鬆 zui3 song1