to fight; to struggle; to condemn; to censure; to contend; to put together; coming together

strokes 10
strokes after radical 0
挨斗 挨鬥 ai2 dou4
to suffer censure; denounced

拌嘴斗舌 拌嘴鬥舌 ban4 zui3 dou4 she2
to quarrel

博斗 博鬥 bo2 dou4
to fight or argue on a blogging site (netspeak)

搏斗 搏鬥 bo2 dou4
to wrestle; to fight; to struggle

触斗蛮争 觸鬥蠻爭 chu4 dou4 man2 zheng1
constant bickering and fighting (idiom); constantly at each other's throats; struggle for personal gain

打斗 打鬥 da3 dou4
to fight

单打独斗 單打獨鬥 dan1 da3 du2 dou4
to fight alone (idiom)

斗地主 鬥地主 dou4 di4 zhu3
"Fight the Landlord" (card game)

斗鸡 鬥雞 dou4 ji1
cock fighting

斗鸡眼 鬥雞眼 dou4 ji1 yan3

斗鸡走马 鬥雞走馬 dou4 ji1 zou3 ma3
cock-fighting and horse-racing (idiom); to gamble

斗舰 鬥艦 dou4 jian4
fighting ship

斗口齿 鬥口齒 dou4 kou3 chi3
to quarrel; to bicker; glib repartee

斗牛 鬥牛 dou4 niu2

斗牛梗 鬥牛梗 dou4 niu2 geng3
bull terrier

斗牛㹴 鬥牛㹴 dou4 niu2 geng3
variant of 鬥牛梗|斗牛梗

斗牛士 鬥牛士 dou4 niu2 shi4
matador; toreador; bullfighter

斗牛士之歌 鬥牛士之歌 dou4 niu2 shi4 zhi1 ge1
Toreador Song (Votre toast, je peux vous le rendre), famous aria from opera Carmen 卡門|卡门 by Georges Bizet

斗殴 鬥毆 dou4 ou1
to fight; to brawl; a scuffle; a punch-up

斗批改 鬥批改 dou4 pi1 gai3
struggle, criticize, and transform (Cultural Revolution catchcry)

斗气 鬥氣 dou4 qi4
to have a grudge against

斗趣儿 鬥趣兒 dou4 qu4 er5
variant of 逗趣兒|逗趣儿

斗拳 鬥拳 dou4 quan2

斗士 鬥士 dou4 shi4
warrior; activist

斗眼 鬥眼 dou4 yan3
see 鬥雞眼|斗鸡眼

斗争 鬥爭 dou4 zheng1
a struggle; fight; battle

斗争性 鬥爭性 dou4 zheng1 xing4
assertiveness; combative nature

斗志 鬥志 dou4 zhi4
will to fight; fighting spirit

斗智 鬥智 dou4 zhi4
battle of wits

斗志昂扬 鬥志昂揚 dou4 zhi4 ang2 yang2
having high fighting spirit

斗嘴 鬥嘴 dou4 zui3
to quarrel; to bicker; glib repartee

恶斗 惡鬥 e4 dou4
hard fighting; fierce battle

反右派斗争 反右派鬥爭 fan3 you4 pai4 dou4 zheng1
Anti-Rightist Movement, Mao's purge of "rightists" after the Hundred Flowers Campaign ended in 1957

反袁斗争 反袁鬥爭 fan3 yuan2 dou4 zheng1
war of 1915 against Yuan Shikai and for the Republic

奋斗 奮鬥 fen4 dou4
to strive; to struggle

格斗 格鬥 ge2 dou4
to wrestle

钩心斗角 鉤心鬥角 gou1 xin1 dou4 jiao3
variant of 勾心鬥角|勾心斗角

勾心斗角 勾心鬥角 gou1 xin1 dou4 jiao3
to fight and scheme against each other (idiom); (in palace construction) elaborate and refined

航空母舰战斗群 航空母艦戰鬥群 hang2 kong1 mu3 jian4 zhan4 dou4 qun2
carrier-based vanguard group (CBVG); naval battle group led by an aircraft carrier

好男不跟女斗 好男不跟女鬥 hao3 nan2 bu4 gen1 nv3 dou4
a real man doesn't fight with womenfolk (idiom)

好斗 好鬥 hao4 dou4
to be warlike; to be belligerent

环保斗士 環保鬥士 huan2 bao3 dou4 shi4
an environmental activist; a fighter for environmental protection

艰苦奋斗 艱苦奮鬥 jian1 ku3 fen4 dou4
to struggle arduously

角斗士 角鬥士 jiao3 dou4 shi4

阶级斗争 階級鬥爭 jie1 ji2 dou4 zheng1
the class struggle

揪斗 揪鬥 jiu1 dou4
to seize and struggle with; to tussle with; fig. to seize and subject to public criticism (e.g. right-roaders during cultural revolution)

角斗 角鬥 jue2 dou4
to wrestle

决斗 決鬥 jue2 dou4
to duel; a duel; decisive struggle

角斗场 角鬥場 jue2 dou4 chang3
wrestling ring

空中格斗 空中格鬥 kong1 zhong1 ge2 dou4
dogfight (of planes)

夸多斗靡 誇多鬥靡 kua1 duo1 dou4 mi3
to compete to produce extravagant literary works (idiom)

困兽犹斗 困獸猶鬥 kun4 shou4 you2 dou4
a cornered beast will still fight (idiom); to fight like an animal at bay

两虎相斗 兩虎相鬥 liang3 hu3 xiang1 dou4
two tigers fight (idiom); fig. a dispute between two powerful adversaries; a battle of the giants

两虎相斗,必有一伤 兩虎相鬥,必有一傷 liang3 hu3 xiang1 dou4 - bi4 you3 yi1 shang1
when two tigers fight, one will get injured (idiom); if it comes to a fight, someone will get hurt.

龙虎斗 龍虎鬥 long2 hu3 dou4
fight between powerful contenders

龙争虎斗 龍爭虎鬥 long2 zheng1 hu3 dou4
lit. the dragon wars, the tiger battles (idiom); fierce battle between giants

明争暗斗 明爭暗鬥 ming2 zheng1 an4 dou4
to fight openly and maneuver covertly (idiom)

内部斗争 內部鬥爭 nei4 bu4 dou4 zheng1
internal power struggle

内斗 內鬥 nei4 dou4
internal strife; power struggle

殴斗 毆鬥 ou1 dou4
to have a fist fight; fist fight; brawl

批斗 批鬥 pi1 dou4
(during the cultural revolution) to criticize and denounce sb publicly for their errors (often imaginary)

拼斗 拼鬥 pin1 dou4
to engage (in a fight)

权力斗争 權力鬥爭 quan2 li4 dou4 zheng1
power struggle

人权斗士 人權鬥士 ren2 quan2 dou4 shi4
a human rights activist; a fighter for human rights

三对三斗牛 三對三鬥牛 san1 dui4 san1 dou4 niu2
three-on-three basketball game

山斗 山鬥 shan1 dou4
leading light (of a generation etc); (honorific appellation)

生命不息,战斗不止 生命不息,戰鬥不止 sheng1 ming4 bu4 xi1 - zhan4 dou4 bu4 zhi3
while there is life, the fight continues (idiom); to fight to the last

窝里斗 窩裡鬥 wo1 li5 dou4
internal strife (family, group, etc)

械斗 械鬥 xie4 dou4
armed confrontation; bust-up between gangs

一对一斗牛 一對一鬥牛 yi1 dui4 yi1 dou4 niu2
one-on-one basketball game

蚁斗蜗争 蟻鬥蝸爭 yi3 dou4 wo1 zheng1
lit. the ant fights, the snail contends (idiom); fig. petty squabbling

战斗 戰鬥 zhan4 dou4
to fight; to engage in combat; struggle; battle

战斗机 戰鬥機 zhan4 dou4 ji1
fighter (aircraft)

战斗舰 戰鬥艦 zhan4 dou4 jian4

战斗力 戰鬥力 zhan4 dou4 li4
fighting strength

战斗群 戰鬥群 zhan4 dou4 qun2
battle group; naval formation headed by an aircraft carrier

战斗营 戰鬥營 zhan4 dou4 ying2
boot camp

战斗者 戰鬥者 zhan4 dou4 zhe3

争斗 爭鬥 zheng1 dou4
struggle; war

争妍斗艳 爭妍鬥艷 zheng1 yan2 dou4 yan4
contending for supreme beauty (esp. of flowers, scenery, painting etc); vying in beauty and glamor

正义斗争 正義鬥爭 zheng4 yi4 dou4 zheng1
righteous struggle

宙斯盾战斗系统 宙斯盾戰鬥系統 zhou4 si1 dun4 zhan4 dou4 xi4 tong3
Aegis Combat System (weapons system developed for the US Navy)

坐山观虎斗 坐山觀虎鬥 zuo4 shan1 guan1 hu3 dou4
sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight; watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted (idiom)