ghost; demon; terrible; damnable; clever; sly; crafty; (suffix for sb with a certain vice or addiction etc); one of the 28 constellations

strokes 9
strokes after radical 0
爱哭鬼 愛哭鬼 ai4 ku1 gui3

白鬼 白鬼 bai2 gui3
"white ghost", derogatory term for caucasians (Cantonese)

白鬼笔 白鬼筆 bai2 gui3 bi3
(botany) common stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus)

不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门 不做虧心事,不怕鬼敲門 bu4 zuo4 kui1 xin1 shi4 - bu4 pa4 gui3 qiao1 men2
He who never wrongs others does not fear the knock in the night.; Rest with a clear conscience.

馋鬼 饞鬼 chan2 gui3
glutton; greedy; piggish

伥鬼 倀鬼 chang1 gui3
ghost of sb devoured by a tiger who helps the tiger devour others

促狭鬼 促狹鬼 cu4 xia2 gui3
rascal; mischievous fellow; joker

胆小鬼 膽小鬼 dan3 xiao3 gui3

捣蛋鬼 搗蛋鬼 dao3 dan4 gui3

捣鬼 搗鬼 dao3 gui3
to play tricks; to cause mischief

点鬼火 點鬼火 dian3 gui3 huo3
to stir up trouble in secret; to instigate

吊死鬼 吊死鬼 diao4 si3 gui3
ghost of a person who died by hanging; hanged person; (coll.) inchworm; hangman (word game)

东洋鬼 東洋鬼 dong1 yang2 gui3
foreign devil; wartime term of abuse for Japanese

东洋鬼子 東洋鬼子 dong1 yang2 gui3 zi5
foreign devil; wartime term of abuse for Japanese

赌鬼 賭鬼 du3 gui3
gambling addict

短命鬼 短命鬼 duan3 ming4 gui3
sb who dies prematurely

饿鬼 餓鬼 e4 gui3
sb who is always hungry; glutton; (Buddhism) hungry ghost

恶鬼 惡鬼 e4 gui3
evil spirit; devil

二鬼子 二鬼子 er4 gui3 zi5
traitor; collaborator with the enemy

搞鬼 搞鬼 gao3 gui3
to make mischief; to play tricks

鬼把戏 鬼把戲 gui3 ba3 xi4
sinister plot; dirty trick; cheap trick

鬼才信 鬼才信 gui3 cai2 xin4
who would believe it!; what rubbish!

鬼扯 鬼扯 gui3 che3
nonsense; humbug; bunk; bullshit

鬼扯腿 鬼扯腿 gui3 che3 tui3
unable to restrain oneself; pulling and tugging at each other

鬼斧神工 鬼斧神工 gui3 fu3 shen2 gong1
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods; uncanny workmanship; superlative craftsmanship

鬼故事 鬼故事 gui3 gu4 shi5
ghost story

鬼怪 鬼怪 gui3 guai4
hobgoblin; bogey; phantom

鬼鬼祟祟 鬼鬼祟祟 gui3 gui3 sui4 sui4
sneaky; secretive; furtive

鬼话 鬼話 gui3 hua4
lie; false words; nonsense

鬼画符 鬼畫符 gui3 hua4 fu2
undecipherable handwriting; scribblings; (fig.) hypocritical talk

鬼话连篇 鬼話連篇 gui3 hua4 lian2 pian1
to tell one lie after another (idiom); to talk nonsense; bogus story

鬼魂 鬼魂 gui3 hun2

鬼混 鬼混 gui3 hun4
to hang around; to fool around; to live aimlessly

鬼火 鬼火 gui3 huo3
will-o'-the-wisp; jack-o'-lantern

鬼火绿 鬼火綠 gui3 huo3 lv4
(dialect) flaming mad; furious

鬼计多端 鬼計多端 gui3 ji4 duo1 duan1
full of devilish tricks and cunning stratagems (idiom); sly; crafty; malicious

鬼叫 鬼叫 gui3 jiao4
(coll.) to holler; to squawk

鬼哭狼嗥 鬼哭狼嗥 gui3 ku1 lang2 hao2
variant of 鬼哭狼嚎

鬼哭狼嚎 鬼哭狼嚎 gui3 ku1 lang2 hao2
to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves (idiom)

鬼佬 鬼佬 gui3 lao3
foreigner (Cantonese); Westerner

鬼脸 鬼臉 gui3 lian3
wry face; to grimace; to pull a face; comic face; face mask; devil mask

鬼楼 鬼樓 gui3 lou2
haunted house

鬼魅 鬼魅 gui3 mei4
demon; monster

鬼门关 鬼門關 gui3 men2 guan1
the gates of hell

鬼迷心窍 鬼迷心竅 gui3 mi2 xin1 qiao4
to be obsessed; to be possessed

鬼名堂 鬼名堂 gui3 ming2 tang5
dirty trick; monkey business

鬼摸脑壳 鬼摸腦殼 gui3 mo1 nao3 ke2
muddled; momentarily confused

鬼魔 鬼魔 gui3 mo2
Devil (in Jewish and Christian mythology)

鬼怕恶人 鬼怕惡人 gui3 pa4 e4 ren2
lit. ghosts are afraid of evil too; an evil person fears someone even more evil (idiom)

鬼牌 鬼牌 gui3 pai2
Joker (playing card)

鬼婆 鬼婆 gui3 po2
Caucasian woman (Cantonese)

鬼神 鬼神 gui3 shen2
supernatural beings

鬼使神差 鬼使神差 gui3 shi3 shen2 chai1
demons and gods at work (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

鬼胎 鬼胎 gui3 tai1
sinister design; ulterior motive

鬼天气 鬼天氣 gui3 tian1 qi4
awful weather

鬼头鬼脑 鬼頭鬼腦 gui3 tou2 gui3 nao3
sneaky; furtive

鬼屋 鬼屋 gui3 wu1
haunted house

鬼鸮 鬼鴞 gui3 xiao1
(bird species of China) boreal owl (Aegolius funereus)

鬼压床 鬼壓床 gui3 ya1 chuang2
(coll.) sleep paralysis

鬼压身 鬼壓身 gui3 ya1 shen1
see 鬼壓床|鬼压床

鬼由心生 鬼由心生 gui3 you2 xin1 sheng1
devils are born in the heart (idiom); fears originate in the mind

鬼蜮 鬼蜮 gui3 yu4
treacherous person; evil spirit

鬼子 鬼子 gui3 zi5
devils; refers to 日本鬼子, wartime term insult for Japanese

黑鬼 黑鬼 hei1 gui3
black devil (derogatory term for black or African person)

红魔鬼 紅魔鬼 hong2 mo2 gui3
Red Devils, nickname of Manchester United Football Club

狐鬼神仙 狐鬼神仙 hu2 gui3 shen2 xian1
foxes, ghosts and immortals; supernatural beings, usually fictional

黄父鬼 黃父鬼 huang2 fu4 gui3
Huang Fugui, ghost of legends who provided Liu Juanzi with his magical recipes 劉涓子鬼遺方|刘涓子鬼遗方

机灵鬼 機靈鬼 ji1 ling2 gui3
(jocularly) clever and quick-witted person

见鬼 見鬼 jian4 gui3
curse it!; to hell with it!

敬鬼神而远之 敬鬼神而遠之 jing4 gui3 shen2 er2 yuan3 zhi1
to respect Gods and demons from a distance (idiom); to remain at a respectful distance

酒鬼 酒鬼 jiu3 gui3

酒鬼酒 酒鬼酒 jiu3 gui3 jiu3
Jiugui Liquor, liquor company from 吉首

懒鬼 懶鬼 lan3 gui3
lazybones; idle bum

狼号鬼哭 狼號鬼哭 lang2 hao2 gui3 ku1
lit. wolves howling, devils groaning (idiom); pathetic screams

老烟鬼 老煙鬼 lao3 yan1 gui3
heavy smoker; chain smoker

雷鬼 雷鬼 lei2 gui3

厉鬼 厲鬼 li4 gui3
malicious spirit; devil

吝啬鬼 吝嗇鬼 lin4 se4 gui3
miser; penny-pincher

刘涓子鬼遗方 劉涓子鬼遺方 liu2 juan1 zi3 gui3 yi2 fang1
Liu Juanzi's medical recipes bequeathed by the ghost Huang Fugui 黃父鬼|黄父鬼

冒失鬼 冒失鬼 mao4 shi5 gui3
reckless person; hothead

魔鬼 魔鬼 mo2 gui3

魔鬼岛 魔鬼島 mo2 gui3 dao3
Devil's Island, notorious French prison off the coast of French Guyana

魔鬼粘 魔鬼粘 mo2 gui3 zhan1
Velcro fastener; touch fastener

闹鬼 鬧鬼 nao4 gui3

内鬼 內鬼 nei4 gui3
mole; spy; rat; traitor

牛鬼蛇神 牛鬼蛇神 niu2 gui3 she2 shen2
evil monsters; (fig.) bad characters; (political) bad elements

怕死鬼 怕死鬼 pa4 si3 gui3
afraid to die (contemptuous term)

驱魔赶鬼 驅魔趕鬼 qu1 mo2 gan3 gui3
to exorcise; to drive out evil spirits

缺德鬼 缺德鬼 que1 de2 gui3
public nuisance; a wicked, mean spirited individual

人不知鬼不觉 人不知鬼不覺 ren2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
in absolute secrecy

日本鬼子 日本鬼子 ri4 ben3 gui3 zi5
Japanese devil (common term of abuse in wartime China and in subsequent writing)

丧气鬼 喪氣鬼 sang4 qi4 gui3
downcast wretch; bad-tempered and unpleasant person

色鬼 色鬼 se4 gui3
lecher; pervert

神不知鬼不觉 神不知鬼不覺 shen2 bu4 zhi1 gui3 bu4 jue2
top secret; hush-hush

神差鬼使 神差鬼使 shen2 chai1 gui3 shi3
the work of gods and devils (idiom); unexplained event crying out for a supernatural explanation; curious coincidence

神出鬼没 神出鬼沒 shen2 chu1 gui3 mo4
lit. Gods appear and devils vanish (idiom); to appear and disappear unpredictably; to change rapidly

神工鬼斧 神工鬼斧 shen2 gong1 gui3 fu3
supernaturally fine craft (idiom); the work of the Gods; uncanny workmanship; superlative craftsmanship

死鬼 死鬼 si3 gui3
devil; You devil! (as joke or insult); the departed

贪吃鬼 貪吃鬼 tan1 chi1 gui3
glutton; chowhound

讨厌鬼 討厭鬼 tao3 yan4 gui3
disgusting person; slob

替死鬼 替死鬼 ti4 si3 gui3
scapegoat; fall guy

魍魉鬼怪 魍魎鬼怪 wang3 liang3 gui3 guai4
ghoulies and bogeys; things that go bump in the night

五鬼 五鬼 wu3 gui3
five chief demons of folklore personifying pestilence; also written 五瘟神

五鬼闹判 五鬼鬧判 wu3 gui3 nao4 pan4
Five ghosts mock the judge, or Five ghosts resist judgment (title of folk opera, idiom); important personage mobbed by a crowd of ne'er-do-wells

吸血鬼 吸血鬼 xi1 xue4 gui3
leech; blood-sucking vermin; vampire (translated European notion); fig. cruel exploiter, esp. a capitalist exploiting the workers

小鬼 小鬼 xiao3 gui3
little demon (term of endearment for a child); mischievous child; imp

小气鬼 小氣鬼 xiao3 qi4 gui3
miser; penny-pincher

小脏鬼 小髒鬼 xiao3 zang1 gui3
dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)

心里有鬼 心裡有鬼 xin1 li5 you3 gui3
to have secret motives; to have a guilty conscience

心中有鬼 心中有鬼 xin1 zhong1 you3 gui3
to harbor ulterior motives (idiom)

烟鬼 煙鬼 yan1 gui3
heavy smoker; chain smoker

阎王好见,小鬼难当 閻王好見,小鬼難當 yan2 wang2 hao3 jian4 - xiao3 gui3 nan2 dang1
lit. standing in front of the King of Hell is easy, but smaller devils are difficult to deal with (idiom)

洋鬼 洋鬼 yang2 gui3
see 洋鬼子

洋鬼子 洋鬼子 yang2 gui3 zi5
foreign devil; term of abuse for Westerners

妖魔鬼怪 妖魔鬼怪 yao1 mo2 gui3 guai4
demons and ghosts; ghouls and bogies

疑神疑鬼 疑神疑鬼 yi2 shen2 yi2 gui3
to suspect everyone; overly suspicious

淫鬼 淫鬼 yin2 gui3
lecherous devil

引鬼上门 引鬼上門 yin3 gui3 shang4 men2
to lead the devil to the door (idiom); to invite the attention of criminals; to leave oneself open to attack

印度鬼椒 印度鬼椒 yin4 du4 gui3 jiao1
see 斷魂椒|断魂椒

有钱能使鬼推磨 有錢能使鬼推磨 you3 qian2 neng2 shi3 gui3 tui1 mo4
lit. money will make the Devil turn millstones (idiom); fig. with money, you can do anything you like

装神弄鬼 裝神弄鬼 zhuang1 shen2 nong4 gui3
lit. dress up as God, play the devil (idiom); fig. to mystify; to deceive people; to scam

走鬼 走鬼 zou3 gui3
unlicensed street vendor

醉鬼 醉鬼 zui4 gui3

做鬼 做鬼 zuo4 gui3
to play tricks; to cheat; to get up to mischief; to become a ghost; to give up the ghost

做鬼脸 做鬼臉 zuo4 gui3 lian3
to pull a face; to grimace; to scowl