old variant of 魂

soul; spirit; immortal soul, i.e. that can be detached from the body

strokes 13
strokes after radical 4
安魂弥撒 安魂彌撒 an1 hun2 mi2 sa5
Requiem Mass (Catholic)

黯然销魂 黯然銷魂 an4 ran2 xiao1 hun2
overwhelming sadness (idiom); sorrow at parting

丢魂 丟魂 diu1 hun2
to be distracted

丢魂落魄 丟魂落魄 diu1 hun2 luo4 po4
see 失魂落魄

断魂椒 斷魂椒 duan4 hun2 jiao1
king cobra or ghost chili (Naga jolokia)

孤魂 孤魂 gu1 hun2
lonely soul

鬼魂 鬼魂 gui3 hun2

黑籍冤魂 黑籍冤魂 hei1 ji2 yuan1 hun2
Black Register of Lost Souls, long novel by Peng Yangou 彭養鷗|彭养鸥 about the destructive influence of opium, published in 1897 and 1909

还魂 還魂 huan2 hun2
to return from the grave; (old) to recycle (waste products)

还魂纸 還魂紙 huan2 hun2 zhi3
recycled paper

魂不附体 魂不附體 hun2 bu4 fu4 ti3
lit. body and soul separated (idiom); fig. scared out of one's wits; beside oneself

魂不守舍 魂不守舍 hun2 bu4 shou3 she4
to be preoccupied (idiom); to be inattentive; to be frightened out of one's mind

魂飞魄散 魂飛魄散 hun2 fei1 po4 san4
lit. the soul flies away and scatters (idiom); fig. to be frightened stiff; spooked out of one's mind; terror-stricken

魂灵 魂靈 hun2 ling2
soul; mind; idea

魂魄 魂魄 hun2 po4

魂牵梦绕 魂牽夢繞 hun2 qian1 meng4 rao4
to be captivated; to wonder; enchanting

魂牵梦萦 魂牽夢縈 hun2 qian1 meng4 ying2
to miss; to yearn day and night

借尸还魂 借屍還魂 jie4 shi1 huan2 hun2
lit. reincarnated in sb else's body (idiom); fig. a discarded or discredited idea returns in another guise

精魂 精魂 jing1 hun2
spirit; soul

惊魂 驚魂 jing1 hun2
in a panicked state; frightened

惊魂甫定 驚魂甫定 jing1 hun2 fu3 ding4
to have just recovered from a shock

灵魂 靈魂 ling2 hun2
soul; spirit

灵魂出窍 靈魂出竅 ling2 hun2 chu1 qiao4
out-of-body experience

灵魂人物 靈魂人物 ling2 hun2 ren2 wu4
key figure; the linchpin of sth

灵魂深处 靈魂深處 ling2 hun2 shen1 chu4
in the depth of one's soul

迷魂 迷魂 mi2 hun2
to bewitch; to enchant; to cast a spell over sb

迷魂汤 迷魂湯 mi2 hun2 tang1
lit. waters of oblivion; mythological magic potion to bewitch sb

迷魂香 迷魂香 mi2 hun2 xiang1
a kind of sleeping gas or smoke used by thieves to incapacitate victims

迷魂阵 迷魂陣 mi2 hun2 zhen4
stratagem to trap sb; to bewitch and trap

三魂 三魂 san1 hun2
three immortal souls in Daoism, representing spirit and intellect

三魂七魄 三魂七魄 san1 hun2 qi1 po4
three immortal souls and seven mortal forms in Daoism, contrasting the spiritual and carnal side of man

丧魂落魄 喪魂落魄 sang4 hun2 luo4 po4
scared out of one's wits (idiom); in a panic

丧魂失魄 喪魂失魄 sang4 hun2 shi1 po4
distraught; dazed

神魂 神魂 shen2 hun2
mind; state of mind (often abnormal)

神魂颠倒 神魂顛倒 shen2 hun2 dian1 dao3
lit. spirit and soul upside down (idiom); infatuated and head over heels in love; fascinated; captivated

失魂 失魂 shi1 hun2
to panic

失魂落魄 失魂落魄 shi1 hun2 luo4 po4
dazed; beside oneself (idiom)

亡魂 亡魂 wang2 hun2
soul of the deceased; departed spirit

销魂 銷魂 xiao1 hun2
ecstasy; rapture; to feel overwhelming joy or sorrow

消魂 消魂 xiao1 hun2
overwhelmed (with joy, sorrow etc); to feel transported

阴魂 陰魂 yin1 hun2
ghost; spirit

阴魂不散 陰魂不散 yin1 hun2 bu4 san4
lit. the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed (idiom); fig. the influence still lingers on; the spirit (of some doctrine) is still alive

幽魂 幽魂 you1 hun2
ghost; spirit (of the dead)

冤魂 冤魂 yuan1 hun2
ghost of one who died unjustly; departed spirit demanding vengeance for grievances