Peng, large fabulous bird; roc

strokes 19
strokes after radical 8
大鹏 大鵬 da4 peng2
legendary giant bird

大鹏鸟 大鵬鳥 da4 peng2 niao3
roc (mythical bird of prey)

黄鹏 黃鵬 huang2 peng2
oriole; black-naped oriole (Oriolus chinensis)

酷鹏 酷鵬 ku4 peng2
coupon (loanword)

鲲鹏 鯤鵬 kun1 peng2
kun 鯤|鲲 and peng 鵬|鹏, mythological beasts; peng, a gigantic bird transformed from the kun

鲲鹏展翅 鯤鵬展翅 kun1 peng2 zhan3 chi4
lit. the giant Peng bird spreads its wings and begins to fly; displaying awesome power and momentum at the outset; to have the world at one's feet

李鹏 李鵬 li3 peng2
Li Peng (1928-), leading PRC politician, prime minister 1987-1998, reportedly leader of the conservative faction advocating the June 1989 Tiananmen clampdown

李亚鹏 李亞鵬 li3 ya4 peng2
Li Yapeng (1971-), PRC actor

鹏程万里 鵬程萬里 peng2 cheng2 wan4 li3
the fabled roc flies ten thousand miles (idiom); one's future prospects are brilliant

鹏飞 鵬飛 peng2 fei1
flight of the roc (used in names); soaring flight

鹏鸟 鵬鳥 peng2 niao3
roc (mythical bird of prey); great talent

鹏抟 鵬摶 peng2 tuan2
to strive for greatness