strokes 20
strokes after radical 9
驰鹜 馳鶩 chi2 wu4
to move swiftly; to speed; to run after (empty fame, power, money etc)

鸡鹜 雞鶩 ji1 wu4
petty or mean persons

刻鹄类鹜 刻鵠類鶩 ke4 hu2 lei4 wu4
to aim to carve a swan and get a semblance of a duck (idiom); to fail utterly in trying to copy something; to get a reasonably good, if not perfect, result

旁鹜 旁鶩 pang2 wu4
to be inattentive; to be distracted by sth

趋之若鹜 趨之若鶩 qu1 zhi1 ruo4 wu4
to rush like ducks (idiom); the mob scrabbles madly for sth unobtainable; an unruly crowd on a wild goose chase

外鹜 外鶩 wai4 wu4
to get involved in things which are not one's business

鹜舲 鶩舲 wu4 ling2
small boat