age; length of experience, membership etc

strokes 13
strokes after radical 5
保龄球 保齡球 bao3 ling2 qiu2
ten-pin bowling (loanword); bowling ball

超龄 超齡 chao1 ling2
too old; overage

冲龄 沖齡 chong1 ling2
childhood (typically used in reference to an emperor)

大龄 大齡 da4 ling2
older (than average in a group, at school, for marriage etc)

大龄青年 大齡青年 da4 ling2 qing1 nian2
young people in their late 20s or older who are still unmarried

党龄 黨齡 dang3 ling2
party standing; age of service to the Party

冻龄 凍齡 dong4 ling2
to maintain a youthful appearance

芳龄 芳齡 fang1 ling2
age (of a young woman)

房玄龄 房玄齡 fang2 xuan2 ling2
Fang Xuanling (579-648), Tang dynasty historian, compiler of History of Jin dynasty 晉書|晋书

高龄 高齡 gao1 ling2

工龄 工齡 gong1 ling2
length of service; seniority

婚龄 婚齡 hun1 ling2
length of married life; marriageable age; actual marrying age

驾龄 駕齡 jia4 ling2
length of experience as a driver

减龄 減齡 jian3 ling2
to become more youthful

教龄 教齡 jiao4 ling2
years of teaching experience; teaching experience

酒龄 酒齡 jiu3 ling2
age of wine (i.e. how long it has been matured)

军龄 軍齡 jun1 ling2
length of military service

老龄 老齡 lao3 ling2
old age; aging; aged; geriatric; the aged

老龄化 老齡化 lao3 ling2 hua4
aging (population)

刘松龄 劉松齡 liu2 song1 ling2
Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein (1703-1774), Slovenian Jesuit missionary, astronomer and mathematician, spent 35 years at Emperor Qianlong's court

耄龄 耄齡 mao4 ling2
old age; eighties, nineties, or greater (of age)

妙龄 妙齡 miao4 ling2
(of a girl) in the prime of youth

逆龄 逆齡 ni4 ling2

年龄 年齡 nian2 ling2
(a person's) age

年龄组 年齡組 nian2 ling2 zu3
age group

蒲松龄 蒲松齡 pu2 song1 ling2
Pu Songling (1640-1715), author of 聊齋志異|聊斋志异

适龄 適齡 shi4 ling2
of age; of the appropriate age

松鹤遐龄 松鶴遐齡 song1 he4 xia2 ling2

宋美龄 宋美齡 song4 mei3 ling2
Soong Mei-ling (1898-2003), Chiang Kai-shek's second wife

宋庆龄 宋慶齡 song4 qing4 ling2
Song Qingling or Rosemonde Soong (1893-1981), wife of Sun Yat-sen 孫中山|孙中山

同龄 同齡 tong2 ling2
of the same age

同龄人 同齡人 tong2 ling2 ren2
peer; one's contemporary; person of the same age

遐龄 遐齡 xia2 ling2
advanced age; longevity; long life

学龄 學齡 xue2 ling2
school age

役龄 役齡 yi4 ling2
enlistment age

育龄期 育齡期 yu4 ling2 qi1
childbearing age