to carve; carved words; to agree; a contract; a deed

strokes 9
strokes after radical 6
阿巴拉契亚 阿巴拉契亞 a1 ba1 la1 qi4 ya4
Appalachian Mountains in North America

地契 地契 di4 qi4
deed (for land)

房契 房契 fang2 qi4
deed (for a house)

斐波那契 斐波那契 fei3 bo1 na4 qi4
Leonardo Fibonacci (c. 1170-1250), Italian mathematician

交契 交契 jiao1 qi4

借契 借契 jie4 qi4
contract for a loan

默契 默契 mo4 qi4
tacit understanding; mutual understanding; rapport; connected at a deep level with each other; (of team members) well coordinated; tight

普契尼 普契尼 pu3 qi4 ni2

契丹 契丹 qi4 dan1
Qidan or Khitan, ethnic group in ancient China, a branch of the Eastern Hu people inhabiting the valley of the Xar Murun River in the upper reaches of the Liao River 遼河|辽河

契诃夫 契訶夫 qi4 he1 fu1
Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (1860-1904), Russian writer famous for his short stories and plays

契合 契合 qi4 he2
agreement; to agree; to get on with; congenial; agreeing with; to ally oneself with sb

契机 契機 qi4 ji1
opportunity; turning point; juncture

契箭 契箭 qi4 jian4
arrow used as a token of authority (by field commanders)

契据 契據 qi4 ju4

契妈 契媽 qi4 ma1
adoptive mother

契沙比克湾 契沙比克灣 qi4 sha1 bi3 ke4 wan1
Chesapeake Bay

契约 契約 qi4 yue1
agreement; contract

契约精神 契約精神 qi4 yue1 jing1 shen2
culture of honoring contractual obligations

契约桥牌 契約橋牌 qi4 yue1 qiao2 pai2
contract bridge (card game)

契子 契子 qi4 zi3
adopted son

索契 索契 suo3 qi4
Sochi (city on the Black Sea in Russia)

同符合契 同符合契 tong2 fu2 he2 qi4
same sign, joint aim (idiom); fig. completely compatible; identical

投契 投契 tou2 qi4
to get along well (with sb); congenial; to speculate (on financial markets)

团契 團契 tuan2 qi4
Christian association; fellowship

相契 相契 xiang1 qi4
(literary) to be a good match

约契 約契 yue1 qi4
contract; oath of allegiance