overflowing; excessive; indiscriminate

strokes 17
strokes after radical 14
陈词滥调 陳詞濫調 chen2 ci2 lan4 diao4
cliché; commonplace; truism; stereotype

粗制滥造 粗製濫造 cu1 zhi4 lan4 zao4
to churn out large quantities without regard for quality (idiom); rough and slipshod work

泛滥 泛濫 fan4 lan4
to be in flood; to overflow (the banks); to inundate; to spread unchecked

泛滥成灾 泛濫成災 fan4 lan4 cheng2 zai1
flood causes disaster (idiom); fig. swamped with work

浮滥 浮濫 fu2 lan4
excessive; exorbitant; excessively

狂轰滥炸 狂轟濫炸 kuang2 hong1 lan4 zha4
to bomb indiscriminately

滥调 濫調 lan4 diao4
hackneyed talk; platitude

滥伐 濫伐 lan4 fa2
to denude; illegal logging; forest clearance

滥好人 濫好人 lan4 hao3 ren2
sb who tries to be on good terms with everyone

滥交 濫交 lan4 jiao1
to fall into bad company; to make acquaintances indiscriminately

滥砍滥伐 濫砍濫伐 lan4 kan3 lan4 fa2
wanton destruction of forested lands

滥骂 濫罵 lan4 ma4
scurrilous; to scold indiscriminately

滥漫 濫漫 lan4 man4
arbitrary; indiscriminate

滥情 濫情 lan4 qing2
fickle in love; sentimentality

滥权 濫權 lan4 quan2
abuse of authority

滥杀 濫殺 lan4 sha1
to kill indiscriminately; to massacre

滥杀无辜 濫殺無辜 lan4 sha1 wu2 gu1
willfully slaughter the innocent (idiom)

滥觞 濫觴 lan4 shang1
lit. floating wine goblets on a stream; the origin (of some phenomenon)

滥套子 濫套子 lan4 tao4 zi5
platitude; pointless talk

滥刑 濫刑 lan4 xing2
indiscriminate punishment

滥用 濫用 lan4 yong4
to misuse; to abuse

滥用权力 濫用權力 lan4 yong4 quan2 li4
abuse of power

滥用职权 濫用職權 lan4 yong4 zhi2 quan2
abuse of power

滥竽 濫竽 lan4 yu2
indiscriminately included in company (without any qualification); see 濫竽充數|滥竽充数

滥竽充数 濫竽充數 lan4 yu2 chong1 shu4
lit. to play the yu 竽 mouth organ to make up numbers (idiom); fig. to make up the numbers with inferior products; to masquerade as having an ability; token member of a group

宁缺毋滥 寧缺毋濫 ning4 que1 wu2 lan4
better to have nothing (than substandard choice) (idiom); would prefer to go without than accept shoddy option

宁缺勿滥 寧缺勿濫 ning4 que1 wu4 lan4
same as 寧缺毋濫|宁缺毋滥

俗滥 俗濫 su2 lan4
clichéd; tacky

下三滥 下三濫 xia4 san1 lan4
riffraff; scum; lowlife; despicable; inferior