prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity; old (of people); venerable (person); experienced; of long standing; always; all the time; of the pas

strokes 6
strokes after radical 0
八大元老 八大元老 ba1 da4 yuan2 lao3
"the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, namely 鄧小平|邓小平, 陳雲|陈云, 李先念, 彭真, 楊尚昆|杨尚昆, 薄一波, 王震, and 宋任窮|宋任穷; abbr. to 八老

八老 八老 ba1 lao3
"the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, abbr. for 八大元老

白头到老 白頭到老 bai2 tou2 dao4 lao3
(to live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom); to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss; until death do us part

白头偕老 白頭偕老 bai2 tou2 xie2 lao3
(to live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom); to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss; until death do us part

百老汇 百老匯 bai3 lao3 hui4
Broadway (New York City)

百岁老人 百歲老人 bai3 sui4 lao3 ren2

半老徐娘 半老徐娘 ban4 lao3 xu2 niang2
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

宝刀不老 寶刀不老 bao3 dao1 bu4 lao3
lit. a good sword always remains sharp (idiom); fig. (of one's skills etc) to be as good as ever; the old man still has it

宝刀未老 寶刀未老 bao3 dao1 wei4 lao3
treasure knife does not age (idiom); old but still vigorous

饱以老拳 飽以老拳 bao3 yi3 lao3 quan2
to thump repeatedly with one's fist

波澜老成 波瀾老成 bo1 lan2 lao3 cheng2
splendid and powerful (of story); majestic; awesome

苍老 蒼老 cang1 lao3
old; aged; (of calligraphy or painting) vigorous; forceful

长生不老 長生不老 chang2 sheng1 bu4 lao3

吃角子老虎 吃角子老虎 chi1 jiao3 zi5 lao3 hu5
slot machine

赤老 赤老 chi4 lao3
variant of 赤佬

臭老九 臭老九 chou4 lao3 jiu3
stinking intellectual (contemptuous term for educated people during the Cultural Revolution)

出老千 出老千 chu1 lao3 qian1
to cheat (in gambling)

船老大 船老大 chuan2 lao3 da4
coxswain; steersman; boatswain (bo'sun)

垂老 垂老 chui2 lao3
approaching old age

大老粗 大老粗 da4 lao3 cu1
uncooth fellow; rustic

大老婆 大老婆 da4 lao3 po2
primary wife

大老远 大老遠 da4 lao3 yuan3
very far away

地老天荒 地老天荒 di4 lao3 tian1 huang1
see 天荒地老

兜老底兜鍪 兜老底兜鍪 dou1 lao3 di3 dou1 mou2
helmet (archaic)

二老 二老 er4 lao3
mother and father; parents

法老 法老 fa3 lao3
pharaoh (loanword)

翻老账 翻老賬 fan1 lao3 zhang4
to turn over old accounts; fig. to revive old quarrels; to reopen old wounds

返老还童 返老還童 fan3 lao3 huan2 tong2
to recover one's youthful vigor; to feel rejuvenated (idiom)

服老 服老 fu2 lao3
to admit to one's advancing years; to acquiesce to old age

扶老携幼 扶老攜幼 fu2 lao3 xie2 you4
taking everyone along, young and old; to look after the elderly and the young

父老 父老 fu4 lao3

哥老会 哥老會 ge1 lao3 hui4
late-Qing underground resistance movement against the Qing dynasty

隔壁老王 隔壁老王 ge2 bi4 lao3 wang2
Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one's wife)

狗逮老鼠 狗逮老鼠 gou3 dai3 lao3 shu3
lit. a dog who catches mice (idiom); fig. to be meddlesome

孤老 孤老 gu1 lao3
solitary old man or woman; regular patron (at brothels)

古老 古老 gu3 lao3
ancient; old; age-old

官老爷 官老爺 guan1 lao3 ye5
nickname for official

过街老鼠 過街老鼠 guo4 jie1 lao3 shu3
sb or sth detested by all; target of scorn; anathema; cf. 老鼠過街,人人喊打|老鼠过街,人人喊打

护老者 護老者 hu4 lao3 zhe3
carer of elderly persons; aged care worker

回老家 回老家 hui2 lao3 jia1
to go back to one's roots; to return to one's native place; by ext. to join one's ancestors (i.e. to die)

活到老,学到老 活到老,學到老 huo2 dao4 lao3 - xue2 dao4 lao3
One is never too old to learn. (idiom)

家老 家老 jia1 lao3
(old) a senior in one's household

姜还是老的辣 薑還是老的辣 jiang1 hai2 shi4 lao3 de5 la4
lit. old ginger is hotter than young ginger; experience counts (idiom)

敬老 敬老 jing4 lao3
respect for the aged

敬老席 敬老席 jing4 lao3 xi2
priority seating for the aged (on buses etc)

敬老院 敬老院 jing4 lao3 yuan4
home of respect for aged; nursing home

敬老尊贤 敬老尊賢 jing4 lao3 zun1 xian2
to respect the wise and venerate the worthy (idiom); to honor the great and the good

九旬老人 九旬老人 jiu3 xun2 lao3 ren2

啃老 啃老 ken3 lao3
(coll.) to live with and depend on one's parents even upon reaching adulthood

啃老族 啃老族 ken3 lao3 zu2
(coll.) adults still living with and depending on their parents

空心大老官 空心大老官 kong1 xin1 da4 lao3 guan1
fake important personage; sham

空心老大 空心老大 kong1 xin1 lao3 da4
pretentious and vacuous person

阔老 闊老 kuo4 lao3
variant of 闊佬|阔佬

老爸 老爸 lao3 ba4
father; dad

老百姓 老百姓 lao3 bai3 xing4
ordinary people; the "person in the street"

老板 老闆 lao3 ban3
Robam (brand)

老板 老闆 lao3 ban3
boss; business proprietor

老板 老板 lao3 ban3
variant of 老闆|老板

老板娘 老闆娘 lao3 ban3 niang2
female proprietor; lady boss; boss's wife

老伴 老伴 lao3 ban4
(of an elderly couple) husband or wife

老伴儿 老伴兒 lao3 ban4 er5
erhua variant of 老伴

老半天 老半天 lao3 ban4 tian1
(coll.) a long time

老蚌生珠 老蚌生珠 lao3 bang4 sheng1 zhu1
lit. an old oyster producing a pearl (idiom); fig. birthing a son at an advanced age

老鸨 老鴇 lao3 bao3
female brothel keeper

老辈 老輩 lao3 bei4
the older generation; ancestors

老本 老本 lao3 ben3
capital; assets; savings; nest egg; (fig.) reputation; laurels (to rest upon); old edition of a book; (tree) trunk

老鼻子 老鼻子 lao3 bi2 zi5

老边 老邊 lao3 bian1
Laobian district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning

老边区 老邊區 lao3 bian1 qu1
Laobian district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning

老兵 老兵 lao3 bing1

老伯 老伯 lao3 bo2
uncle (polite form of address for older male)

老伯伯 老伯伯 lao3 bo2 bo5
grandpa (polite form of address for old man)

老不死 老不死 lao3 bu4 si3
(derog.) old but still alive; old fart; old bastard

老残游记 老殘遊記 lao3 can2 you2 ji4
The Travels of Lao Tsan, novel by late Qing novelist Liu E 劉鶚|刘鹗

老城 老城 lao3 cheng2
old town; old district of a city

老成 老成 lao3 cheng2
mature; experienced; sophisticated

老成持重 老成持重 lao3 cheng2 chi2 zhong4
old and wise; experienced and knowledgeable

老城区 老城區 lao3 cheng2 qu1
Laocheng district of Luoyang City 洛陽市|洛阳市, Henan

老城区 老城區 lao3 cheng2 qu1
old city district; historical center

老抽 老抽 lao3 chou1
dark soy sauce

老处女 老處女 lao3 chu3 nv3
unmarried old woman; spinster

老粗 老粗 lao3 cu1
uneducated person; yokel; boor; roughneck

老大 老大 lao3 da4
old age; very; eldest child in a family; leader of a group; boss; captain of a boat; leader of a criminal gang

老大哥 老大哥 lao3 da4 ge1
big brother

老大妈 老大媽 lao3 da4 ma1
"Madam" (affectionate term for an elderly woman)

老大娘 老大娘 lao3 da4 niang2
old lady; Madam (polite address)

老大徒伤悲 老大徒傷悲 lao3 da4 tu2 shang1 bei1
vain regrets of old age (idiom)

老大爷 老大爺 lao3 da4 ye2
uncle; grandpa

老聃 老聃 lao3 dan1
another name for Laozi 老子

老旦 老旦 lao3 dan4
old woman role in Chinese opera

老当益壮 老當益壯 lao3 dang1 yi4 zhuang4
old but vigorous (idiom); hale and hearty despite the years

老到 老到 lao3 dao5
experienced and careful

老弟 老弟 lao3 di4
(affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy; old pal

老雕 老鵰 lao3 diao1

老调重弹 老調重彈 lao3 diao4 chong2 tan2
to play the same old tune (idiom); unoriginal

老掉牙 老掉牙 lao3 diao4 ya2
very old; obsolete; out of date

老爹 老爹 lao3 die1
(dialect) father; old man; sir

老东西 老東西 lao3 dong1 xi5
(derog.) old fool; old bastard

老儿 老兒 lao3 er2
father; husband; old man

老二 老二 lao3 er4
the second child or brother (or sister); (slang) penis

老佛爷 老佛爺 lao3 fo2 ye2
title of respect for the queen mother or the emperor's father; nickname for Empress Dowager Cixi 慈禧太后

老父 老父 lao3 fu4
father; old man; venerable sir

老妇人 老婦人 lao3 fu4 ren2
old lady (term of modesty)

老歌 老歌 lao3 ge1
oldie (song)

老梗 老梗 lao3 geng3
(Tw) unoriginal; hackneyed; (of a joke) old

老公 老公 lao3 gong1
(coll.) husband

老公公 老公公 lao3 gong1 gong5
old man; husband's father; father-in-law; court eunuch

老公 老公 lao3 gong5
(coll.) eunuch; see also 老公

老古板 老古板 lao3 gu3 ban3
overly conservative; old-fashioned; old fogey; a square

老骨头 老骨頭 lao3 gu3 tou5
weary old body (colloquial term, used jocularly or irreverently)

老鸹 老鴰 lao3 gua1
a crow

老汉 老漢 lao3 han4
old man; I (an old man referring to himself)

老好人 老好人 lao3 hao3 ren2
one who tries never to offend anybody

老河口 老河口 lao3 he2 kou3
Laohekou county level city in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei

老河口市 老河口市 lao3 he2 kou3 shi4
Laohekou county level city in Xiangfan 襄樊, Hubei

老黑 老黑 lao3 hei1
(coll.) black person

老狐狸 老狐狸 lao3 hu2 li5
old fox; fig. cunning person

老糊涂 老糊塗 lao3 hu2 tu5

老虎 老虎 lao3 hu3

老虎菜 老虎菜 lao3 hu3 cai4
"Tiger Vegetable Salad," Northeast China dish usually consisting of hot pepper, cucumber, cilantro and leek

老虎机 老虎機 lao3 hu3 ji1
slot machine

老虎钳 老虎鉗 lao3 hu3 qian2
vise; pincer pliers

老虎伍兹 老虎伍茲 lao3 hu3 wu3 zi1
Eldrick "Tiger" Woods (1975-), American golfer

老虎灶 老虎灶 lao3 hu3 zao4
old-style large kitchen stove

老花 老花 lao3 hua1

老花镜 老花鏡 lao3 hua1 jing4
presbyopic glasses

老花眼 老花眼 lao3 hua1 yan3

老化 老化 lao3 hua4
to age (of person or object); becoming old

老化酶 老化酶 lao3 hua4 mei2
aged enzyme

老皇历 老皇曆 lao3 huang2 li4
lit. last year's calendar (almanac); fig. ancient history; obsolete practice; old-fashioned principle

老骥 老驥 lao3 ji4
old thoroughbred; fig. aged person with great aspirations

老骥伏枥 老驥伏櫪 lao3 ji4 fu2 li4
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations

老骥伏枥,志在千里 老驥伏櫪,志在千里 lao3 ji4 fu2 li4 - zhi4 zai4 qian1 li3
lit. an old steed in the stable still aspires to gallop 1000 miles (idiom); fig. old people may still cherish high aspirations

老骥嘶风 老驥嘶風 lao3 ji4 si1 feng1
old steed sniffs the wind (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations

老家 老家 lao3 jia1
native place; place of origin; home state or region

老家伙 老家伙 lao3 jia1 huo5
(coll.) old fellow; old codger

老家伙 老傢伙 lao3 jia1 huo5
variant of 老家伙

老家贼 老家賊 lao3 jia1 zei2
(dialect) sparrow

老奸巨滑 老奸巨滑 lao3 jian1 ju4 hua2
variant of 老奸巨猾

老奸巨猾 老奸巨猾 lao3 jian1 ju4 hua2
cunning; crafty; wily old fox

老茧 老繭 lao3 jian3
callus (patch or hardened skin); corns (on feet); also 老趼

老趼 老趼 lao3 jian3
callus (patch or hardened skin); corns (on feet)

老江湖 老江湖 lao3 jiang1 hu2
a much-travelled person, well acquainted with the ways of the world

老将 老將 lao3 jiang4
lit. old general; commander-in-chief 將帥|将帅, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess; fig. old-timer; veteran

老街 老街 lao3 jie1
Lao Cai, Vietnam; Laokai or Laukkai, Burma (Myanmar)

老境 老境 lao3 jing4
advanced years; old age

老酒 老酒 lao3 jiu3
wine, esp. Shaoxing wine

老旧 老舊 lao3 jiu4
outmoded; old-fashioned

老君 老君 lao3 jun1
Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism; the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 by Laozi

老客 老客 lao3 ke4
peddler; old or regular customer

老客儿 老客兒 lao3 ke4 er5
erhua variant of 老客

老抠 老摳 lao3 kou1
penny-pincher; miser

老框框 老框框 lao3 kuang4 kuang4
rigid conventions; reactionary framework

老辣 老辣 lao3 la4
shrewd and ruthless; efficient and unscrupulous

老来俏 老來俏 lao3 lai2 qiao4
old person who dresses up as teenager; mutton dressed as lamb

老来少 老來少 lao3 lai2 shao4
old but young at heart

老老 老老 lao3 lao5
maternal grandmother; same as 姥姥

老脸 老臉 lao3 lian3
self-respect of old person; face; thick-skinned (i.e. impervious to criticism); brazen

老练 老練 lao3 lian4
seasoned; experienced

老两口儿 老兩口兒 lao3 liang3 kou3 er5
an old married couple

老龄 老齡 lao3 ling2
old age; aging; aged; geriatric; the aged

老龄化 老齡化 lao3 ling2 hua4
aging (population)

老路 老路 lao3 lu4
old road; familiar way; beaten track; conventional behavior

老妈 老媽 lao3 ma1
mother; mom

老妈子 老媽子 lao3 ma1 zi5
older female servant; amah

老马恋栈 老馬戀棧 lao3 ma3 lian4 zhan4
lit. the old horse loves his stable; fig. sb old but reluctant to relinquish their post (idiom)

老马识途 老馬識途 lao3 ma3 shi2 tu2
an old horse knows the way (idiom); an experienced worker knows what to do; an old hand knows the ropes

老马嘶风 老馬嘶風 lao3 ma3 si1 feng1
old horse sniffs the wind (idiom); fig. aged person with great aspirations

老迈 老邁 lao3 mai4
aged; senile

老毛病 老毛病 lao3 mao2 bing4
chronic illness; old weakness; chronic problem

老毛子 老毛子 lao3 mao2 zi5
Westerner (esp. a Russian) (derog.)

老耄 老耄 lao3 mao4
dim sight of the aged; doddering; senile

老帽儿 老帽兒 lao3 mao4 er5
(dialect) country bumpkin; a hick

老美 老美 lao3 mei3
(coll.) an American; person from the United States

老墨 老墨 lao3 mo4
(coll.) a Mexican

老谋深算 老謀深算 lao3 mou2 shen1 suan4
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect

老姥 老姥 lao3 mu3
old lady (term of modesty)

老奶奶 老奶奶 lao3 nai3 nai5
(coll.) father's father's mother; paternal great-grandmother; respectful form of address for an old woman

老年 老年 lao3 nian2
elderly; old age; autumn of one's years

老年痴呆 老年痴獃 lao3 nian2 chi1 dai1
senile dementia; Alzheimer's disease

老年痴呆症 老年痴獃症 lao3 nian2 chi1 dai1 zheng4
senile dementia; Alzheimer's disease

老年期 老年期 lao3 nian2 qi1
old age

老年人 老年人 lao3 nian2 ren2
old people; the elderly

老年性痴呆症 老年性痴獃症 lao3 nian2 xing4 chi1 dai1 zheng4
senile dementia

老娘 老娘 lao3 niang2
my old mother; I, this old woman; my old lady (colloquial); maternal grandmother; midwife

老鸟 老鳥 lao3 niao3
old hand; veteran

老牛吃嫩草 老牛吃嫩草 lao3 niu2 chi1 nen4 cao3
lit. an old cow eats young grass (idiom); fig. a May-December relationship; a romance where the man is significantly older than the woman

老牛拉破车 老牛拉破車 lao3 niu2 la1 po4 che1
see 老牛破車|老牛破车

老牛破车 老牛破車 lao3 niu2 po4 che1
lit. old ox pulling a shabby cart (idiom); fig. slow and inefficient

老牛舐犊 老牛舐犢 lao3 niu2 shi4 du2
lit. an old ox licking its calf (idiom); fig. (of parents) to dote on one's children

老牌 老牌 lao3 pai2
old, well-known brand; old style; old school; an old hand; experienced veteran

老朋友 老朋友 lao3 peng2 you5
old friend; (slang) period; menstruation

老婆 老婆 lao3 po2
(coll.) wife

老婆孩子热炕头 老婆孩子熱炕頭 lao3 po2 hai2 zi5 re4 kang4 tou5
wife, kids and a warm bed (idiom); the simple and good life

老谱 老譜 lao3 pu3
old ways; old habit

老气横秋 老氣橫秋 lao3 qi4 heng2 qiu1
old and decrepit; proud of one's age and experience (idiom)

老千 老千 lao3 qian1
cheat; swindler (in gambling)

老人 老人 lao3 ren2
old man or woman; the elderly; one's aged parents or grandparents

老人家 老人家 lao3 ren2 jia1
polite term for old woman or man

老人院 老人院 lao3 ren2 yuan4
nursing home; old people's home

老三篇 老三篇 lao3 san1 pian1
Lao San Pian, three short essays written by Mao Zedong before the PRC was established

老三色 老三色 lao3 san1 se4
the three plain colors used for clothing in the PRC in the 1960s: black, gray and blue

老山自行车馆 老山自行車館 lao3 shan1 zi4 xing2 che1 guan3
Laoshan Velodrome, a Beijing 2008 Olympics venue

老少 老少 lao3 shao4
the old and the young

老少皆宜 老少皆宜 lao3 shao4 jie1 yi2
suitable for both the young and the old

老少无欺 老少無欺 lao3 shao4 wu2 qi1
cheating neither old nor young; treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously; Our house offers sincere treatment to all and fair trade to old and young alike.

老少咸宜 老少咸宜 lao3 shao4 xian2 yi2
suitable for young and old

老舍 老舍 lao3 she3
Lao She (1899-1966), Chinese novelist and dramatist

老神在在 老神在在 lao3 shen2 zai4 zai4
calm; unperturbed; (Taiwanese, POJ pr. )

老生 老生 lao3 sheng1
venerable middle-aged or elderly man, usually wearing an artificial beard (in Chinese opera)

老生常谈 老生常談 lao3 sheng1 chang2 tan2
an old observation (idiom); a truism; banal comments

老师 老師 lao3 shi1

老实说 老實說 lao3 shi2 shuo1
honestly speaking; to be frank, ...

老式 老式 lao3 shi4
old-fashioned; old type; outdated

老视 老視 lao3 shi4

老视眼 老視眼 lao3 shi4 yan3

老是 老是 lao3 shi5

老实 老實 lao3 shi5
honest; sincere; well-behaved; open and guileless; naive

老实巴交 老實巴交 lao3 shi5 ba1 jiao1
(coll.) docile; well-behaved; biddable

老手 老手 lao3 shou3
experienced person; an old hand at sth

老鼠 老鼠 lao3 shu3
rat; mouse

老鼠洞 老鼠洞 lao3 shu3 dong4
mouse hole

老鼠过街,人人喊打 老鼠過街,人人喊打 lao3 shu3 guo4 jie1 - ren2 ren2 han3 da3
lit. when a rat crosses the street, people chase it down (idiom); fig. everyone detests a lowlife

老鼠拉龟,无从下手 老鼠拉龜,無從下手 lao3 shu3 la1 gui1 - wu2 cong2 xia4 shou3
like mice trying to pull a turtle, nowhere to get a hand grip (idiom); no clue where to start

老鼠拖木锨,大头在后头 老鼠拖木鍁,大頭在後頭 lao3 shu3 tuo1 mu4 xian1 - da4 tou2 zai4 hou4 tou5
when the mice drag a shovel, the biggest thing comes second; the tip of the iceberg; the cockroach principle

老鼠尾巴 老鼠尾巴 lao3 shu3 wei3 ba5
lit. rat's tail; fig. a follower of inferior stature

老叟 老叟 lao3 sou3
old man

老态 老態 lao3 tai4
elderly, as in movement or bearing

老太 老太 lao3 tai4
old lady

老太公 老太公 lao3 tai4 gong1
aged gentleman (dialect, respectful term)

老态龙钟 老態龍鍾 lao3 tai4 long2 zhong1
doddering; senile

老太婆 老太婆 lao3 tai4 po2
old woman (at times contemptuous)

老太太 老太太 lao3 tai4 tai5
elderly lady (respectful); esteemed mother

老太爷 老太爺 lao3 tai4 ye2
elderly gentleman (respectful); esteemed father

老饕 老饕 lao3 tao1

老套 老套 lao3 tao4
hackneyed; well-worn (phrase etc); same old story; stereotypical fashion

老套子 老套子 lao3 tao4 zi5
old methods; old habits

老天 老天 lao3 tian1
God; Heavens

老天爷 老天爺 lao3 tian1 ye2
God; Heavens

老天爷饿不死瞎家雀 老天爺餓不死瞎家雀 lao3 tian1 ye2 e4 bu4 si3 xia1 jia1 que4
lit. heaven won't let the sparrows go hungry (idiom); fig. don't give up hope; if you tough it out, there will be light at the end of the tunnel

老头 老頭 lao3 tou2
old fellow; old man; father; husband

老头儿 老頭兒 lao3 tou2 er5
see 老頭子|老头子

老头乐 老頭樂 lao3 tou2 le4
backscratcher (made from bamboo etc); (may also refer to other products that are of benefit to old people, such as padded cloth shoes, mobility tricycle etc)

老头子 老頭子 lao3 tou2 zi5
(coll.) old man; (said of an aging husband) my old man

老外 老外 lao3 wai4
(coll.) foreigner (esp. non Asian person); layman; amateur

老王卖瓜,自卖自夸 老王賣瓜,自賣自誇 lao3 wang2 mai4 gua1 - zi4 mai4 zi4 kua1
every potter praises his own pot (idiom); all one's geese are swans

老翁 老翁 lao3 weng1
old man

老挝 老撾 lao3 wo1

老乌恰 老烏恰 lao3 wu1 qia4
same as 烏魯克恰提|乌鲁克恰提 in Xinjiang

老吾老,以及人之老 老吾老,以及人之老 lao3 wu2 lao3 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 lao3
to honor old people as we do our own aged parents

老吾老,以及人之老,幼吾幼,以及人之幼 老吾老,以及人之老,幼吾幼,以及人之幼 lao3 wu2 lao3 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 lao3 - you4 wu2 you4 - yi3 ji2 ren2 zhi1 you4
to honor old people as we do our own aged parents, and care for other's children as one's own

老乡 老鄉 lao3 xiang1
fellow townsman; fellow villager; sb from the same hometown

老小 老小 lao3 xiao3
the old and the young; the youngest member of the family

老小老小 老小老小 lao3 xiao3 lao3 xiao3
(coll.) as one ages, one becomes more and more like a child

老兄 老兄 lao3 xiong1
'old chap' (form of address between male friends)

老羞成怒 老羞成怒 lao3 xiu1 cheng2 nu4
see 惱羞成怒|恼羞成怒

老烟鬼 老煙鬼 lao3 yan1 gui3
heavy smoker; chain smoker

老烟枪 老煙槍 lao3 yan1 qiang1
heavy smoker; chain smoker; life-long smoker

老眼昏花 老眼昏花 lao3 yan3 hun1 hua1
blurred vision of an old person (idiom)

老样子 老樣子 lao3 yang4 zi5
old situation; things as they were

老幺 老么 lao3 yao1

老爷爷 老爺爺 lao3 ye2 ye5
(coll.) father's father's father; paternal great-grandfather

老爷子 老爺子 lao3 ye2 zi5
my (you etc) old father; polite appellation for an elderly male

老爷 老爺 lao3 ye5
(respectful) lord; master; (coll.) maternal grandfather

老爷车 老爺車 lao3 ye5 che1
classic car

老爷岭 老爺嶺 lao3 ye5 ling3
Chinese name for Sichote-Alin mountain range in Russia's Primorsky Krai around Vladivostok

老一辈 老一輩 lao3 yi1 bei4
previous generation; older generation

老一套 老一套 lao3 yi1 tao4
the same old stuff

老鹰 老鷹 lao3 ying1
(coll.) eagle; hawk; any similar bird of prey

老鹰星云 老鷹星雲 lao3 ying1 xing1 yun2
Eagle or Star Queen Nebula M16

老油条 老油條 lao3 you2 tiao2
old fox; slick customer

老油子 老油子 lao3 you2 zi5
(coll.) wily old fox; crafty fellow

老友 老友 lao3 you3
old friend; sb who passed the county level imperial exam (in Ming dynasty)

老于世故 老於世故 lao3 yu2 shi4 gu4
experienced in the ways of the world (idiom); worldly-wise; sophisticated

老妪 老嫗 lao3 yu4
old woman (formal writing)

老玉米 老玉米 lao3 yu4 mi5
(dialect) corn

老远 老遠 lao3 yuan3
very far away

老早 老早 lao3 zao3
a long time ago

老账 老賬 lao3 zhang4
lit. old account; old debt; fig. old scores to settle; old quarrels; old grudge

老丈 老丈 lao3 zhang4
(formal) Sir

老丈人 老丈人 lao3 zhang4 ren5
(coll.) father-in-law (wife's father)

老者 老者 lao3 zhe3
old man; elderly man

老着脸 老著臉 lao3 zhe5 lian3

老庄 老莊 lao3 zhuang1
Laozi and Zhuangzi (or Lao-tze and Chuang-tze), the founders of Daoism

老拙 老拙 lao3 zhuo1
old fart (usually in self-reference); geezer

老资格 老資格 lao3 zi1 ge2

老子 老子 lao3 zi3
Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism; the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 by Laozi

老字号 老字號 lao3 zi4 hao4
shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation

老子 老子 lao3 zi5
father; daddy; "I, your father" (in anger, or out of contempt); I (used arrogantly or jocularly)

老总 老總 lao3 zong3
boss; executive

龙头老大 龍頭老大 long2 tou2 lao3 da4
big boss; leader of a group; dominant (position)

猫哭老鼠 貓哭老鼠 mao1 ku1 lao3 shu3
the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom); hypocritical pretence of condolence; crocodile tears

米老鼠 米老鼠 mi3 lao3 shu3
Mickey Mouse

米奇老鼠 米奇老鼠 mi3 qi2 lao3 shu3
Mickey Mouse

棉兰老岛 棉蘭老島 mian2 lan2 lao3 dao3
Mindanao (island in the Philippines)

母老虎 母老虎 mu3 lao3 hu3
tigress; (fig.) fierce woman; vixen

木讷老人 木訥老人 mu4 ne4 lao3 ren2
ungraduated ruler; straight edge

男女老少 男女老少 nan2 nv3 lao3 shao4
men, women, young and old; all kinds of people; people of all ages

男女老幼 男女老幼 nan2 nv3 lao3 you4
men, women, young and old; everybody

年老 年老 nian2 lao3

年老力衰 年老力衰 nian2 lao3 li4 shuai1
old and weak (idiom)

年老体弱 年老體弱 nian2 lao3 ti3 ruo4
old and weak (idiom)

怕老婆 怕老婆 pa4 lao3 po2
henpecked; to be under one's wife's thumb

普通老百姓 普通老百姓 pu3 tong1 lao3 bai3 xing4
common people; average people; hoi polloi

七老八十 七老八十 qi1 lao3 ba1 shi2
in one's seventies (age); very old (of people)

七旬老人 七旬老人 qi1 xun2 lao3 ren2

青天大老爷 青天大老爺 qing1 tian1 da4 lao3 ye5
(coll.) just and incorruptible official

秋老虎 秋老虎 qiu1 lao3 hu3
hot spell during autumn; Indian summer

人老珠黄 人老珠黃 ren2 lao3 zhu1 huang2
(of a woman) old and faded

山中无老虎,猴子称大王 山中無老虎,猴子稱大王 shan1 zhong1 wu2 lao3 hu3 - hou2 zi5 cheng1 dai4 wang5
in the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king

上有老下有小 上有老下有小 shang4 you3 lao3 xia4 you3 xiao3
lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom); fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children; sandwich generation

少年老成 少年老成 shao4 nian2 lao3 cheng2
accomplished though young; lacking youthful vigor

少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲 少壯不努力,老大徒傷悲 shao4 zhuang4 bu4 nu3 li4 - lao3 da4 tu2 shang1 bei1
if you are lazy in your prime, you'll be sorry in your old age

生老病死 生老病死 sheng1 lao3 bing4 si3
lit. to be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die; fig. the fate of humankind (i.e. mortality)

圣诞老人 聖誕老人 sheng4 dan4 lao3 ren2
Father Christmas; Santa Claus

识途老马 識途老馬 shi2 tu2 lao3 ma3
lit. an old horse knows the way home (idiom); fig. in difficulty, trust an experience colleague

衰老 衰老 shuai1 lao3
to age; to deteriorate with age; old and weak

水老鸦 水老鴉 shui3 lao3 ya1
common name for cormorant

算老几 算老幾 suan4 lao3 ji3
(coll.) (I, you etc) have what status; who am I (you etc)

唐老鸭 唐老鴨 tang2 lao3 ya1
Donald Duck

天荒地老 天荒地老 tian1 huang1 di4 lao3
until the end of time (idiom)

天老儿 天老兒 tian1 lao3 er5
albino (human)

天老爷 天老爺 tian1 lao3 ye5
see 老天爺|老天爷

土老帽 土老帽 tu3 lao3 mao4
hillbilly; yokel; redneck; bumpkin

颓老 頹老 tui2 lao3
old and decrepit; senile

托老所 托老所 tuo1 lao3 suo3
senior center

王老吉 王老吉 wang2 lao3 ji2
Wanglaoji (beverage brand)

王老五 王老五 wang2 lao3 wu3
lit. fifth child of the Wangs; bachelor

未老先衰 未老先衰 wei4 lao3 xian1 shuai1
to age prematurely

显老 顯老 xian3 lao3
to look old

小老婆 小老婆 xiao3 lao3 po2
concubine; mistress; (dialect) woman

小老鼠 小老鼠 xiao3 lao3 shu3
@; at symbol

偕老 偕老 xie2 lao3
to grow old together

徐娘半老 徐娘半老 xu2 niang2 ban4 lao3
middle-aged but still attractive woman; lady of a certain age

阎老 閻老 yan2 lao3

养儿防老 養兒防老 yang3 er2 fang2 lao3
(of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age

养老 養老 yang3 lao3
to provide for the elderly (family members); to enjoy a life in retirement

养老保险 養老保險 yang3 lao3 bao3 xian3
old-age insurance

养老金 養老金 yang3 lao3 jin1

养老金双轨制 養老金雙軌制 yang3 lao3 jin1 shuang1 gui3 zhi4
dual pension scheme (PRC)

养老送终 養老送終 yang3 lao3 song4 zhong1
to look after one's aged parents and arrange proper burial after they die

养老院 養老院 yang3 lao3 yuan4
nursing home

一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅汤 一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋湯 yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 tang1
lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of soup (idiom); fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

一颗老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 一顆老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 yi1 ke1 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1
see 一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥|一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥

一粒老鼠屎坏了一锅粥 一粒老鼠屎壞了一鍋粥 yi1 li4 lao3 shu3 shi3 huai4 le5 yi1 guo1 zhou1
lit. a piece of rat feces spoiled the whole pot of congee (idiom); fig. one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch

遗老 遺老 yi2 lao3
old fogy; adherent of previous dynasty

以老大自居 以老大自居 yi3 lao3 da4 zi4 ju1
regarding oneself as number one in terms of leadership, seniority or status

元老 元老 yuan2 lao3
senior figure; elder; doyen

元老院 元老院 yuan2 lao3 yuan4
upper house; senate; senior statesmen's assembly

月老 月老 yue4 lao3
matchmaker; go-between; same as 月下老人

月下老人 月下老人 yue4 xia4 lao3 ren2
minor divinity concerned with marriage; matchmaker; go-between

早老素 早老素 zao3 lao3 su4

长老 長老 zhang3 lao3
elder; term of respect for a Buddhist monk

长老会 長老會 zhang3 lao3 hui4

纸老虎 紙老虎 zhi3 lao3 hu3
paper tiger

终老 終老 zhong1 lao3
to spend one's last years

中老年 中老年 zhong1 lao3 nian2
middle and old age

中老年人 中老年人 zhong1 lao3 nian2 ren2
middle-aged and elderly people

庄老 莊老 zhuang1 lao3
Zhuangzi and Laozi, the Daoist masters

钻石王老五 鑽石王老五 zuan4 shi2 wang2 lao3 wu3
highly eligible bachelor; desirable male partner

尊老 尊老 zun1 lao3
respect the aged

尊老爱幼 尊老愛幼 zun1 lao3 ai4 you4
respect the old and cherish the young