to leak; to divulge; to leave out by mistake; waterclock or hourglass (old)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 11
崩漏 崩漏 beng1 lou4
uterine bleeding

出漏子 出漏子 chu1 lou4 zi5
to take a wrong turn; to go wrong

船到江心,补漏迟 船到江心,補漏遲 chuan2 dao4 jiang1 xin1 - bu3 lou4 chi2
It's too late to plug the leak once ship is in the middle of the river. (idiom)

错漏 錯漏 cuo4 lou4
error and negligence

滴漏 滴漏 di1 lou4
water clock; clepsydra

滴漏计时器 滴漏計時器 di1 lou4 ji4 shi2 qi4
hourglass; water clock; clepsydra

滴水不漏 滴水不漏 di1 shui3 bu4 lou4
lit. not one drop of water can leak out; watertight; rigorous (argument)

地漏 地漏 di4 lou4
drain; underground drainpipe; floor gutter; 25th of 2nd lunar month

点水不漏 點水不漏 dian3 shui3 bu4 lou4
not one drop of water leaks (idiom); fig. thoughtful and completely rigorous; watertight

法网灰灰,疏而不漏 法網灰灰,疏而不漏 fa3 wang3 hui1 hui1 - shu1 er2 bu4 lou4
The net of justice is wide, but no-one escapes.

更漏 更漏 geng1 lou4
water clock used to mark night watches

锢漏锅 錮漏鍋 gu4 lou4 guo1
tinker; artisan who fixes leaky pots

挂一漏万 掛一漏萬 gua4 yi1 lou4 wan4
to mention some but omit many others (idiom); to leave out much more than one includes

会漏 會漏 hui4 lou4

检漏 檢漏 jian3 lou4
to fix a leak (in a roof, pipe etc); to check for leaks

克漏字 克漏字 ke4 lou4 zi4
cloze (loanword)

零日漏洞 零日漏洞 ling2 ri4 lou4 dong4
zero-day vulnerability (computing)

漏掉 漏掉 lou4 diao4
to miss; to leave out; to omit; to be omitted; to be missing; to slip through; to leak out; to seep away

漏洞 漏洞 lou4 dong4
leak; hole; gap; loophole

漏洞百出 漏洞百出 lou4 dong4 bai3 chu1
lit. one hundred loopholes (idiom); full of mistakes (of speech or article)

漏斗 漏斗 lou4 dou3

漏斗云 漏斗雲 lou4 dou3 yun2
funnel cloud

漏脯充饥 漏脯充飢 lou4 fu3 chong1 ji1
to bury one's head in the sand (idiom)

漏锅 漏鍋 lou4 guo1
colander; strainer; sieve; leaky pot

漏壶 漏壺 lou4 hu2
water clock; clepsydra

漏气 漏氣 lou4 qi4
to leak air or gas

漏水 漏水 lou4 shui3
to leak (of water)

漏水转浑天仪 漏水轉渾天儀 lou4 shui3 zhuan4 hun2 tian1 yi2
water-driven armillary sphere (Zhang Heng's famous astronomical apparatus)

漏税 漏稅 lou4 shui4
tax evasion

漏网游鱼 漏網游魚 lou4 wang3 you2 yu2
see 漏網之魚|漏网之鱼

漏网之鱼 漏網之魚 lou4 wang3 zhi1 yu2
a fish that escaped the net (idiom); (fig.) sb or sth that slips through the net

漏泄 漏洩 lou4 xie4
a leak (e.g. of chemicals)

漏泄天机 漏洩天機 lou4 xie4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

漏油 漏油 lou4 you2
oil spill; oil leak; (fig.) boo! (opposite of 加油)

纰漏 紕漏 pi1 lou4
careless mistake; slip-up

缺漏 缺漏 que1 lou4
to overlook; omissions; deficiencies

沙漏 沙漏 sha1 lou4
hourglass; sand filter

渗漏 滲漏 shen4 lou4
seepage; leakage

疏而不漏 疏而不漏 shu1 er2 bu4 lou4
loose, but allows no escape (idiom, from Laozi 老子); the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape

疏漏 疏漏 shu1 lou4
to slip; to overlook by negligence; careless omission; oversight

说漏嘴 說漏嘴 shuo1 lou4 zui3
to blurt out; to let slip

逃漏 逃漏 tao2 lou4
to evade (paying tax); (tax) evasion

天机不可泄漏 天機不可泄漏 tian1 ji1 bu4 ke3 xie4 lou4
lit. mysteries of heaven must not be revealed (idiom); must not be revealed; I am not at liberty to inform you.

天网恢恢,疏而不漏 天網恢恢,疏而不漏 tian1 wang3 hui1 hui1 - shu1 er2 bu4 lou4
lit. heaven's net has wide meshes, but nothing escapes it (idiom, from Laozi 73); fig. the way of Heaven is fair, but the guilty will not escape; you can't run from the long arm of the law

偷漏 偷漏 tou1 lou4
to evade (taxes)

透漏 透漏 tou4 lou4
to divulge; to leak; to reveal

脱漏 脫漏 tuo1 lou4
omission; to leave out; missing

屋漏更遭连夜雨 屋漏更遭連夜雨 wu1 lou4 geng4 zao1 lian2 ye4 yu3
when it rains, it pours (idiom)

屋漏偏逢连夜雨 屋漏偏逢連夜雨 wu1 lou4 pian1 feng2 lian2 ye4 yu3
when it rains, it pours (idiom)

泄漏 泄漏 xie4 lou4
(of a liquid or gas) to leak; to divulge (a secret); to leak

泄漏天机 泄漏天機 xie4 lou4 tian1 ji1
to divulge the will of heaven (idiom); to leak a secret; to let the cat out of the bag

一字不漏 一字不漏 yi1 zi4 bu4 lou4
without missing a word

遗漏 遺漏 yi2 lou4
to overlook; to miss; to omit

钟鸣漏尽 鐘鳴漏盡 zhong1 ming2 lou4 jin4
past one's prime; in one's declining years

走漏 走漏 zou3 lou4
to leak (of information, liquid etc); to divulge

走漏消息 走漏消息 zou3 lou4 xiao1 xi5
to divulge secrets