surname Lei

rope; to bind together; to twist around

to accumulate; to involve or implicate (Taiwan pr. ); continuous; repeated

tired; weary; to strain; to wear out; to work hard

strokes 11
strokes after radical 5
长年累月 長年累月 chang2 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom); (over) many years

常年累月 常年累月 chang2 nian2 lei3 yue4
variant of 長年累月|长年累月

长篇累牍 長篇累牘 chang2 pian1 lei3 du2
(of a text) very lengthy (idiom)

成年累月 成年累月 cheng2 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom)

成千累万 成千累萬 cheng2 qian1 lei3 wan4
lit. by the thousands and tens of thousands (idiom); untold numbers; innumerable; thousands upon thousands

赤字累累 赤字累累 chi4 zi4 lei3 lei3
debt-ridden; heavily laden with debt

达累斯萨拉姆 達累斯薩拉姆 da2 lei4 si1 sa4 la1 mu3
Dar es Salaam (former capital of Tanzania)

带累 帶累 dai4 lei3
to get sb involved in one's trouble; Taiwan pr.

弹痕累累 彈痕累累 dan4 hen2 lei3 lei3

德累斯顿 德累斯頓 de2 lei4 si1 dun4
Dresden, capital of Saxony 薩克森州|萨克森州, Germany

多累 多累 duo1 lei4
I have troubled you

负累 負累 fu4 lei3
to implicate; to involve

负累 負累 fu4 lei4

负债累累 負債累累 fu4 zhai4 lei3 lei3
deep in debt

果实累累 果實累累 guo3 shi2 lei2 lei2
lit. prodigious abundance of fruit (idiom); fruit hangs heavy on the bough; fig. countless accomplishments; one great result after another

积德累功 積德累功 ji1 de2 lei3 gong1
to accumulate merit and virtue

积金累玉 積金累玉 ji1 jin1 lei3 yu4
to accumulate gold and jewels (idiom); prosperous

积累 積累 ji1 lei3
to accumulate; accumulation; cumulative; cumulatively

积累毒性 積累毒性 ji1 lei3 du2 xing4
cumulative poison

积累性 積累性 ji1 lei3 xing4

积年累月 積年累月 ji1 nian2 lei3 yue4
year in, year out (idiom); (over) many years

家累千金,坐不垂堂 家累千金,坐不垂堂 jia1 lei3 qian1 jin1 - zuo4 bu4 chui2 tang2
rich person does not sit under the eaves (idiom); prudent not to place oneself in danger

经年累月 經年累月 jing1 nian2 lei3 yue4
for years; over the years

劳累 勞累 lao2 lei4
tired; exhausted; worn out; to toil

累累 纍纍 lei2 lei2
variant of 累累

累累 累累 lei2 lei2
(literary) (of fruit, achievements etc) clusters of; piles of; heaps of; gaunt; haggard; wretched; Taiwan pr.

累坠 累墜 lei2 zhui4
variant of 累贅|累赘

累赘 累贅 lei2 zhui4
superfluous; cumbersome; a burden on sb; a nuisance to sb; to inconvenience; to tie sb down; long-winded (of writing); also pr.

累犯 累犯 lei3 fan4
to repeatedly commit an offense; repeat offender; habitual criminal; recidivist; recidivism

累积 累積 lei3 ji1
to accumulate

累积剂量 累積劑量 lei3 ji1 ji4 liang4
cumulative dose

累及 累及 lei3 ji2
to involve; to affect

累计 累計 lei3 ji4
to accumulate; cumulative

累加器 累加器 lei3 jia1 qi4
accumulator (computing)

累加总数 累加總數 lei3 jia1 zong3 shu4
cumulative total

累进 累進 lei3 jin4
progressive (taxation etc)

累累 累累 lei3 lei3
again and again; innumerable; repeated; riddled with; accumulated

累成狗 累成狗 lei4 cheng2 gou3
(Internet slang) to be dog-tired

累坏 累壞 lei4 huai4
to become exhausted

累觉不爱 累覺不愛 lei4 jue2 bu4 ai4
(lit.) so exhausted (by difficulties in a relationship) that one feels one could never fall in love again (Internet slang); disenchanted with sth

累垮 累垮 lei4 kua3
to collapse; to be worn out; to break down

累趴 累趴 lei4 pa1
tired to the point of dropping

累死累活 累死累活 lei4 si3 lei4 huo2
to tire oneself out through overwork; to work oneself to death

累心 累心 lei4 xin1
taxing (mentally or emotionally)

连累 連累 lian2 lei3
to involve; to implicate sb; to spread to others (harm, trouble, damage etc)

连篇累牍 連篇累牘 lian2 pian1 lei3 du2
(of a piece of writing) long and tedious (idiom); verbose

马累 馬累 ma3 lei4
Malé, capital of Maldives

墨累 墨累 mo4 lei4
Murray (name)

墨累达令流域 墨累達令流域 mo4 lei4 da2 ling4 liu2 yu4
Murray-Darling river system in the southeast of Australia

帕累托 帕累托 pa4 lei4 tuo1
Vilfredo Pareto (1848-1923), Italian economist

帕累托法则 帕累托法則 pa4 lei4 tuo1 fa3 ze2
Pareto principle

帕累托最优 帕累托最優 pa4 lei4 tuo1 zui4 you1
Pareto efficiency (economics); Pareto optimality

疲累 疲累 pi2 lei4
tired; exhausted

牵累 牽累 qian1 lei3
to weigh down; to trouble; to implicate (sb); tied down (by affairs)

日积月累 日積月累 ri4 ji1 yue4 lei3
to accumulate over a long period of time

伤痕累累 傷痕累累 shang1 hen2 lei3 lei3
bruised; riddled with scars

事危累卵 事危累卵 shi4 wei1 lei3 luan3
lit. the matter has become a pile of eggs (idiom); fig. at a critical juncture

受累 受累 shou4 lei3
to get dragged into; to get involved (on sb else's account)

受累 受累 shou4 lei4
to be put to a lot of trouble

硕果累累 碩果累累 shuo4 guo3 lei3 lei3
heavily laden with fruit; fertile (of trees); many noteworthy achievements

拖累 拖累 tuo1 lei3
to encumber; to be a burden on; to implicate

拖累症 拖累症 tuo1 lei3 zheng4
codependency (psychology)

危如累卵 危如累卵 wei1 ru2 lei3 luan3
precarious as pile of eggs (idiom); ready to fall and break at any moment; in a dangerous state

芜累 蕪累 wu2 lei3
mixed-up and superfluous

血债累累 血債累累 xue4 zhai4 lei3 lei3
debts of blood crying out for retribution

盈箱累箧 盈箱累篋 ying2 xiang1 lei3 qie4
to fill boxes and baskets to the brim (with treasures)

整年累月 整年累月 zheng3 nian2 lei3 yue4
all year round; over a long period

罪行累累 罪行累累 zui4 xing2 lei3 lei3
having an extensive criminal record