rib; Taiwan pr.

strokes 6
strokes after radical 2
安德肋 安德肋 an1 de2 lei4
Andrew (Catholic transliteration); also 安德魯|安德鲁 (Protestant transliteration)

鸡肋 雞肋 ji1 lei4
chicken ribs; sth of little value or interest; sth of dubious worth that one is reluctant to give up; to be physically weak

脊肋 脊肋 ji3 lei4

季肋 季肋 ji4 lei4
hypochondrium (anatomy)

加里肋亚 加里肋亞 jia1 li3 lei4 ya4

加里肋亚海 加里肋亞海 jia1 li3 lei4 ya4 hai3
Sea of Galilee

加利肋亚 加利肋亞 jia1 li4 lei4 ya4
Galilee (in biblical Palestine)

凯撒肋雅 凱撒肋雅 kai3 sa1 lei4 ya3
Caesarea (town in Israel, between Tel Aviv and Haifa)

肋骨 肋骨 lei4 gu3

肋间肌 肋間肌 lei4 jian4 ji1
intercostal muscle (between ribs)

两肋插刀 兩肋插刀 liang3 lei4 cha1 dao1
lit. knifes piercing both sides (idiom); fig. to attach a great importance to friendship, up to the point of being able to sacrifice oneself for it

纳匝肋 納匝肋 na4 za1 lei4

穹肋 穹肋 qiong2 lei4
a rib of an arch

软肋 軟肋 ruan3 lei4
rib cartilage; (fig.) weak spot; soft underbelly

沅江九肋 沅江九肋 yuan2 jiang1 jiu3 lei4
rare talent; lit. legendary nine-ribbed turtle of Yuan river