plan; strategy; outline; summary; slightly; rather; to rob; to plunder; to summarize; to omit

variant of 略

strokes 11
strokes after radical 6
安大略湖 安大略湖 an1 da4 lve4 hu2
Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes 五大湖

安大略省 安大略省 an1 da4 lve4 sheng3
Ontario province, Canada

保证破坏战略 保證破壞戰略 bao3 zheng4 po4 huai4 zhan4 lve4
assured destruction strategy

才略 才略 cai2 lve4
ability and sagacity

策略 策略 ce4 lve4
tactics; to be tactful

筹略 籌略 chou2 lve4
astute; resourceful

从略 從略 cong2 lve4
to omit (less important details etc)

粗略 粗略 cu1 lve4
rough (not precise or accurate); cursory

大略 大略 da4 lve4
a broad outline; the general idea; roughly

胆略 膽略 dan3 lve4
courage and resource

地缘战略 地緣戰略 di4 yuan2 zhan4 lve4

分散的策略 分散的策略 fen1 san4 de5 ce4 lve4
diffused strategy

攻略 攻略 gong1 lve4
strategy; directions; guide; how-to

忽略 忽略 hu1 lve4
to neglect; to overlook; to ignore

黄石公三略 黃石公三略 huang2 shi2 gong1 san1 lve4
“Three Strategies of Huang Shigong”, also known as Taigong Bingfa 太公兵法, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书, variously attributed to Jiang Ziya 薑子牙|姜子牙, Huang Shigong 黃石公|黄石公 or an anonymous author

集中的策略 集中的策略 ji2 zhong1 de5 ce4 lve4
focus strategy

伽利略 伽利略 jia1 li4 lve4
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Italian scientist

伽利略·伽利雷 伽利略·伽利雷 jia1 li4 lve4 - jia1 li4 lei2
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642), Italian scientist

伽利略探测器 伽利略探測器 jia1 li4 lve4 tan4 ce4 qi4
Galileo probe

简略 簡略 jian3 lve4
simple; brief

简略见告 簡略見告 jian3 lve4 jian4 gao4
brief outline or overview (of a plan etc)

较略 較略 jiao4 lve4
approximately; roughly; about

节略 節略 jie2 lve4

节略本 節略本 jie2 lve4 ben3
abridged version

类比策略 類比策略 lei4 bi3 ce4 lve4
analogy strategies

领略 領略 ling3 lve4
to have a taste of; to realize; to appreciate

六韬三略 六韜三略 liu4 tao1 san1 lve4
"Six Secret Strategic Teachings" 六韜|六韬 and "Three Strategies of Huang Shigong" 三略, two of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书, attributed to Jiang Ziya 薑子牙|姜子牙

略称 略稱 lve4 cheng1

略带 略帶 lve4 dai4
having slightly; somewhat carrying

略读 略讀 lve4 du2
to read cursorily; to skim through

略夺 略奪 lve4 duo2
variant of 掠奪|掠夺

略过 略過 lve4 guo4
to pass over; to skip

略迹原情 略跡原情 lve4 ji4 yuan2 qing2
to overlook past faults (idiom); to forgive and forget

略见一斑 略見一斑 lve4 jian4 yi1 ban1
lit. to glimpse just one spot (of the panther) (idiom); fig. to get an inkling of the whole picture

略举 略舉 lve4 ju3
some cases picked out as example; to highlight

略略 略略 lve4 lve4
slightly; roughly; briefly; very generally

略码 略碼 lve4 ma3

略去 略去 lve4 qu4
to omit; to delete; to leave out; to neglect; to skip over

略胜一筹 略勝一籌 lve4 sheng4 yi1 chou2
slightly better; a cut above

略识之无 略識之無 lve4 shi2 zhi1 wu2
semi-literate; only knows words of one syllable; lit. to know only 之 and 無|无

略释 略釋 lve4 shi4
a brief explanation; to summarize

略图 略圖 lve4 tu2
sketch; sketch map; thumbnail picture

略微 略微 lve4 wei1
a little bit; slightly

略为 略為 lve4 wei2

略阳 略陽 lve4 yang2
Lüeyang County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi

略阳县 略陽縣 lve4 yang2 xian4
Lüeyang County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi

略语 略語 lve4 yu3

略知皮毛 略知皮毛 lve4 zhi1 pi2 mao2
slight knowledge of sth; superficial acquaintance with a subject; a smattering

略知一二 略知一二 lve4 zhi1 yi1 er4
slight knowledge of sth; to know very little about a subject; a smattering

略字 略字 lve4 zi4
abbreviated character; simplified character

略作 略作 lve4 zuo4
to be abbreviated to; (followed by a verb) slightly

马略卡 馬略卡 ma3 lve4 ka3
Majorca (island of Spain)

谋略 謀略 mou2 lve4
stratagem; strategy; resourcefulness

侵略 侵略 qin1 lve4
invasion; encroachment

侵略军 侵略軍 qin1 lve4 jun1
invading army

侵略者 侵略者 qin1 lve4 zhe3
aggressors; invaders

儒略日 儒略日 ru2 lve4 ri4
Julian day (astronomy)

三略 三略 san1 lve4
see 黃石公三略|黄石公三略

深谋远略 深謀遠略 shen1 mou2 yuan3 lve4
a well-thought out long-term strategy

省略 省略 sheng3 lve4
to leave out; an omission

省略符号 省略符號 sheng3 lve4 fu2 hao4

省略号 省略號 sheng3 lve4 hao4
the ellipsis …… (punct., consisting of six dots)

事略 事略 shi4 lve4
biographical sketch

疏略 疏略 shu1 lve4
negligence; to neglect inadvertently

缩略 縮略 suo1 lve4
to contract; to abbreviate; abbreviation

缩略语 縮略語 suo1 lve4 yu3
abbreviated word; acronym

缩略字 縮略字 suo1 lve4 zi4
abbreviated character

韬略 韜略 tao1 lve4
military strategy; military tactics; originally refers to military classics Six Secret Teachings 六韜|六韬 and Three Strategies 三略

脱略 脫略 tuo1 lve4
unrestrained; throwing off strictures; unrespectful; indulgence

托马斯·斯特恩斯·艾略特 托馬斯·斯特恩斯·艾略特 tuo1 ma3 si1 - si4 te4 en1 si1 - ai4 lve4 te4
T. S. Eliot (1888-1965), English poet

武略 武略 wu3 lve4
military strategy

详略 詳略 xiang2 lve4
concise; the details in brief

胸有成略 胸有成略 xiong1 you3 cheng2 lve4
the hero has plans already laid (idiom); to have plans ready in advance; forewarned is forearmed

雄才大略 雄才大略 xiong2 cai2 da4 lve4
great skill and strategy

崖略 崖略 ya2 lve4
outline; essentials

要略 要略 yao4 lve4
roughly; outline; summary

英雄所见略同 英雄所見略同 ying1 xiong2 suo3 jian4 lve4 tong2
lit. heroes usually agree (idiom); Great minds think alike.

勇略 勇略 yong3 lve4
brave and cunning

远略 遠略 yuan3 lve4
long-term strategy

约略 約略 yue1 lve4
approximate; rough

约略估计 約略估計 yue1 lve4 gu1 ji4
approximate estimate; to reckon roughly

战略 戰略 zhan4 lve4

战略防御倡议 戰略防御倡議 zhan4 lve4 fang2 yu4 chang4 yi4
strategic defense initiative (SDI)

战略核力量 戰略核力量 zhan4 lve4 he2 li4 liang5
strategic nuclear force

战略核武器 戰略核武器 zhan4 lve4 he2 wu3 qi4
strategic nuclear weapon

战略轰炸机 戰略轟炸機 zhan4 lve4 hong1 zha4 ji1
strategic bomber

战略伙伴 戰略伙伴 zhan4 lve4 huo3 ban4
strategic partner

战略夥伴 戰略夥伴 zhan4 lve4 huo3 ban4
variant of 戰略伙伴|战略伙伴

战略家 戰略家 zhan4 lve4 jia1
a strategist

战略性 戰略性 zhan4 lve4 xing4

战略要点 戰略要點 zhan4 lve4 yao4 dian3
strategic point

中国小说史略 中國小說史略 zhong1 guo2 xiao3 shuo1 shi3 lve4
Concise History of the Chinese Novel by Lu Xun 鲁迅

传略 傳略 zhuan4 lve4
biographical sketch