to practice; to train; to drill; to perfect (one's skill); exercise

strokes 15
strokes after radical 9
谙练 諳練 an1 lian4
conversant; skilled; proficient

半熟练 半熟練 ban4 shu2 lian4

操练 操練 cao1 lian4
drill; practice

晨练 晨練 chen2 lian4
morning exercise

创练 創練 chuang4 lian4
to form and train (a military unit); to create and practice (a martial art); to train oneself (by real-life experience)

干练 幹練 gan4 lian4
capable and experienced

光说不练 光說不練 guang1 shuo1 bu4 lian4
all talk and no action (idiom); to preach what one does not practice; same as 光說不做|光说不做

简练 簡練 jian3 lian4
terse; succinct

间歇训练 間歇訓練 jian4 xie1 xun4 lian4
interval training

教练 教練 jiao4 lian4
instructor; sports coach; trainer

教练机 教練機 jiao4 lian4 ji1
trainer (aircraft)

教练员 教練員 jiao4 lian4 yuan2
sports coach; training personnel

精讲多练 精講多練 jing1 jiang3 duo1 lian4
to speak concisely and practice frequently (idiom)

精练 精練 jing1 lian4
(textiles) to scour; to degum (silk); variant of 精煉|精炼

军事训练 軍事訓練 jun1 shi4 xun4 lian4
military exercise; army drill

苦练 苦練 ku3 lian4
to train hard; to practice diligently; hard work; blood, sweat, and tears

老练 老練 lao3 lian4
seasoned; experienced

历练 歷練 li4 lian4
to learn through experience; experience; practiced; experienced

练兵 練兵 lian4 bing1
to drill troops; army training

练达 練達 lian4 da2
experienced; sophisticated; worldly-wise

练功 練功 lian4 gong1
to practice work skill

练习 練習 lian4 xi2
to practice; exercise; drill; practice

练习本 練習本 lian4 xi2 ben3
exercise book; workbook

练习册 練習冊 lian4 xi2 ce4
exercise booklet

练习场 練習場 lian4 xi2 chang3
driving range (golf); practice court; practice ground

练字 練字 lian4 zi4
to practice writing characters

磨练 磨練 mo2 lian4
to temper oneself; to steel oneself; self-discipline; endurance

凝练 凝練 ning2 lian4
concise; compact; condensed

排练 排練 pai2 lian4
to rehearse; rehearsal

陪练 陪練 pei2 lian4
training partner; sparring partner

勤学苦练 勤學苦練 qin2 xue2 ku3 lian4
to study diligently; to train assiduously

熟练 熟練 shu2 lian4
practiced; proficient; skilled; skillful

团练 團練 tuan2 lian4
local militia formed to suppress peasant rebellion (old)

稳练 穩練 wen3 lian4
steady and proficient; skilled and reliable

洗练 洗練 xi3 lian4
agile; nimble; deft

修练 修練 xiu1 lian4
to practice (an activity); to perform

训练 訓練 xun4 lian4
to train; to drill; training

训练营 訓練營 xun4 lian4 ying2
training camp

训练者 訓練者 xun4 lian4 zhe3

演练 演練 yan3 lian4
drill; practice

语言训练 語言訓練 yu3 yan2 xun4 lian4
language training

在职训练 在職訓練 zai4 zhi2 xun4 lian4
on-the-job training