old variant of 廉

old variant of 廉

surname Lian

incorruptible; honest; inexpensive; to investigate (old); side wall of a traditional Chinese house (old)

strokes 13
strokes after radical 10
低廉 低廉 di1 lian2
cheap; inexpensive; low

反腐倡廉 反腐倡廉 fan3 fu3 chang4 lian2
to fight corruption and advocate probity

高薪养廉 高薪養廉 gao1 xin1 yang3 lian2
policy of high pay to discourage corruption

价廉物美 價廉物美 jia4 lian2 wu4 mei3
inexpensive and of good quality (idiom)

俭以养廉 儉以養廉 jian3 yi3 yang3 lian2
frugality makes honesty (idiom)

礼义廉耻 禮義廉恥 li3 yi4 lian2 chi3
sense of propriety, justice, integrity and honor (i.e. the four social bonds, 四維|四维)

廉耻 廉恥 lian2 chi3
honor and shame; sense of honor

廉俸 廉俸 lian2 feng4
extra allowances paid to government officials in the Qing dynasty

廉价 廉價 lian2 jia4
cheaply-priced; low-cost

廉江 廉江 lian2 jiang1
Lianjiang county level city in Zhanjiang 湛江, Guangdong

廉江市 廉江市 lian2 jiang1 shi4
Lianjiang county level city in Zhanjiang 湛江, Guangdong

廉洁 廉潔 lian2 jie2
honest; not coercive; honesty; integrity; incorruptible

廉颇 廉頗 lian2 po1
Lian Po (327-243 BC), famous general of Zhao 趙國|赵国, repeatedly victorious over Qin 秦國|秦国 and Qi 齊國|齐国

廉署 廉署 lian2 shu3
ICAC Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong

廉政 廉政 lian2 zheng4
honest or clean politics

廉政公署 廉政公署 lian2 zheng4 gong1 shu3
Independent Commission Against Corruption, Hong Kong (ICAC)

廉直 廉直 lian2 zhi2
upright and honest; incorruptible; squeaky clean

勤政廉政 勤政廉政 qin2 zheng4 lian2 zheng4
honest and industrious government functionaries (idiom)

清廉 清廉 qing1 lian2
honest; uncorrupted

清正廉明 清正廉明 qing1 zheng4 lian2 ming2
upright and honest

威廉 威廉 wei1 lian2
William or Wilhelm (name)

威廉·福克纳 威廉·福克納 wei1 lian2 - fu2 ke4 na4
William Faulkner (1897-1962), American novelist and poet

威廉·莎士比亚 威廉·莎士比亞 wei1 lian2 - sha1 shi4 bi3 ya4
William Shakespeare (1564-1616), poet and playwright

威廉斯堡 威廉斯堡 wei1 lian2 si1 bao3
Williamsburg, Virginia

物美价廉 物美價廉 wu4 mei3 jia4 lian2
good quality and cheap; a bargain

孝廉 孝廉 xiao4 lian2
xiaolian, two examination subjects in Han, later a single subject in Ming and Qing; successful second degree candidate

养廉 養廉 yang3 lian2
to encourage honesty; to discourage corruption

姚思廉 姚思廉 yao2 si1 lian2
Yao Silian (557-637), Tang writer and compiler of 梁書|梁书 and 陳書 陈书