to peel with a knife; old variant of 戮

to join (forces); variant of 戮

to kill

strokes 15
strokes after radical 11
戮力同心 戮力同心 lu4 li4 tong2 xin1
concerted efforts in a common cause (idiom); united and working together

杀戮 殺戮 sha1 lu4
to massacre; to slaughter

屠戮 屠戮 tu2 lu4
slaughter; massacre

刑戮 刑戮 xing2 lu4
executed; to suffer corporal punishment or execution

夷戮 夷戮 yi2 lu4
to massacre

引颈就戮 引頸就戮 yin3 jing3 jiu4 lu4
to extend one's neck in preparation for execution (idiom)

诛戮 誅戮 zhu1 lu4
to put to death