to sink (into ruin, oblivion); to be reduced to

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
沉沦 沉淪 chen2 lun2
to sink into (vice, depravity etc); to pass into oblivion; downfall; passing

道德沦丧 道德淪喪 dao4 de2 lun2 sang4
moral bankruptcy; moral degeneracy

沦肌浃髓 淪肌浹髓 lun2 ji1 jia1 sui3
lit. penetrate to the marrow (idiom); deeply affected; moved to the core

沦浃 淪浹 lun2 jia1
to be deeply affected; moved to the core

沦落 淪落 lun2 luo4
to degenerate; impoverished; to fall (into poverty); to be reduced (to begging)

沦灭 淪滅 lun2 mie4
to perish; extinction

沦没 淪沒 lun2 mo4
to sink; to drown

沦没丧亡 淪沒喪亡 lun2 mo4 sang4 wang2
to die; to perish

沦丧 淪喪 lun2 sang4
to be lost; to be ruined; to perish; to wither away

沦亡 淪亡 lun2 wang2
(of a country) to perish; to be annexed; subjugation (to a foreign power)

沦为 淪為 lun2 wei2
to sink down to; to be reduced to (sth inferior)

沦陷 淪陷 lun2 xian4
to fall into enemy hands; to be occupied; to degenerate; to submerge

沦陷区 淪陷區 lun2 xian4 qu1
enemy-held territory