to sprinkle; to drip; to pour; to drench

to filter; to strain; to drain; gonorrhea; (TCM) strangury

strokes 11
strokes after radical 8
冰淇淋 冰淇淋 bing1 qi2 lin2
ice cream

冲淋浴 沖淋浴 chong1 lin2 yu4
to take a shower

大汗淋漓 大汗淋漓 da4 han4 lin2 li2
dripping with sweat

狗血淋头 狗血淋頭 gou3 xue4 lin2 tou2
lit. to pour dog's blood on (idiom); fig. torrent of abuse

酣畅淋漓 酣暢淋漓 han1 chang4 lin2 li2
to one's heart's content (idiom)

淋巴 淋巴 lin2 ba1
lymph (loanword); lymphatic

淋巴癌 淋巴癌 lin2 ba1 ai2

淋巴管 淋巴管 lin2 ba1 guan3
lymphatic channel

淋巴结 淋巴結 lin2 ba1 jie2
lymphatic node; lymph gland

淋巴瘤 淋巴瘤 lin2 ba1 liu2

淋巴细胞 淋巴細胞 lin2 ba1 xi4 bao1

淋巴系统 淋巴系統 lin2 ba1 xi4 tong3
lymphatic system

淋巴腺 淋巴腺 lin2 ba1 xian4
lymph node; lymphatic gland

淋巴液 淋巴液 lin2 ba1 ye4
lymphatic fluid; lymph

淋漓 淋漓 lin2 li2
dripping wet; pouring; saturated; fig. uninhibited; fluid; emotionally unrestrained; extreme

淋漓尽致 淋漓盡致 lin2 li2 jin4 zhi4
lit. extreme saturation (idiom); fig. vividly and thoroughly; in great detail; without restraint; (of a performance) brilliant

淋溶层 淋溶層 lin2 rong2 ceng2
alluvium (soil deposited by rivers)

淋湿 淋濕 lin2 shi1
to get soaked

淋雨 淋雨 lin2 yu3
to get wet in the rain

淋浴 淋浴 lin2 yu4
to take a shower; shower

淋病 淋病 lin4 bing4
gonorrhea; Taiwan pr.

淋球菌 淋球菌 lin4 qiu2 jun1
gonococcus; Neisseria gonorrhoeae, the pathogen causing gonorrhea

淋溶土 淋溶土 lin4 rong2 tu3
Argosols (Chinese Soil Taxonomy)

麦淇淋 麥淇淋 mai4 qi2 lin2
margarine (loanword)

淇淋 淇淋 qi2 lin2
cream (loanword)

日晒雨淋 日曬雨淋 ri4 shai4 yu3 lin2
scorched and drenched by sun and rain (idiom); suffer from exposure to the elements; weather-beaten

霜淇淋 霜淇淋 shuang1 qi2 lin2
soft ice-cream

水淋淋 水淋淋 shui3 lin2 lin2
dripping wet

痛快淋漓 痛快淋漓 tong4 kuai4 lin2 li2
joyous; hearty; spirited; incisive

鲜血淋漓 鮮血淋漓 xian1 xue4 lin2 li2
to be drenched with blood; dripping blood

血淋淋 血淋淋 xue4 lin2 lin2
dripping with blood; bloody (tragedy)

眼睛吃冰淇淋 眼睛吃冰淇淋 yan3 jing5 chi1 bing1 qi2 lin2
(slang) (Tw) to be checking out the hotties