(onom.) whoosh

thorn; sting; thrust; to prick; to pierce; to stab; to assassinate; to murder

strokes 8
strokes after radical 6
拨刺 撥刺 bo1 ci1
splash (of a fish)

冲刺 衝刺 chong1 ci4
to sprint; to spurt; to dash; big effort

穿刺 穿刺 chuan1 ci4
medical puncture to extract bodily fluid (a tap); body piercing; puncture

戳刺感 戳刺感 chuo1 ci4 gan3
pins and needles (in muscle); paresthesia

刺柏 刺柏 ci4 bai3
Chinese juniper

刺胞 刺胞 ci4 bao1
cnidocyte; nettle cell of medusa

刺胞动物 刺胞動物 ci4 bao1 dong4 wu4
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)

刺鼻 刺鼻 ci4 bi2
to assail the nostrils; acrid; pungent

刺穿 刺穿 ci4 chuan1
to skewer; to impale; to pierce through

刺戳 刺戳 ci4 chuo1
to puncture; to pierce

刺刺不休 刺刺不休 ci4 ci4 bu4 xiu1
to talk incessantly; to chatter on and on

刺刀 刺刀 ci4 dao1

刺耳 刺耳 ci4 er3

刺儿 刺兒 ci4 er5
a thorn; fig. to ridicule sb; fig. sth wrong

刺儿话 刺兒話 ci4 er5 hua4
biting words; stinging words

刺儿李 刺兒李 ci4 er5 li3

刺儿头 刺兒頭 ci4 er5 tou2
an awkward person; a difficult person to deal with

刺钢丝 刺鋼絲 ci4 gang1 si1
barbed wire

刺骨 刺骨 ci4 gu3
piercing; cutting; bone-chilling; penetrating (cold)

刺槐 刺槐 ci4 huai2
false acacia; Robinia pseudoacacia

刺激 刺激 ci4 ji1
to provoke; to irritate; to upset; to stimulate; to excite; irritant

刺激剂 刺激劑 ci4 ji1 ji4
irritant agent

刺激素 刺激素 ci4 ji1 su4
growth hormone

刺激物 刺激物 ci4 ji1 wu4

刺激性 刺激性 ci4 ji1 xing4
thrilling; exciting; stimulating; irritating; provocative; pungent; spicy

刺戟 刺戟 ci4 ji3
variant of 刺激, to irritate; stimulus

刺客 刺客 ci4 ke4
assassin; murderer

刺目 刺目 ci4 mu4
gaudy; glaring; unpleasant to the eyes

刺破 刺破 ci4 po4
to puncture; to pierce

刺芹菇 刺芹菇 ci4 qin2 gu1
king trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii)

刺青 刺青 ci4 qing1

刺杀 刺殺 ci4 sha1
to assassinate; (military) to fight with a bayonet; (baseball) to put out (a baserunner)

刺伤 刺傷 ci4 shang1
to stab

刺身 刺身 ci4 shen1

刺史 刺史 ci4 shi3
provincial governor (old)

刺丝胞 刺絲胞 ci4 si1 bao1
cnidocyte; nettle cell of medusa or anemone

刺丝胞动物 刺絲胞動物 ci4 si1 bao1 dong4 wu4
Cnidaria (animal phylum including jellyfish and sessile polyps)

刺丝囊 刺絲囊 ci4 si1 nang2
nematocyst; capsule of nettle cells of medusa or anemone

刺死 刺死 ci4 si3
to stab to death

刺探 刺探 ci4 tan4
to pry into; to spy on; to probe into

刺桐 刺桐 ci4 tong2
Indian coral tree; sunshine tree; tiger's claw; Erythrina variegata (botany)

刺痛 刺痛 ci4 tong4
stab of pain; sting; fig. stimulus to action; a prick

刺猬 刺蝟 ci4 wei5

刺五加 刺五加 ci4 wu3 jia1
manyprickle (Acanthopanax senticosus), root used in TCM

刺苋 刺莧 ci4 xian4
prickly amaranth (Amaranthus spinosus)

刺绣 刺繡 ci4 xiu4
to embroider; embroidery

刺绣品 刺繡品 ci4 xiu4 pin3

刺眼 刺眼 ci4 yan3
to dazzle; to offend the eyes; dazzling; harsh (light); crude (colors); unsightly

刺中 刺中 ci4 zhong4
to hit with a piercing blow

刺字 刺字 ci4 zi4
to tattoo

带刺 帶刺 dai4 ci4
thorny; (fig.) barbed; sarcastic

刀刺 刀刺 dao1 ci4
to stab; to attack with knife

刀刺性痛 刀刺性痛 dao1 ci4 xing4 tong4
lancing pain

倒刺 倒刺 dao4 ci4
barb; barbed tip (e.g. of fishhook)

毒刺 毒刺 du2 ci4
venomous sting

对刺 對刺 dui4 ci4
bayonet practice in pairs

多栽花少栽刺 多栽花少栽刺 duo1 zai1 hua1 shao3 zai1 ci4
talk nicely and avoid disputes; give compliments and not remarks

肺刺激性毒剂 肺刺激性毒劑 fei4 ci4 ji1 xing4 du2 ji4
lung irritant

粉刺 粉刺 fen3 ci4
pimple; comedo; blackhead; acne

讽刺 諷刺 feng3 ci4
to satirize; to mock; irony; satire; sarcasm

骨刺 骨刺 gu3 ci4
spur; bony outgrowth

海刺芹 海刺芹 hai3 ci4 qin2
sea holly (Eryngium maritimum)

寒风刺骨 寒風刺骨 han2 feng1 ci4 gu3
bone chilling wind (idiom)

话中有刺 話中有刺 hua4 zhong1 you3 ci4
hidden barbs in one's words; hostile subtext

击刺 擊刺 ji1 ci4
to stab; to hack

讥刺 譏刺 ji1 ci4
to ridicule; to mock

酒刺 酒刺 jiu3 ci4
acne; spots

狙刺 狙刺 ju1 ci4
to stab from hiding

马刺 馬刺 ma3 ci4
spur (on riding boots)

芒刺在背 芒刺在背 mang2 ci4 zai4 bei4
feeling brambles and thorns in one's back (idiom); uneasy and nervous; to be on pins and needles

毛刺 毛刺 mao2 ci4
barb; whiskers

名刺 名刺 ming2 ci4
visiting card; name card

谋刺 謀刺 mou2 ci4
to plot to assassinate

拼刺 拼刺 pin1 ci4
bayonet charge

拼刺刀 拼刺刀 pin1 ci4 dao1
bayonet charge

枪刺 槍刺 qiang1 ci4

肉中刺 肉中刺 rou4 zhong1 ci4
a thorn in one's flesh

踢马刺 踢馬刺 ti1 ma3 ci4
horse spur

挑刺 挑刺 tiao1 ci4
to carp; nitpicking; petty criticism

挑毛剔刺 挑毛剔刺 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4
to find fault; to carp; nitpicking

挑毛剔刺儿 挑毛剔刺兒 tiao1 mao2 ti1 ci4 er5
erhua variant of 挑毛剔刺

头悬梁,锥刺股 頭懸梁,錐刺股 tou2 xuan2 liang2 - zhui1 ci4 gu3
lit. with his head attached to a beam and stabbing his thigh with an awl (idiom); fig. to study assiduously and tirelessly

纹刺 紋刺 wen2 ci4
to tattoo

兴凯刺鳑鲏 興凱刺鰟鮍 xing1 kai3 ci4 pang2 pi2
Acanthorhodeus chankaensis (small carp)

行刺 行刺 xing2 ci4
to assassinate; to commit a murder

悬梁刺股 懸樑刺股 xuan2 liang2 ci4 gu3
to study assiduously and tirelessly (idiom); see also 頭懸梁,錐刺股|头悬梁,锥刺股

眼中刺 眼中刺 yan3 zhong1 ci4
a thorn in one's eye; fig. a thorn in one's flesh

羊膜穿刺术 羊膜穿刺術 yang2 mo2 chuan1 ci4 shu4

羊水穿刺 羊水穿刺 yang2 shui3 chuan1 ci4
amniocentesis (used in Taiwan)

鱼刺 魚刺 yu2 ci4

遇刺 遇刺 yu4 ci4
to be attacked by an assassin

越南刺鳑鲏 越南刺鰟鮍 yue4 nan2 ci4 pang2 pi2
Acanthorhodeus tonkinensis Vaillant (small carp)

择刺 擇刺 zhai2 ci4
to pick out the bones in a fish

找刺儿 找刺兒 zhao3 ci4 er5
to find fault

针刺 針刺 zhen1 ci4
to prick with a needle; to treat by acupuncture

针刺麻醉 針刺麻醉 zhen1 ci4 ma2 zui4
acupuncture anesthesia