essence; extract; vitality; energy; semen; sperm; mythical goblin spirit; highly perfected; elite; the pick of sth; proficient (refined ability); extremely (fine); selected rice (archaic)

strokes 14
strokes after radical 8
矮小精悍 矮小精悍 ai3 xiao3 jing1 han4
short but intrepid (idiom)

兵精粮足 兵精糧足 bing1 jing1 liang2 zu2
elite soldiers, ample provisions (idiom); well-prepared forces; preparations for war are in an advanced state

博大精深 博大精深 bo2 da4 jing1 shen1
wide-ranging and profound; broad and deep

博而不精 博而不精 bo2 er2 bu4 jing1
extensive but not refined (idiom); to know something about everything; Jack of all trades and master of none.

储精囊 儲精囊 chu3 jing1 nang2
seminal vesicle

创新精神 創新精神 chuang4 xin1 jing1 shen2

创业精神 創業精神 chuang4 ye4 jing1 shen2
enterprising spirit; pioneering spirit

殚精极虑 殫精極慮 dan1 jing1 ji2 lv4
to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity (idiom); to think sth through thoroughly; to rack one's brains; to leave no stone unturned

殚精竭虑 殫精竭慮 dan1 jing1 jie2 lv4
to exhaust one's thoughts and ingenuity (idiom); to think sth through thoroughly; to rack one's brains; to leave no stone unturned

抖擞精神 抖擻精神 dou3 sou3 jing1 shen2
to gather one's spirits; to pull oneself together

短小精悍 短小精悍 duan3 xiao3 jing1 han4
(of a person) short but plucky (idiom); (of an article) concise and forceful

蜂王精 蜂王精 feng1 wang2 jing1
royal jelly

风油精 風油精 feng1 you2 jing1
essential balm containing menthol, eucalyptus oil etc, used as a mosquito repellant

高精度 高精度 gao1 jing1 du4
high precision

古灵精怪 古靈精怪 gu3 ling2 jing1 guai4
weird; bizarre

害人精 害人精 hai4 ren2 jing1
goblin that kills or harms people; fig. wicked scoundrel; terrible pest

猴儿精 猴兒精 hou2 er5 jing1
(dialect) shrewd; clever

糊精 糊精 hu2 jing1

狐狸精 狐狸精 hu2 li5 jing1
fox-spirit; vixen; witch; enchantress

黄精 黃精 huang2 jing1
King Solomon's Seal (genus polygonatum)

鸡精 雞精 ji1 jing1
chicken bouillon powder (PRC); essence of chicken, concentrated chicken stock sold as a tonic (Tw)

精氨酸 精氨酸 jing1 an1 suan1
argnine (Arg), an essential amino acid

精白 精白 jing1 bai2
pure white; spotlessly white

精兵 精兵 jing1 bing1
elite troops

精彩 精彩 jing1 cai3
wonderful; marvelous; brilliant

精巢 精巢 jing1 chao2

精诚 精誠 jing1 cheng2
sincerity; absolute good faith

精诚所加,金石为开 精誠所加,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 jia1 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

精诚所至 精誠所至 jing1 cheng2 suo3 zhi4
with a will, you can achieve anything (idiom); cf 精誠所至,金石為開|精诚所至,金石为开

精诚所至,金石为开 精誠所至,金石為開 jing1 cheng2 suo3 zhi4 - jin1 shi2 wei4 kai1
lit. sincerity splits open metal and metal (idiom); if you put your heart to it, you can break up metal and rocks; With a will, you can achieve anything.

精虫 精蟲 jing1 chong2
spermatozoon; spermatozoa

精虫冲脑 精蟲衝腦 jing1 chong2 chong1 nao3
lit. the spermatozoons have gone to his head; fig. overwhelmed by lust

精粹 精粹 jing1 cui4
succinct; pure and concise

精打光 精打光 jing1 da3 guang1
with absolutely nothing; completely broke

精打细算 精打細算 jing1 da3 xi4 suan4
meticulous planning and careful accounting (idiom)

精当 精當 jing1 dang4
precise and appropriate

精雕细刻 精雕細刻 jing1 diao1 xi4 ke4
lit. fine sculpting (idiom); fig. to work with extreme care and precision

精读 精讀 jing1 du2
intensive reading; to peruse; perusal

精读课 精讀課 jing1 du2 ke4
intensive reading course

精度 精度 jing1 du4

精干 精幹 jing1 gan4
crack (troops); special (forces); highly capable

精干高效 精幹高效 jing1 gan4 gao1 xiao4
top-notch efficiency

精耕细作 精耕細作 jing1 geng1 xi4 zuo4
intensive farming

精工 精工 jing1 gong1
Seiko, Japanese watch and electronics company

精工 精工 jing1 gong1
refined; delicate; exquisite (craftsmanship)

精光 精光 jing1 guang1
nothing left (money, food etc); all finished; bright and shiny; radiant; glorious

精河 精河 jing1 he2
Jing Nahiyisi or Jinghe county in Börtala Mongol autonomous prefecture 博爾塔拉蒙古自治州|博尔塔拉蒙古自治州, Xinjiang

精河县 精河縣 jing1 he2 xian4
Jing Nahiyisi or Jinghe county in Börtala Mongol autonomous prefecture 博爾塔拉蒙古自治州|博尔塔拉蒙古自治州, Xinjiang

精华 精華 jing1 hua2
best feature; most important part of an object; quintessence; essence; soul

精魂 精魂 jing1 hun2
spirit; soul

精减 精減 jing1 jian3
to reduce; to pare down; to streamline

精简 精簡 jing1 jian3
to simplify; to reduce

精简开支 精簡開支 jing1 jian3 kai1 zhi1
to reduce spending; to cut spending

精讲多练 精講多練 jing1 jiang3 duo1 lian4
to speak concisely and practice frequently (idiom)

精校本 精校本 jing1 jiao4 ben3
corrected edition

精进 精進 jing1 jin4
to forge ahead vigorously; to dedicate oneself to progress

精尽人亡 精盡人亡 jing1 jin4 ren2 wang2
to die from excessive ejaculation

精矿 精礦 jing1 kuang4
refined ore; concentrate

精力 精力 jing1 li4

精力充沛 精力充沛 jing1 li4 chong1 pei4
vigorous; energetic

精练 精練 jing1 lian4
(textiles) to scour; to degum (silk); variant of 精煉|精炼

精炼 精煉 jing1 lian4
to refine (a substance); to purify; to refine (one's skills, writing etc); refined; polished; succinct; skilled; capable

精炼厂 精煉廠 jing1 lian4 chang3
refinery (of oil etc)

精良 精良 jing1 liang2
excellent; of superior quality

精粮 精糧 jing1 liang2
refined grain (rice, wheat etc)

精灵 精靈 jing1 ling2
spirit; fairy; elf; sprite; genie

精灵宝钻 精靈寶鑽 jing1 ling2 bao3 zuan4
treasure of spirits; Silmarillion or Quenta Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien 托爾金|托尔金

精灵文 精靈文 jing1 ling2 wen2
Elvish (language of elves)

精美 精美 jing1 mei3
delicate; fine; refinement

精米 精米 jing1 mi3
refined rice

精密 精密 jing1 mi4
accuracy; exact; precise; refined

精密化 精密化 jing1 mi4 hua4
refinement; to add precision

精密陶瓷 精密陶瓷 jing1 mi4 tao2 ci2
fine ceramics (used for dental implants, synthetic bones, electronics, knife blades etc); advanced ceramics; engineered ceramics

精密仪器 精密儀器 jing1 mi4 yi2 qi4
precision instruments

精妙 精妙 jing1 miao4
exquisite; fine and delicate (usu. of works of art)

精明 精明 jing1 ming2
astute; shrewd

精明能干 精明能幹 jing1 ming2 neng2 gan4
able and efficient

精明强干 精明強幹 jing1 ming2 qiang2 gan4
intelligent and capable (idiom)

精囊 精囊 jing1 nang2

精疲力竭 精疲力竭 jing1 pi2 li4 jie2
spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent; drained; washed out

精疲力尽 精疲力盡 jing1 pi2 li4 jin4
spirit weary, strength exhausted (idiom); spent; drained; washed out

精辟 精闢 jing1 pi4
clear and penetrating (e.g. analysis); incisive; insightful

精品 精品 jing1 pin3
quality goods; premium product; fine work (of art)

精品店 精品店 jing1 pin3 dian4

精气神 精氣神 jing1 qi4 shen2
the three energies of Chinese medicine: 精, 氣|气, and 神

精巧 精巧 jing1 qiao3

精确 精確 jing1 que4
accurate; precise

精确度 精確度 jing1 que4 du4
accuracy; precision

精锐 精銳 jing1 rui4
elite (e.g. troops); crack; best quality personnel

精深 精深 jing1 shen1
refined; profound

精神 精神 jing1 shen2
spirit; mind; consciousness; thought; mental; psychological; essence; gist

精神百倍 精神百倍 jing1 shen2 bai3 bei4
lit. vitality a hundredfold (idiom); refreshed; one's vigor thoroughly restored

精神饱满 精神飽滿 jing1 shen2 bao3 man3
full of vigor (idiom); lively; in high spirits

精神崩溃 精神崩潰 jing1 shen2 beng1 kui4
nervous breakdown

精神病 精神病 jing1 shen2 bing4
mental disorder; psychosis

精神病患 精神病患 jing1 shen2 bing4 huan4
mental illness

精神病学 精神病學 jing1 shen2 bing4 xue2

精神病医院 精神病醫院 jing1 shen2 bing4 yi1 yuan4
psychiatric hospital

精神财富 精神財富 jing1 shen2 cai2 fu4
spiritual wealth

精神错乱 精神錯亂 jing1 shen2 cuo4 luan4

精神抖擞 精神抖擻 jing1 shen2 dou3 sou3
spirit trembling with excitement (idiom); in high spirits; lively and full of enthusiasm; full of energy; con brio

精神分裂症 精神分裂症 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 zheng4

精神分析 精神分析 jing1 shen2 fen1 xi1

精神官能症 精神官能症 jing1 shen2 guan1 neng2 zheng4

精神焕发 精神煥發 jing1 shen2 huan4 fa1
in high spirits (idiom); glowing with health and vigor

精神恍惚 精神恍惚 jing1 shen2 huang3 hu1
absent-minded; in a trance

精神疾病 精神疾病 jing1 shen2 ji2 bing4
mental illness

精神健康 精神健康 jing1 shen2 jian4 kang1
mental health

精神科 精神科 jing1 shen2 ke1

精神狂乱 精神狂亂 jing1 shen2 kuang2 luan4
delirium; mental illness

精神疗法 精神療法 jing1 shen2 liao2 fa3
psychotherapy; mental health treatment

精神领袖 精神領袖 jing1 shen2 ling3 xiu4
spiritual leader (of a nation or church); religious leader

精神满腹 精神滿腹 jing1 shen2 man3 fu4
full of wisdom (idiom); astute and widely experienced

精神生活 精神生活 jing1 shen2 sheng1 huo2
spiritual or moral life

精神衰弱 精神衰弱 jing1 shen2 shuai1 ruo4
psychasthenia; obsessive-compulsive disorder

精神文明 精神文明 jing1 shen2 wen2 ming2
spiritual culture

精神性 精神性 jing1 shen2 xing4
spirituality; mental; nervous; psychogenic

精神性厌食症 精神性厭食症 jing1 shen2 xing4 yan4 shi2 zheng4
anorexia nervosa

精神学 精神學 jing1 shen2 xue2

精神学家 精神學家 jing1 shen2 xue2 jia1

精神训话 精神訓話 jing1 shen2 xun4 hua4
pep talk

精神药物 精神藥物 jing1 shen2 yao4 wu4
psychotropic drugs

精神奕奕 精神奕奕 jing1 shen2 yi4 yi4
in great spirits; to have great vitality

精神支柱 精神支柱 jing1 shen2 zhi1 zhu4
moral pillars; spiritual props

精神状态 精神狀態 jing1 shen2 zhuang4 tai4
mental state; psychological condition

精神 精神 jing1 shen5
vigor; vitality; drive; spiritual

精瘦 精瘦 jing1 shou4
(coll.) lean (figure, meat etc); slender

精算 精算 jing1 suan4

精算师 精算師 jing1 suan4 shi1

精髓 精髓 jing1 sui3
marrow; pith; quintessence; essence

精挑细选 精挑細選 jing1 tiao1 xi4 xuan3
to select very carefully

精通 精通 jing1 tong1
to be proficient in; to master (a subject)

精微 精微 jing1 wei1
subtle; profound

精卫 精衛 jing1 wei4
mythological bird, reincarnation of drowned daughter Nüwa 女娃 of Fiery Emperor 炎帝

精卫填海 精衛填海 jing1 wei4 tian2 hai3
lit. mythical bird Jingwei tries to fill the ocean with stones (idiom); futile ambition; task of Sisyphus; determination in the face of impossible odds

精细 精細 jing1 xi4
fine; meticulous; careful

精心 精心 jing1 xin1
with utmost care; fine; meticulous; detailed

精选 精選 jing1 xuan3
carefully chosen; handpicked; best of the bunch; choice (product); concentration (mining); to concentrate; to winnow

精研 精研 jing1 yan2
to research carefully; to study intensively

精液 精液 jing1 ye4

精义 精義 jing1 yi4
quintessence; essentials

精益求精 精益求精 jing1 yi4 qiu2 jing1
to perfect sth that is already outstanding (idiom); constantly improving

精英 精英 jing1 ying1
cream; elite; essence; quintessence

精油 精油 jing1 you2
essential oil

精于 精於 jing1 yu2
skillful in; proficient in; adept at

精于此道 精於此道 jing1 yu2 ci3 dao4
to be proficient in the area of; skilled in this field

精湛 精湛 jing1 zhan4
consummate; exquisite

精制 精製 jing1 zhi4

精致 精緻 jing1 zhi4
delicate; fine; exquisite; refined

精装 精裝 jing1 zhuang1
hardcover (book); elaborately packaged; opposite: 簡裝|简装

精准 精準 jing1 zhun3
accurate; exact; precise; precision

精子 精子 jing1 zi3
sperm; spermatozoon

精子密度 精子密度 jing1 zi3 mi4 du4
sperm count

酒精 酒精 jiu3 jing1
alcohol; ethanol CH3CH2OH; ethyl alcohol; also written 乙醇; grain alcohol

酒精灯 酒精燈 jiu3 jing1 deng1
spirit lamp

酒精性 酒精性 jiu3 jing1 xing4
alcoholic (beverage)

酒精饮料 酒精飲料 jiu3 jing1 yin3 liao4

酒精中毒 酒精中毒 jiu3 jing1 zhong4 du2

聚精会神 聚精會神 ju4 jing1 hui4 shen2
to concentrate one's attention (idiom)

抗精神病 抗精神病 kang4 jing1 shen2 bing4
antipsychotic (drug)

矿油精 礦油精 kuang4 you2 jing1
mineral spirits

蓝精灵 藍精靈 lan2 jing1 ling2
the Smurfs

蓝精灵 藍精靈 lan2 jing1 ling2

蓝色小精灵 藍色小精靈 lan2 se4 xiao3 jing1 ling2
the Smurfs; Smurf

类精神分裂型人格违常 類精神分裂型人格違常 lei4 jing1 shen2 fen1 lie4 xing2 ren2 ge2 wei2 chang2
schizoid personality disorder (SPD)

龙马精神 龍馬精神 long2 ma3 jing1 shen2
old but still full of vitality (idiom)

卵精巢 卵精巢 luan3 jing1 chao2
ovaries and testes

马屁精 馬屁精 ma3 pi4 jing1
toady; boot-licker

麦乳精 麥乳精 mai4 ru3 jing1
malt milk extract

麦芽糊精 麥芽糊精 mai4 ya2 hu2 jing1

没精打彩 沒精打彩 mei2 jing1 da3 cai3
listless; dispirited; washed out

没精打采 沒精打采 mei2 jing1 da3 cai3
listless; dispirited; washed out; also written 沒精打彩|没精打彩

奶精 奶精 nai3 jing1
non-dairy creamer

屁精 屁精 pi4 jing1
(slang) gay; sissy; poof; abbr. for 馬屁精|马屁精

契约精神 契約精神 qi4 yue1 jing1 shen2
culture of honoring contractual obligations

亲爱精诚 親愛精誠 qin1 ai4 jing1 cheng2

取其精华 取其精華 qu3 qi2 jing1 hua2
to take the best; to absorb the essence

取其精华,去其糟粕 取其精華,去其糟粕 qu3 qi2 jing1 hua2 - qu4 qi2 zao1 po4
take the cream, discard the dross (political and educational slogan); keep what is good, discard the rest; You need to be selective when studying.; In modernizing the country, don't accept uncritically all foreign ideas.

全副精力 全副精力 quan2 fu4 jing1 li4
to concentrate entirely on sth; fully engaged; with full force

人工授精 人工授精 ren2 gong1 shou4 jing1
artificial insemination

人精 人精 ren2 jing1
sophisticate; man with extensive experience; child prodigy; Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child); spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 of TCM)

射精 射精 she4 jing1
ejaculation; to ejaculate

射精管 射精管 she4 jing1 guan3
ejaculatory duct

食不厌精,脍不厌细 食不厭精,膾不厭細 shi2 bu4 yan4 jing1 - kuai4 bu4 yan4 xi4
lit. to eat but finely ground grain and finely chopped meat (idiom, from Analects); fig. to be fastidious about one's food

受精 受精 shou4 jing1
to receive sperm; fertilized; insemination

授精 授精 shou4 jing1

受精卵 受精卵 shou4 jing1 luan3
fertilized ovum

受精囊 受精囊 shou4 jing1 nang2
seminal receptacle

瘦肉精 瘦肉精 shou4 rou4 jing1
leanness-enhancing agent

输精管 輸精管 shu1 jing1 guan3
vas deferens

糖精 糖精 tang2 jing1

提起精神 提起精神 ti2 qi3 jing1 shen5
to raise one's spirits; to take courage

体大思精 體大思精 ti3 da4 si1 jing1
extensive and penetrating (idiom); expansive and profound (of writing)

体外受精 體外受精 ti3 wai4 shou4 jing1
in vitro fertilization

团队精神 團隊精神 tuan2 dui4 jing1 shen2
group mentality; collectivism; solidarity; team spirit

吞精 吞精 tun1 jing1
to swallow semen

汪精卫 汪精衛 wang1 jing1 wei4
Wang Ching-wei (1883-1944), left wing Guomingdang politician, subsequently Japanese collaborator

味精 味精 wei4 jing1
monosodium glutamate (MSG)

未受精 未受精 wei4 shou4 jing1
unfertilized (of ova, not soil)

无精打彩 無精打彩 wu2 jing1 da3 cai3
dull and colorless (idiom); lacking vitality; not lively

无精打采 無精打采 wu2 jing1 da3 cai3
dispirited and downcast (idiom); listless; in low spirits; washed out

无精症 無精症 wu2 jing1 zheng4
azoospermia (medicine)

物质文明和精神文明 物質文明和精神文明 wu4 zhi4 wen2 ming2 he2 jing1 shen2 wen2 ming2
material and spiritual culture; matter and mind; material progress, ideology and culture (philosophic slogan, adopted into Deng Xiaoping theory from 1978)

洗发精 洗髮精 xi3 fa4 jing1

洗洁精 洗潔精 xi3 jie2 jing1
dishwashing liquid

洗碗精 洗碗精 xi3 wan3 jing1
dishwashing liquid

香草精 香草精 xiang1 cao3 jing1
vanilla; vanilla extract; methyl vanillin C8H8O3

香精 香精 xiang1 jing1
seasoning; condiment; flavoring; dressing; essences

小精灵 小精靈 xiao3 jing1 ling2

小人精 小人精 xiao3 ren2 jing1
exceptionally bright kid; child prodigy

小妖精 小妖精 xiao3 yao1 jing1
goblin; hussy; floozy

养精蓄锐 養精蓄銳 yang3 jing1 xu4 rui4
to preserve and nurture one's spirit (idiom); honing one's strength for the big push

妖精 妖精 yao1 jing5
evil spirit; alluring woman

业精于勤 業精於勤 ye4 jing1 yu2 qin2
mastery of study lies in diligence (idiom). You can only master a subject by assiduous study.; Excellence in work is only possible with diligence.; Practice makes perfect.

遗精 遺精 yi2 jing1
nocturnal emission; wet dream

阴精 陰精 yin1 jing1
sex fluids

有精神病 有精神病 you3 jing1 shen2 bing4

中国精密机械进出口公司 中國精密機械進出口公司 zhong1 guo2 jing1 mi4 ji1 xie4 jin4 chu1 kou3 gong1 si1
China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC)

子精 子精 zi3 jing1
"fetal essence", i.e. semen (medical term)