food; cuisine; cooked rice; meal

strokes 12
strokes after radical 4
白饭 白飯 bai2 fan4
plain cooked rice; rice with nothing to go with it

拌饭 拌飯 ban4 fan4
bibimbap (Korean cuisine)

包饭 包飯 bao1 fan4
to get or supply meals for a monthly rate; to board; to cater

饱餐战饭 飽餐戰飯 bao3 can1 zhan4 fan4
to fill one's belly before the battle (idiom)

便饭 便飯 bian4 fan4
an ordinary meal; simple home cooking

残茶剩饭 殘茶剩飯 can2 cha2 sheng4 fan4
spoilt tea, leftover food (idiom); remains after a meal; crumbs from the feast

残羹剩饭 殘羹剩飯 can2 geng1 sheng4 fan4
leftovers from a meal; fig. remnants handed down from others

茶饭不思 茶飯不思 cha2 fan4 bu4 si1
no thought for tea or rice (idiom); melancholic and suffering; to have no appetite

茶饭无心 茶飯無心 cha2 fan4 wu2 xin1
no heart for tea or rice (idiom); melancholic and suffering; to have no appetite

茶余饭饱 茶餘飯飽 cha2 yu2 fan4 bao3
see 茶餘飯後|茶余饭后

茶余饭后 茶餘飯後 cha2 yu2 fan4 hou4
leisure time (over a cup of tea, after a meal etc)

长城饭店 長城飯店 chang2 cheng2 fan4 dian4
Great Wall Hotel (Beijing Sheraton 喜來登|喜来登)

长期饭票 長期飯票 chang2 qi1 fan4 piao4
(fig.) guarantee of financial support for the rest of one's life

炒饭 炒飯 chao3 fan4
fried rice; (slang) (Tw) to have sex

炒冷饭 炒冷飯 chao3 leng3 fan4
to stir-fry leftover rice; fig. to rehash the same story; to serve up the same old product

吃白饭 吃白飯 chi1 bai2 fan4
to eat plain rice; (fig.) to eat and not pay for it; to sponge off others; to freeload

吃饱了饭撑的 吃飽了飯撐的 chi1 bao3 le5 fan4 cheng1 de5
having nothing better to do; see 吃飽撐著|吃饱撑着

吃饭 吃飯 chi1 fan4
to have a meal; to eat; to make a living

吃饭皇帝大 吃飯皇帝大 chi1 fan4 huang2 di4 da4
eating comes first, then comes everything else (idiom) (Tw)

吃干饭 吃乾飯 chi1 gan1 fan4
(coll.) to be incompetent; useless; good-for-nothing

吃牢饭 吃牢飯 chi1 lao2 fan4
to do prison time (Tw)

吃青春饭 吃青春飯 chi1 qing1 chun1 fan4
to make the most of one's youthfulness in one's choice of employment (e.g. modeling)

吃软饭 吃軟飯 chi1 ruan3 fan4
to live off a woman

吃闲饭 吃閒飯 chi1 xian2 fan4
to live as a parasite; doing nothing to earn one's keep

出饭 出飯 chu1 fan4
to swell on steaming (of hard rice grain)

粗茶淡饭 粗茶淡飯 cu1 cha2 dan4 fan4
plain tea and simple food; (fig.) bread and water

粗饭 粗飯 cu1 fan4
an unappealing and unsatisfying meal

打饭 打飯 da3 fan4
to get food at a canteen

大锅饭 大鍋飯 da4 guo1 fan4
lit. big rice pan; communal feeding; fig. egalitarianism (equal treatment for everyone in same institution)

蛋包饭 蛋包飯 dan4 bao1 fan4
rice omelet

电饭煲 電飯煲 dian4 fan4 bao1
rice cooker

电饭锅 電飯鍋 dian4 fan4 guo1
electric rice cooker

丢饭碗 丟飯碗 diu1 fan4 wan3
to lose one's job

端饭 端飯 duan1 fan4
to serve (food)

饭菜 飯菜 fan4 cai4

饭岛柳莺 飯島柳鶯 fan4 dao3 liu3 ying1
(bird species of China) Ijima's leaf warbler (Phylloscopus ijimae)

饭店 飯店 fan4 dian4
restaurant; hotel

饭馆 飯館 fan4 guan3

饭馆儿 飯館兒 fan4 guan3 er5
erhua variant of 飯館|饭馆

饭盒 飯盒 fan4 he2
lunchbox; mess tin

饭后百步走,活到九十九 飯後百步走,活到九十九 fan4 hou4 bai3 bu4 zou3 - huo2 dao4 jiu3 shi2 jiu3
walk a hundred steps after each meal and you will live a long life (proverb)

饭后服用 飯後服用 fan4 hou4 fu2 yong4
post cibum (pharm.); to take (medicine) after a meal

饭后一支烟,赛过活神仙 飯後一支煙,賽過活神仙 fan4 hou4 yi1 zhi1 yan1 - sai4 guo4 huo2 shen2 xian1
have a smoke after each meal and you will surpass the immortals (proverb)

饭局 飯局 fan4 ju2
dinner party; banquet

饭类 飯類 fan4 lei4
rice dishes (on menu)

饭盆 飯盆 fan4 pen2
tuck box; dog dish

饭糗茹草 飯糗茹草 fan4 qiu3 ru2 cao3
lit. to live on dry provisions and wild herbs (idiom); fig. to live in abject poverty

饭食 飯食 fan4 shi2

饭餸 飯餸 fan4 song4
dishes (of food) (Cantonese)

饭堂 飯堂 fan4 tang2
dining hall; canteen; cafeteria

饭替 飯替 fan4 ti4
body double (in eating scenes)

饭厅 飯廳 fan4 ting1
dining room; dining hall; mess hall

饭桶 飯桶 fan4 tong3
rice tub (from which cooked rice or other food is served); (fig.) fathead; a good-for-nothing

饭团 飯糰 fan4 tuan2
onigiri (Japanese rice-ball snack)

饭托 飯托 fan4 tuo1
person hired to lure customers to high-priced restaurants

饭碗 飯碗 fan4 wan3
rice bowl; fig. livelihood; job; way of making a living

饭庄 飯莊 fan4 zhuang1
big restaurant

饭桌 飯桌 fan4 zhuo1
dining table

分灶吃饭 分竈吃飯 fen1 zao4 chi1 fan4
"meals prepared at separate stoves", slogan of the program of fiscal decentralization that began in the 1980s in the PRC

份儿饭 份兒飯 fen4 er5 fan4
set meal

盖饭 蓋飯 gai4 fan4
rice with meat and vegetables

盖浇饭 蓋澆飯 gai4 jiao1 fan4
rice with meat and vegetables

干饭 乾飯 gan1 fan4
cooked and dried rice

好饭不怕晚 好飯不怕晚 hao3 fan4 bu4 pa4 wan3
the meal is remembered long after the wait is forgotten; the good things in life are worth waiting for

盒饭 盒飯 he2 fan4
meal in a partitioned box

烩饭 燴飯 hui4 fan4
rice in gravy, typically with meat and vegetables

混饭 混飯 hun4 fan4
to work for a living

鸡蛋炒饭 雞蛋炒飯 ji1 dan4 chao3 fan4
egg fried rice

家常便饭 家常便飯 jia1 chang2 bian4 fan4
simple home-style meal; common occurrence; nothing out of the ordinary

夹生饭 夾生飯 jia1 sheng1 fan4
half-cooked rice; (fig.) half-finished job that is difficult to complete because it was not done properly in the first instance; Taiwan pr.

金饭碗 金飯碗 jin1 fan4 wan3
secure and lucrative job

酒饭 酒飯 jiu3 fan4
food and drink

酒囊饭袋 酒囊飯袋 jiu3 nang2 fan4 dai4
wine sack, food bag (idiom); useless person, only fit for guzzling and boozing

酒足饭饱 酒足飯飽 jiu3 zu2 fan4 bao3
to have eaten and drunk to one's heart's content

焗饭 焗飯 ju2 fan4
rice au gratin

开饭 開飯 kai1 fan4
to serve a meal

看菜吃饭 看菜吃飯 kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4
to eat depending on the dish (idiom); fig. to act according to actual circumstances; to live within one's means

看菜吃饭,量体裁衣 看菜吃飯,量體裁衣 kan1 cai4 chi1 fan4 - liang2 ti3 cai2 yi1
eat depending on the dish, cut cloth according to the body (idiom); to fit the appetite to the dishes and the dress to the figure; to act according to actual circumstances; to live within one's means

客饭 客飯 ke4 fan4
cafeteria meal specially prepared for a group of visitors; set meal

留饭 留飯 liu2 fan4
to put some food aside for sb; to invite sb to stay for a meal; invitation to dinner

米饭 米飯 mi3 fan4
(cooked) rice

年夜饭 年夜飯 nian2 ye4 fan4
New Year's Eve family dinner

泡饭 泡飯 pao4 fan4
to soak cooked rice in soup or water; cooked rice reheated in boiling water

喷饭 噴飯 pen1 fan4
(coll.) to burst out laughing

人是铁饭是钢 人是鐵飯是鋼 ren2 shi4 tie3 fan4 shi4 gang1
one can't function properly on an empty stomach (idiom); an empty sack cannot stand upright

三茶六饭 三茶六飯 san1 cha2 liu4 fan4
lit. to offer three kinds of tea and six different dishes; to be extremely considerate towards guests (idiom)

散伙饭 散伙飯 san4 huo3 fan4
farewell dinner party

生米熟饭 生米熟飯 sheng1 mi3 shu2 fan4
abbr. for 生米煮成熟飯|生米煮成熟饭, lit. the raw rice is now cooked (idiom); fig. it is done and can't be changed; It's too late to change anything now.

生米煮成熟饭 生米煮成熟飯 sheng1 mi3 zhu3 cheng2 shu2 fan4
the rice is cooked; what's done is done; it's too late to change anything now (idiom)

生米做成熟饭 生米做成熟飯 sheng1 mi3 zuo4 cheng2 shu2 fan4
lit. the raw rice is now cooked (idiom); fig. it is done and can't be changed; It's too late to change anything now.; also written 生米煮成熟飯|生米煮成熟饭

剩饭 剩飯 sheng4 fan4
leftover food

施粥舍饭 施粥捨飯 shi1 zhou1 she3 fan4
to provide alms and rice (idiom)

讨饭 討飯 tao3 fan4
to ask for food; to beg

铁饭碗 鐵飯碗 tie3 fan4 wan3
secure employment (lit. iron rice bowl)

抟饭 摶飯 tuan2 fan4
to roll rice balls

晚饭 晚飯 wan3 fan4
evening meal; dinner; supper

乌饭果 烏飯果 wu1 fan4 guo3

午饭 午飯 wu3 fan4

稀饭 稀飯 xi1 fan4
porridge; gruel

小饭馆 小飯館 xiao3 fan4 guan3
tearoom; canteen; cafeteria

要饭 要飯 yao4 fan4
to beg (for food or money)

忆苦饭 憶苦飯 yi4 ku3 fan4
unsavory meal taken in remembrance of past hardships; fig. poor-tasting meal

用饭 用飯 yong4 fan4
to eat; to have a meal

早饭 早飯 zao3 fan4

斋饭 齋飯 zhai1 fan4
food given to Buddhist monks as alms

找饭碗 找飯碗 zhao3 fan4 wan3
to look for a job

中饭 中飯 zhong1 fan4

煮饭 煮飯 zhu3 fan4
to cook

抓饭 抓飯 zhua1 fan4
pilau; pilaf; a type of food popular among Muslims

紫菜包饭 紫菜包飯 zi3 cai4 bao1 fan4
gimbap (Korean rice roll similar in appearance to sushi); kimbap

做饭 做飯 zuo4 fan4
to prepare a meal; to cook