to drink; My goodness!

to shout loudly

strokes 12
strokes after radical 9
白吃白喝 白吃白喝 bai2 chi1 bai2 he1
to freeload

蹭吃蹭喝 蹭吃蹭喝 ceng4 chi1 ceng4 he1
to cadge a meal

嗔喝 嗔喝 chen1 he4
to yell at sb in rage

吃喝 吃喝 chi1 he1
to eat and drink; food and drink

吃喝拉撒睡 吃喝拉撒睡 chi1 he1 la1 sa1 shui4
to eat, drink, shit, piss, and sleep; (fig.) the ordinary daily routine

吃喝嫖赌 吃喝嫖賭 chi1 he1 piao2 du3
to go dining, wining, whoring and gambling; to lead a life of dissipation

吃喝玩乐 吃喝玩樂 chi1 he1 wan2 le4
to eat, drink and be merry (idiom); to abandon oneself to a life of pleasure

吃香喝辣 吃香喝辣 chi1 xiang1 he1 la4
lit. to eat delicious food and drink hard liquor (idiom); fig. to live well

叱喝 叱喝 chi4 he4
to shout at; to berate

大吃大喝 大吃大喝 da4 chi1 da4 he1
to eat and drink as much as one likes; to make a pig of oneself

大吃二喝 大吃二喝 da4 chi1 er4 he1
to eat and drink extravagantly; to binge

好喝 好喝 hao3 he1
tasty (drinks)

喝叱 喝叱 he1 chi4
variant of 呵斥

喝斥 喝斥 he1 chi4
to berate; to excoriate; to chide; also written 呵斥

喝掉 喝掉 he1 diao4
to drink up; to finish (a drink)

喝断片 喝斷片 he1 duan4 pian4
to get blackout drunk (slang)

喝挂 喝掛 he1 gua4
(coll.) to get drunk; to get hammered

喝光 喝光 he1 guang1
to drink up; to finish (a drink)

呵喝 呵喝 he1 he4
to shout loudly; to bellow; to berate

喝酒 喝酒 he1 jiu3
to drink (alcohol)

喝凉水都塞牙 喝涼水都塞牙 he1 liang2 shui3 dou1 sai1 ya2
(coll.) to be out of luck

喝茫 喝茫 he1 mang2
(slang) to get drunk (Tw)

喝西北风 喝西北風 he1 xi1 bei3 feng1
lit. drink the northwest wind (idiom); cold and hungry

喝醉 喝醉 he1 zui4
to get drunk

喝彩 喝彩 he4 cai3
to acclaim; to cheer

喝采 喝采 he4 cai3
acclaim; cheer

喝道 喝道 he4 dao4
(of yamen bailiffs etc) to walk ahead of an official, shouting at pedestrians to clear the way

喝倒彩 喝倒彩 he4 dao4 cai3
to boo or jeer (as a sign of displeasure at an actor)

喝令 喝令 he4 ling4
to shout an order or command

喝止 喝止 he4 zhi3
to shout at sb to stop

呼喝 呼喝 hu1 he4
to shout

呼来喝去 呼來喝去 hu1 lai2 he4 qu4
to call to come and shout to go (idiom); to yell orders; always bossing people around

胡吃海喝 胡吃海喝 hu2 chi1 hai3 he1
to eat and drink gluttonously; to pig out

开锣喝道 開鑼喝道 kai1 luo2 he4 dao4
to clear a street by banging gongs and shouting loudly (idiom)

难喝 難喝 nan2 he1
unpleasant to drink

请喝茶 請喝茶 qing3 he1 cha2
(lit.) to invite to tea; (fig.) (of police etc) to interrogate sb about their subversive political activities and warn them against further involvement

吆喝 吆喝 yao1 he5
to shout; to bawl; to yell (to urge on an animal); to hawk (one's wares); to denounce loudly; to shout slogans

吆五喝六 吆五喝六 yao1 wu3 he4 liu4
lit. to shout out hoping for fives and sixes when gambling with dice; a hubbub of gambling